Scientist ogles sky stripe pollution, but politburo scrubs paper

This set of photos are included in a scientific paper that indicates sky striping materials contain toxic waste product from the energy sector. (Photo J. Marvin Herndon)

This set of photos are included in a scientific paper asserting sky striping materials contain toxic waste materials from the energy sector. (Photo J. Marvin Herndon)

By David Tulis

A remarkable academic conflict is opening a rich vein in efforts by members of the public to discern the outlines of an official government pollution program that has strong support in academic circles.

J. Marvin Herndon

J. Marvin Herndon

The spat is over a peer-reviewed study by a science veteran, J. Marvin Herndon, 71, that was retracted Sept. 2 by an environmental research and public health journal. The study says coal fly ash is the ingredient in aerosol “emplacements” over San Diego in 2014 — meaning that sky-striping jet aircraft that turn a blue sky into a milky murk are depositing coal plant trash in a program that dims the sun, ostensibly in the “war on global warming.”

Dimming the sun is the goal of many in academic circles who have climbed on the stratospheric aerosol geoengineering bandwagon hauled ahead by such researchers as Ken Caldiera of Calgary University and David Keith of Harvard. These and other scientists propose an official pollution program on a mass scale to save the planet from what President Obama said this week at the United Nation are “the ravages of climate change” that “no country can escape.”

A nasty spat in the ivory tower

But Paul Tchounwou ordered the text be retracted at the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,

[Read how four cities in Chattanooga are sprayed simultaneously oct. 8, and how coal dust sales is a booming industry. — DJT]

But Paul Tchounwou ordered the text be retracted at the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, citing a minor error and alleging that Dr. Herndon’s goal is “to spread a known conspiracy theory called ‘the chemtrail conspiracy theory,’ while providing completely invalid and unscientific evidence for it. This conspiracy theory has no scientific basis, and it is a pure fabrication.”

Dr. Herndon says the bases for Dr. Tchounwou’s decision are blatantly false, misleading and pejorative statements, including a gross exaggeration of a minor correctable error. Dr. Herndon is taking action against the academicians involved, alleging ethical breaches and malfeasance. “Retracting a peer-reviewed paper written by a senior, internationally recognized scientist, without full disclosure and independent adjudication, on the basis of false, misleading and/or pejorative remarks by one or more persons allegedly associated with an organization that misleads the public about serious health related matters stands in stark contradiction to said ‘strict ethical policies and standards.’ Such behavior is an abomination, a perversion of long-established scientific principles.”

As Dr. Herndon readies countermeasures to defend an essay describing aspects of the government’s existing stratospheric aerosol geoengineering program, Dr. Keith appears in the press as an advocate for the phenomenon he pretends is merely a futurist’s fancy.

One report about the daring Dr. Keith indicates his position is that aerosol geoengineering of the weather by manmade clouds is theoretical only, a mere engineering wet dream. “Close your eyes and imagine this: airplanes, equipped to disperse sulphuric acid, are flying in the lower stratosphere. When released, the sulphur combines with water vapour to form minute sulphate aerosols. Once spread across the globe, the aerosols will reflect roughly 1 per cent of the sunlight back into space, thus cooling the planet a smidge. This isn’t science fiction; it’s David Keith’s plan.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Keith appears in a Huffington Post interivew in which he says climate engineering by jet is theoretical and that he doesn’t “advocate doing it now, but more than most of my colleagues I do advocate for it in the near term.” He complains sky striping hasn’t been tested because the government won’t fund it. “We need international dialogue and collaboration but I’m not sure we need a formal treaty. And if geoengineering does happen I think the dynamic will be very simple. Some countries will do it — likely not the U.S. — other countries will publicly say, ‘we decry these actions without a U.N. treaty,’ but privately be happy because someone else is taking the heat and they get the benefit.”

Conflict over facts

Dr. Keith’s public statements directly contradict the analyses of Dr. Herndon. The San Diego resident resident in his papers and his noisemaking among politicians and police officials in his city asserts such a program is well under way. He is being smeared for declaring operational what Dr. Keith and establishment science pretends is merely desirable, deserving of a bit of government money and research.

Dr. Herndon is no slouch in the world of science. He is a nuclear chemist who takes a multidisciplinary approach to scientific and industrial problems. His “professional life, as a technologist and as a scientist, has been a step-by-step logical progression of understanding and discovery, uncovering deep-rooted mistakes in geophysics, in astrophysics, and in science management,” according to his website personal sketch. He is the author of Herndon’s Earth & the Dark Side of Science, 2014, and Maverick’s Earth and Universe, 2008.

Dr. Herndon’s analysis is remarkable for its simplicity and brevity. He is willing for his audience to draw conclusions based on visual observation and the results of laboratory tests.

His analysis appears to be new and to focus on the source material for the aerosols whose jet-nozzled dispersals are often in evidence in Tennessee, specifically here in Chattanooga. His findings and my breath-taking aerial photo gallery are worth looking at here, followed by a live radio interview with Dr. Herndon on Tuesday at 10 a.m. on AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio.

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This cover page of Dr. Herndon’s published essay bears the blot of a hostile editor who published it, and some markings of this editor, who made notes upon it.

This cover page of Dr. Marvin Herndon’s published essay bears the blot of the now-hostile editor who published it, and some of my own annotations pursuant to show prep.

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