Bad law — act now; tell city council ‘no’ on benefits for live-in paramours

By David Tulis

Please contact members of Chattanooga city council to oppose taxpayer benefits for gay partners. Write to each council person a separate email. A final vote is Tuesday, Dec. 19. The Tuesday prior, Nov. 12, the ordinance gets a “second reading.”

Gay activists have shown up in large numbers as the conflict has heated up. Attend a council meeting yourself. They begin at 6 p.m. but get there at 5. Parking is free in the city lot after 4:30.

If you cannot make a council meeting, at least call the council member or email.

I suggest you email each council member individually, with your comment. Make subject line clear about your position: “No on gay ordinance” or “Against benefit plan.”

Email addresses for Chattanooga city council

Notes about the list: An underscore sign is between last and first names in email addresses. Phone and fax for council members are all the same at city hall.

Phone: 425-7858

Fax:  757-4857

Chip Henderson, Dist. 1 —

Jerry Mitchell, Dist. 2 —

Ken Smith, 3 —

Larry Grohn, Dist. 4  (against ordinance) —


Russell Gilbert, Dist. 5 —

Carol Berz, 6 —


Chris Anderson, sponsor of plan, Dist. 7 —

Moses Freeman, Dist. 8 —

Yusuf Hakeem, 9 (chairman of council) —


Addresses in a clump

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