Sideways smokestacks 5 days straight: Haze covers city as jets steak skies

Cough, cough, cough! Nashville is heavily treated March 8. (Photo Misty Rochelle, Chemtrails Global Skywatch)

Cough, cough, cough! Nashville is heavily treated March 8. (Photo Misty Rochelle, Chemtrails Global Skywatch)

Artificial clouds are laid down over Knoxville like a carpet. Note the edge. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood)

Artificial clouds are laid down one day this week over Knoxville like a carpet. Note the edge. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood)

This treated sky in Sullivan County, Tenn., is either beautiful or sickening, depending on what you suspect. (Photo Geoengineering Our Tennessee Skies on Facebook)

This treated sky in Sullivan County, Tenn., this week is either beautiful or sickening, depending on what you know about the benefits of the war on climate change. (Photo Geoengineering Our Tennessee Skies on Facebook)

Chattanooga is treated to coal fly ash emissions such as from this plane, seen over Hixson Wedneaday. (Photo David Tulis)

Chattanooga is treated to coal fly ash emissions such as from this jet over Hixson on Wednesday. (Photo David Tulis)

Same blurry plane as in photo above, but notice how it shut off its hydraulics system. (Photo David Tulis)

Same blurry plane as above, but the jet separates from plume by closing spray nozzles. Jets have befouled city air five days in a row. (Photo David Tulis)

Continuing treatments of Knoxville and other cities are shielded from tort or injury claims by doctrines of sovereign immunity. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood)

Continuing treatments of Knoxville and other cities these past five days are shielded from tort or injury claims by doctrines of sovereign immunity. (Photo Marla Stair-Wood)

Sky stripes turn into clouds as seen over Soddy Mountain in north Hamilton County. (Photo David Tulis)

Sky stripes turn into clouds over Soddy Mountain in north Hamilton County. (Photo David Tulis)

Intense sky striping over Fairfield, Montana. (

Intense sky striping over Fairfield, Montana. (

A deposit of coal fly ash drifts treacle across the sky. (Photo Facebook)

A deposit of coal fly ash drifts treacle across the sky. (Photo Facebook)

Chattanoogans have been dosed with plumes of microsocopic particles that have spread toward their horizons in a great haze. Wednesday was the fourth consecutive day of aerial negative emissions, as they are called. Today is the fifth.

No different from industrial smokestacks, the air pollution program over the city lays coal steam plant stacks on their sides, as it were. The aerosol delivery system emits otherwise forbidden particulate matter.

By David Tulis

The injections of cloud are shielded from the teeth of federal pollution laws. They are under federal authority themselves and not subject to weather modification licensure of NOAA, the national oceanic and aeronautics administration, which requires permits for corporate and agriculture interests seeking to modify rain patterns. Sky striping over California has been so intense that state officials have turned to cloud seeding with silver iodide to counteract it, ABC News reported Wednesday.

Over a river winding through its heart, over Chattanooga’s quiet suburbs and across its veins of highways and boulevards, hundreds of jet flights have altered the light from the sun. They make it paltry, weak. The intense traffic puts Chattanooga within the larger national story of the “war on climate change.”

Smokestack emissions are strictly controlled by the Clean Air Act and the EPA. But these skyward emissions pouring out of these crazy quilt are of coal fly ash, according to recent published scientific papers. Use of coal waste is a coup for the recycling sector in the electrical utility field that includes TVA. Federal authorities admit neither the fly ash nor the hush-hush geoengineering effort.

Five days running appears a near record over Hamilton County since the time I’ve been keeping track. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — jets are leaving their dripping white trails in the skies, putting in place an impossible-to-control and blotchy screen of haze.

On Wednesday I observed to “chembos” out of my car windows heading into Hixson for a phone interview with a school board member, Rhonda Thurman. I saw a jet over Hixson making stops and starts in its white trail.  During a walk with my mother, 92, on Tuesday evening in Soddy-Daisy, I saw another jet leaving a stop-start-stop plume.

Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is the proper name of the program, though said by noted academicians to be merely a prospective and theoretical initiative, the need for which should be sharply debated.

Sky striping is unlike a tattoo on one’s forearm or neck. It is a reverse tattoo, a staggering of white across the skies leaving no visible mark. Its mark is impossible to see without microscopic help, internal to human health and the well-being of men, women and children in the county and across the country.

The particles are poured out by the millions of tons, says Dr. Raymond Herndon, a geophysicist of San Diego, and include metals such as aluminum, and other elements including strontium and barium.

Data gathering for aluminum particulate over Hamilton County was halted early 2015 by defunding, according to Bob Colby of the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Pollution Control Bureau. The bureau’s official position is that of the EPA: Sky striping is harmless water vapor.

Sovereign immunity

The U.S. government is known to have committed dozens of violent and poisonous acts against unknowing parties, including its own military personnel. It does so under two doctrines that shield it from tort claims.

Its program of aerosol geoengineering operates presumptively under the doctrine of necessity, deeds thereunder shielded under the theory of sovereign immunity. If it is sovereign, as is God, it is accountable to no one and acts according to its own interests. In truth, only God is sovereign, and earthly sovereigns are accountable to God and His law for their protection or mistreatment of their peoples.

As Wikipedia says: “Sovereign immunity in the United States is the legal privilege by which the American federal, state, and tribal governments cannot be sued (sovereign immunity). Local governments in most jurisdictions enjoy immunity from some forms of suit, particularly in tort. Foreign governments enjoy immunity from suit (state immunity) as provided in the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. This principle is commonly expressed by the popular legal maxim ‘rex non potest peccare,’ meaning ‘the king can do no  wrong.’”

Tennessee’s code is riddled with claims of immunity for its agents, including “absolute immunity.”

“Absolute immunity is a form of legal immunity for government officials that confers total immunity from criminal prosecution,” Wikipedia says, “and lawsuits so long as they are acting within the scope of their duties. Absolute immunity contrasts with qualified immunity, which only applies if specified conditions are met.”

If a global warming crisis is believed to exist, the state is free to do whatever it pleases to counteract it, even if it is wrong scientifically, even if its program sickens people and makes crops, water reservoirs livestock filthy. Under immunity and driven by its perceived necessity, the U.S. and its complicit states — and all the individuals involved — are effectively shielded from redress of grievances.

But the public is indifferent to the coal ash recycling program that pours tons of material into the higher and lower atmospheres. The public cares not if cloud cover is artificial or from the hand of God in nature. So damage to public health is not a problem that needs a political or legal remedy.

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