Sky striping bursts into view with report, ‘Climate intervention: Reflecting sunlight to cool earth’

Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering jets, seen by their trails Feb. 4, 2015, put a haze over Chattanooga, Tenn., dimming the sun — as proposed by a major report, “Climate Internvention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth.” (Photo David Tulis)

Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering jets, seen by their trails Feb. 4, 2015, put a haze over Chattanooga, Tenn., dimming the sun — as proposed by a major report, Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth. (Photo David Tulis)

By Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering cannot be hidden in plain sight for much longer, mainstream media has now had to start addressing the issue on a massive scale. In the last TWO DAYS several dozen mainstream media articles have been published, 22 of them are below for easy review.

We live in a world of smoke and mirrors.

A great many in academia have helped to create the illusions which have so far hidden the dire and growing realities we must now all face. Lies of omission are a major form of the deception we have been subjected to, every one of the articles below are a glaring example of this assertion.

First, every one of the publications perpetuates the blatant lie that climate engineering is just a proposal.  Next (and this point is extremely important to consider), not one article (or the scientists who supplied them with their data) bothers to mention the most glaring, dire, and obviously important fact of all in regard to “aerosol geoengineering proposals”: Every single particle of contamination sprayed into the skies must fall to the ground.

Every living organism is subject to this contamination, yet, this indisputable fact is never brought up. The power structure does not want populations to consider or question the obvious dangers directly related to geoengineering. Internationally recognized geoengineer David Keith was questioned at a major science conference about his “proposal” of spraying 20 million tons aluminum into the atmosphere, his answer should shock any rational person. Now scientists and media always omit any mention of the fact that spraying the atmosphere with toxic particulates must contaminate the surface of the planet, there is no other possibility.  Not only is climate engineering fueling total biosphere contamination and implosion, every breath we take is now tainted. All are needed in the fight to completely expose and halt the geoengineering insanity, make your voice heard.

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Major media focuses on sky striping prospect

Source: LA Times Man-Made Climate Change May Need Man-Made Remedies, Science Panel Says

Source: The New York Times Panel Urges Research On Geoengineering As A Tool Against Climate Change

Source: National Geographic There’s A Good And A Bad Way To ‘Geoengineer’ The Planet

Source: NBC News Climate Geoengineering: ‘Scary’ Idea Should Be Tried Out

Source: The Washington Post Elite Science Panel Calls On U.S. To Study Climate Modification

Source: AOL & Associated Press  Fed Report: Time To Examine Purposely Cooling Planet Idea

Source: MIT Technology Review Scientists Suggest Testing Climate Engineering

Source: Think Progress Anti-‘Geoengineering’ National Academy Report Opposes ‘Climate-Altering Deployment’

Source: Bloomberg Geoengineering: The Bad Idea We Need to Stop Climate Change

Source: The Washington Post Geoengineering And The Folly Of Playing God With The Planet

Source: New Scientist Geoengineering Would Be ‘Irrational And Irresponsible’

Source: Mother Jones Scientists Are Pretty Terrified About These Last-Minute Fixes to Global Warming

Source: Sci-News Scientists Recommend More Research On Geoengineering

Source: Climate Central Geoengineering Holds Promise; Solutions Not Ready

Source: Idaho Statesman Top U.S. Scientists Urge Pursuit Of Technology To Cool Planet

Source: The Guardian Scientists Urge Global ‘Wake-Up Call’ To Deal With Climate Change

Source: Common Dreams Geoengineering Has No Place Among Serious Climate Solutions, Declare Experts

Source: Slate Climate Hacking Is Barking Mad

Source: MSN 400 – Page Report Digs Deep On ‘Climate Intervention’

Source: ETC Group (this is brand new site from a major global environmental group) Plan B? What Happened To Plan A?

Source: Grist Scientists Are Pretty Nervous About Geoengineering

​Source: Friends Of The Earth Geoengineering: Unjust, Unproven And Risky


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