‘Equal rights’ sought by gays don’t mean what you think

If the quiet revolution of homosexual theory ever succeeds, normal relationships will be tolerated.

If the quiet revolution of homosexual theory ever succeeds, normal relationships will be tolerated.

By David Tulis

The arguments for taxpayer benefits to unmarried homosexual partners of city employees emphasize fair play and equal rights for all. It is said Christians and pro-family residents are incapable of creating a just and compassionate society if they fight bringing gay coupling into the same public favor as marriage.

Christians, we are told, are against equal rights.

But do equal rights really exist in a plain brown wrapper as our gay friends suggest?

A man in public office cannot accept payments outside of official channels — otherwise it’s a bribe; but I can accept such a payment.

A married man has no right to make eyes at anyone other than his sweetheart. Prisoners don’t have equal rights while in their cells. Convicted felons can’t bear arms, and so lack equal rights with others. A senator or councilman has no right to vote as he wants; he is bound by his oath and the system of law he swears to uphold. Cohabiting couples have not the rights of the benefits of lawful marriage. You have rights to walk into your living room and plop yourself down on the couch with a cool one from the fridge; I don’t.

Just society vs. egalitarian society

Rights are defined by relationship and one’s relationship to law. An outlaw has fewer rights than one of whom the ruler would praise for his productivity, security, virtue and honor, as St. Paul describes in Romans 13. “Do what is good and you will have praise from the same. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But, if you do evil, be afraid.”

When Chattanooga supporters of gay unions talk about equal rights, what you think they say is not what they pretend to want to have had you to understand. Equal rights falling from their lips are not equal rights in your ears.

Christians understand equal rights to be government of law, not of men. Equal rights means the rich and the poor have equal access justice, with the judge favoring neither a poor man or a rich. Christians strongly favor individualism and are against statism and state welfarism. They believe in a just society in the template of God’s revelation. Then, God is glorified, man is blessed.

Gay rights is an aggressive, religious proposition that stands upon a particular worldview with its deity, its law, its doctrine of predestination, a set of received dogmas and orthodoxies. It posits a view of heaven and hell, albeit an earthly one. Like Mohammedanism or Christianity, the gay agenda has a sweeping and thorough worldview. Its power is that it seeks to remake society in its own egalitarian image. Thwarted in its goal for a national equal rights amendment, it contents itself with supreme court cases, litigation, federal statutes such as ENDA which has just won U.S. senate approval, and city hall conflict.

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