Selling local economy by gazing skyward, lamenting a failed god

(Cartoon The Moneychanger newsletter)

(Cartoon The Moneychanger newsletter)

By David Tulis

For the past two weeks I have been raising capital for and related labors. It requires me to give “elevator pitches” for local economy and to explain why my theory of local economy and free market is profitable enough to deserve investment dollars.

Yet a story I’ve developed starting March 31 seems to contradict all my arguments about the importance of local economy and its underlying template, Christianity and its gospel of sovereign grace.

I’m talking about my focus on solar reflection management, popularly called chemtrailing — the laying of persistent stripes of aerosolized metal particles in the atmosphere. The program plays out in Chattanooga skies, overseen by the U.S. government, intended to create a blanket haze over this green track of earth. The goal: Deflect sunlight and cool the earth’s surface. But myriad unintended consequences are cropping up. Neurological disorders have become rampant; just about every ad on TV is for breathing problems. A layer of metal particles in the sky lets sunlight bounce away. But, like a blanket, it keeps in heat that otherwise should be radiated upward. The cry of global warming gets shriller and we face taxes for breathing.

Why bring up a subject about which you can do nothing? Why talk about it when some intelligent people think geoengineering is simply a “conspiracy theory”? Why focus on a national government program if I cannot easily deflect my reader into a “how to” for local economy?

I figure out today a partial answer. I attend for my first time a semi-weekly “liberty breakfast” gathering at Ryan’s steakhouse (Daniel and Donna Appleget, Frank Cowan and Kevin Kangas are compatriots at the meal). Mrs. Appleget, a computer whiz, presses me about my theory of rescuing the country and seeing the federal republic on a sustainable path.

Political solutions prostrate on floor

Your short answer is no solution exists, particularly if that solution is political. The federal empire faces insolvency, financial catastrophe on Wall Street (led by its licensees, banks and issuers of credit), rising resentment among the populace, an incomprehending world that is not impressed with Washington’s former war powers. The American system is dysfunctional at nearly every level.

Political solutions are unworkable. Politics is dead, I say. The solution long-term is Christian revival, and in the short, the marketplace (the “invisible hand” posited by Adam Smith). The solution to our slavery is religious, first, and cultural second. Americans deserve decapitalization and ruin. They deserve alienation from their ancient legal rights. They deserve the disestablishment of common law rights and the rise of the police state. They deserve their crappy food, their commercial government and their mendacious media. Overwhelmed by poverty, servitude, and loss of confidence, they will repent and see in God’s law the steps by which to get past the ruin.

Don’t like slavery? Get out of public school. Your old dad has no place to stay? Put him up. Your stocks dashed on Wall Street? Sell and invest locally. Your paper dollar up in smoke? Use circulated 90 percent silver coins from the 1950s. Can’t afford college? Arrange for an apprenticeship for your son. No hope in the future? Trust God, make love to your wife, have another baby (her “late surprise”). Exhausted by employment? Start your own business. Watch football on Sunday? Honor the Lord’s day in public and private worship, and await God’s blessing.

In other words, local economy. Local economy is APOLITICAL. In it your neighborhood socialist and your libertarian can come together with a conjoined geographical prejudice. Democrat and Republican can unite over “what’s best for our town.” Christianity implies a horizontal society, as writers such as Gary North and G.K. Chesterton point out. A society in service of Satan is vertical. In horizontal society, relationships are among equals. Fewer people are employees (servants in the master-servant relationship). Amid self-government, more people are masters. Little power is exercised (imperial, regulatory, military, tax). In a vertical society, bureaucracy and administrative law rule, and individuals are atomized and depersonalized. Power and politics control.

You live today, in national economy, in a vertical society. In local economy, you are much freer to live horizontally. Personal economics is much more possible. Even, should I say, they are a necessity. Personal economics are inescapable, the more you care about local vs. national.

The sky-striping dilemma

So why talk about geoengineering, and be referred to as a kook as I have been on Chattanooga News & Review? Why bring it up if there’s nothing we can do about it? Why focus on an apparent evil when local solutions and a provincial perspective are in such short supply with which to deal with it?

Chemtrailing is important because it is in the news, with a strong suggestion of causality between a heavy chemtrail day March 24 and a bizarre snowstorm in Chattanooga March 25. Secondarily, geoengineering is one more reason you should feel alienation from Washington, D.C. Gaining awareness of aerosol spraying is like cement in your mind, fixing in place your existing despair about Uncle Sam. It amplifies the complaint of local economy against national.

Under military auspices, genetics tests are imposed upon civilians. Food is genetically modified to create Roundup-ready crops. In microscopic scale, government intervenes. On a global scale, it steps in to save. Jet streams are modified, storms created, weather systems jacked up or toned down, city water reservoirs drained to the mud, upheavals in nature tested among untold human costs. Conventions of war ban chemtrail weather modification as practiced by the U.S. in the Vietnam war, but no prohibition blocks the jet wing nozzles domestically from spewing out their haze-forming pollutants.

We need the chemtrail story in consideration of local economy and free markets because it helps exhaust our hopes in the failed god of national politics. Only when we despair of these saviors will we turn to God and His law, his moral and social order. When we’ve fallen to destruction in the vast sphere of climate management, we truly turn away from our vain hopes for the nation-state. In that context, local economy will show its worth. The Christian life under God and in self-government, is truly part of the practical salvation God works out in nations that submit to His rule. As we despise and loathe our human masters for their crimes, we become fitter so as not to need them.

David Tulis is married, the father of four home educated children, and a deacon at Brainerd Hills Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga.

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