Hamilton County indicts tradesman Parker for use of roads

Gregory Parker faces arrests for using the roads privately as a “not for hire” traveler. Authorities prefer that he use the roads in commerce, so they might operate upon a reduced threshold of probable cause in seizing him. (Photo David Tulis)

Walker County tradesmen Gregory Parker appears on a true bill list of the Hamilton County grand jury Aug. 14 report, as reported at Chattanoogan.com. 

That’s news today to Mr. Parker. He had been waiting for news about an indictment in an April 7 Chattanooga case, and neither he nor his bondsman got word in August about the grand jury’s true bill. 

Mr. Parker learned last week that Hamilton County had issued a warrant for his arrest for not appearing in criminal court in Chattanooga.

Charges against Mr. Parker had gone to the grand jury after he argued before sessions judge Lila Statom that he was not participating in a privileged activity, and insisted he had offended no one and not broken any law that might have applied to him.

The charges given deal with the registration of his car as a motor vehicle, compliance with the compulsory insurance law and “driving on revoked license.” These are charges laid against people who are using the roads as drivers and operators but who do not have their dealings with the authorities in order.

Mr. Parker’s story is typical of how courts and police today operate. In civil cases service is made by the sheriff’s department of a summons and notice of a lawsuit having been filed. There is no service in criminal matters, where the state is the moving party but leaves it to those it accuses to discover among clerks and office the writings pertaining to the state’s claims.

Mr. Parker’s stand on constitutional rights is increasingly costly for him. Sheriff Steve Wilson’s deputies arrested him Dec. 3 after he went to the court to find copies of an earlier state case against him. He has been having trouble getting work in the carpentry and construction fields.


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