Courts routinely suppress right to trial by jury in divorce

Families gather in and around the state capital buildings to support marriage and its defense by state government, which in its courts eviscerates marriage and savages constitutionally guaranteed rights.

The seal of the Tennessee judiciary reads “Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum” Let justice be served though the heavens may fall.

By John Gentry

What a sick joke our Tennessee judiciary. I would laugh except the heinous crimes they commit against the people, and the suffering they cause my people.

On a routine basis, your fellow Tennesseans are deprived their right to trial by jury.

John Gentry is helping people across the U.S. discover the lost right of remonstrance and address. (Photo David Tulis)

This occurs especially in divorce proceedings where custody is at issue, and in Child Protection Services cases, where the state takes (steals) custody of children (child trafficking).

Whenever there is a fundamental liberty interest at stake, a person should always have their right to trail by jury upheld, including the fundamental right to parent one’s child. Yet Tennesseans are deprived this precious right daily and on a routine basis.

Parents are kept ignorant of right to trial by jury, even by their own attorneys. According to Miranda v. Arizona, if a person is not advised of a right and warned of the possible consequences of waiving a right, then one is denied due process.

Under such test, every citizen in Tennessee civil and chancery court is deprived due process.

Tennessee Constitution, Article I, Section 6 states: “That the right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate, and no religious or political test shall ever be required as a qualification for jurors.”

The right to trial by jury extends to all cases, including civil and equity cases. “Inviolate” means cannot be violated under any pretense whatever. Yet our corrupt courts use the pretense of the unconstitutional Rule 38 Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure;

Any party may demand a trial by jury of any issue triable of right by jury by demanding the same in any pleading specified in Rule 7.01 or by endorsing the demand upon such pleading when it is filed, or by written demand filed with the clerk, with notice to all parties, within fifteen (15) days after the service of the last pleading raising an issue of fact.

What!?! So if you don’t “endorse” on your pleading, or counter pleading, or don’t respond within only 15 days to a pleading, then you are deprived of your right to trial by jury? Hogwash. Rule 38 is repugnant to the Tennessee Constitution, and to justice.

‘Inviolate’ right

These judges and our so-called “courts” are just confidence men – con artists – acting without any objective oversight whatsoever, and are held above the law.

As soon as you realize how corrupt your judge is, about six months to a year on average, and demand a trial by jury, these corrupt courts say; “Nope” too late. You can’t have a jury.

Our founders, when we declared independence aggrieved in our Declaration of Independence; “For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury” (18th grievance).

Why do you think our founders protected us constitutionally with the “INVIOLATE” right to trial by jury? They did so because judges are easily corrupted as stated by Alexander Hamilton in Federalist 83.

I am do disgusted by corrupt judges and attorneys continuing to run this confidence scheme. This is one of the many reasons, I am stepping up and running for office. To bring the law back into effect using the Supreme Executive Power vested in the Governor of the state of Tennessee pursuant to Tennessee Constitution, Article III, Section 1.

In case you don’t know, I am the only man defending the constitution and rights of the people. Put me in office with your vote, and a great healing of our republic will occur as has not happened since we declared independence. The inviolate right to trial by jury will be restored.

John Gentry is a constitutional Republican and an independent candidate for governor in 2022.

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