Constitution party gives outlet for principled voter

Darrell Castle leads the ticket of the Constitution Party.

Darrell Castle leads the ticket of the Constitution Party.

Can we restore local economy and free markets in Chattanooga and Beyond if we as members of the electorate do not vote based on principle? Can we have principal leadership, as it’s called, if we do not vote according to principal?

By David Tulis / AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio

Defenders of the two-party duopoly would say that a vote for a less-known candidate such as Johnson or Castle is a vote for Hillary Clinton because it deprives Republican Donald Trump of votes to win.

They argue that the voter should vote for Trump even if they believe he is not willing to submit to constitutional constraints. Indeed, Trump disbelieves in a doctrine of enumerated powers and like Obama, Bush and Clinton believes in endless executive powers seized from the people since FDR under the commerce and other “elastic” general clauses.

The pragmatic argument is an appeal to a spirit of calculation that separates the voter from his virtue and a true understanding of limited government. It says, don’t vote on principle because by our calculations such a vote will bring Hillary Clinton into the office.

However, I would suggest that to take part in a national election is a personal statement about what you the voter believes should happen in the top office. Voting for a principled constitutionalist such as Darrell Castle of the Constitution party is a personal investment in the prospective restoration of the American Republic.

I would say it is principled to vote for someone with whom you agree, a man who agrees with constitutional limitations on the high office. It is not principled to vote for Donald Trump, who exhibits many authoritarian, unprincipled, and not submissive perspectives on that relationship between the national government and the citizens and Tennessee and the other 49 states.

A vote for the Constitution Party is a way to express yourself against the current government.

“The current government functioning in Washington D.C. is not constituted in the same manner as outlined in the U.S. constitution,” the party says in a statement on its website.

“It is a bloated bureaucracy, continually acting in defiance of the constitution at every turn. It is controlled by a two-party system not authorized in the constitution, which enacts unconstitutional legislation, and usurps authority where none is given, no matter which party is in charge. *** A constitutionalist, on the other hand, believes in the principles of the original constitution, and is firmly committed to keeping those principles intact, from all enemies – foreign and domestic. We believe that by returning to the limited federal government, as authorized in the constitution, we will see liberty and prosperity return to the nation. In order to separate ourselves from those who wish to keep the current government functioning outside the constitution, we call ourselves constitutionalists and call for a complete re-establishment of the American republic according to the original intent of the framers.”

Halt ‘engine of plunder’

Ricardo Davis

Ricardo Davis

A vote for Mr. Castle “To use the federal government as an engine of plunder by abrogating states’ rights and the rights of the people must be stopped,” says Ricardo Davis, chairman of the Georgia Constitution Party in an interview.

But don’t the states sell their political independence for federal cash? “What the bottom line is, how do we stop the madness of the federal tail wagging the state dog? We have to stop taking the government cheese. Citizens in the Chattanooga metro area *** we have to look at every opportunity the federal government takes to overextend itself in credit to bribe us for all manner of things that the federal government wants to promise us. We have to see that for what it really is. It’s theft and depriving us of our prosperity. We didn’t get $21 trillion in debt by just — we just wake up tomorrow and we have $21 trillion in debt.”

Is a vote for Darrell Castle wasted? “Absolutely not.” He says voting for a constitutional candidate is creating a beachhead for better government in the future. The voter gives the most valuable thing in the system of government, the vote, for the person who most accurately reflects your view of the world.

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