Nuclear chemist awaits reply to mayor letter warning of sky striping dangers

This is a sample of coal ash like that dispensed at high altitudes by jet aircraft taking part in U.S. sky striping activities. The material is spread in the “war on global warming,” according to J. Marvin Herndon, a scientist in San Deigo.  (Photo

This is a sample of coal ash like that dispensed at high altitudes by jet aircraft taking part in U.S. sky striping activities. The material is spread in the “war on global warming,” according to J. Marvin Herndon, a scientist in San Deigo. (Photo

Though we have covered aerial geoengineering over Hamilton County and Chattanooga since March 2014, I have yet to make any complaint to officials or to demand an inquiry. Why? Because officials lack authority and because it would take great effort to get even the barest acknowledgement that things aloft may be amiss. Thus far my contact has been with Bob Colby, director of the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau, whom I have requested to assist me in making a presentation to its board. A city or county political resolution of concern would require huge PR and lobbying efforts to get passed, and would accomplish nothing. Few officials would want to risk being howled down in the press for expressing worry about what is mere conspiracy theory. Less complacent is San Diego geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon, who on Jan. 16 wrote letters about stratospheric aerosol geoengineering to city council members and others, including this one to Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Do you expect he got the courtesy of a reply. (You’re right.) — DJT

By J. Marvin Herndon

Subject: Pervasive Toxic Aerosol Spraying of San Diego Residents

I am a scientist (Ph.D in nuclear chemistry, post-doctoral in geochemistry and cosmochemistry) and businessman, and have lived in Scripps Ranch for 37 years.

Over the past year the skies above San Diego have changed drastically in plain sight. We’ve been robbed of the beautiful blue skies we associate with our city.

Almost every day jet airliners are spraying innumerable so-called “chemtrails” and they persist after release behind the jets to gradually form clouds. Chemical clouds. Toxic clouds. They eventually diffuse and form a white haze in the sky.

Sometimes, the artificial clouds are laid so thickly as to make the otherwise blue San Diego sky fully overcast with toxic chemical aerosols. Sometimes, depending on chemical mix, the transition from spray to white haze is rapid. ***

Chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere do not remain suspended; they fall to contaminate the air we breathe, our rainwater, and our agricultural soil. This ongoing massive spraying taking place over San Diego represents a grave threat to me and my family, my neighbors, and all my fellow San Diegans.

Rainwater collected after intensive aerosol spraying now reportedly contains elevated levels of aluminum, barium, and strontium and likely other toxins.

Aluminum is implicated in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and autism, whose rising incidence is causing alarm to many Americans. How many additional children will be doomed to suffer a lifetime of autism? How many additional San Diegans will suffer premature brain degeneration or cancer?

What horrors lie in store for our children and grandchildren who unknowingly play outdoors, or the pregnant women with their unborn offspring, or the runners and other outdoor recreationists? What about those of us who suffer asthma or who have compromised immune systems? What about the elderly? What about your own family? Are we San Diegans no longer free to breathe uncontaminated air?

Why are San Diego’s Mayor and members of San Diego City Council silent about this imminent public health threat? Were you duped into believing that toxic chemical clouds will keep Earth from warming? Clouds might reflect sunlight back into space but those same artificial clouds also keep Earth from cooling by not letting Earth’s heat escape during the night. Clouds, artificial or natural, trap heat!

Why the silence? Are you afraid there will be demonstrations or riots in the streets if the truth were told about the ongoing activity that poisons the air San Diegans are now breathing? Deception by acquiescence and silence is fundamentally wrong, unless you are a willing participant in activities that will likely come to be characterized as crimes against humanity.

As elected officials you have the responsibility to advise and protect all San Diegans. Please speak the truth and stop this spraying over our homes.

The following links provide information you may find of benefit.

Chemtrail websites:

Dr. J. Marvin Herndon

Dr. J. Marvin Herndon

Interview with a neurosurgeon:

Please advise me of your intentions to make public disclosure of the chemical spraying over San Diego. Kindly respond before the close of business on January 23, 2015, or I will assume you have no intention of responding. Etc. J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

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