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Gentry asks review of bid to address state house, senate

John Gentry has written an annotated Tennessee constitution with review of deviations and abrogations. (Photo John Gentry)

Esteemed members of the General Assembly & radio journalist Tulis, attached is my petition for rehearing, seeking a Court of Appeals opinion to overturn the trial court’s wrongful dismissal of my petition for writ of mandamus against Speaker Cameron Sexton. 

By John Gentry

In mandamus, I am seeking an ORDER upon Sexton to not oppress my right to orally address the members from the House floor.

In the attached amended petition for rehearing, I clearly prove that citizens have this right, and further prove that any act, rule, policy, statute, or constitutional provision oppressing this right, is a prohibited pretense, in violation of Art. XI, Sect. 16 of the Constitution of Tennessee.

I encourage you to read the attached amended petition for rehearing.  Begin reading on Page 3, “propositions of law.”

Each of you swore an oath to support the constitution of this state.  I call upon your oaths to support the constitution of this state.  Express your concern, or more appropriately, express your outrage to Mr. Sexton of his oppression of this most fundamental and most important of all rights.

It is beyond me why Mr. Sexton oppress the right of the people to apply to the General Assembly for redress of grievances by address in gross violation of Article I, Section 23.  Speaker Sexton’s conduct reeks of intent to protect corrupt state officials, and to silence the people whom all of you are elected to represent.

In restoring this right to its proper and full magnitude, you need not worry of being overwhelmed with petitions, nor worry about “nut-jobs” addressing the body.  Each of you have the discretion whether or not to present petitions to the body (except in the case of remonstrance of unlawful conduct of government or government officials).

Regardless of whether Mr. Sexton is continued to be enabled by the courts or legislative bodies to oppress this right, I will continue to educate the people.  Already, I have sparked a fire, and the ember is turning to flame in the hearts and minds of freedom-loving Americans.  Here is a link to a video of my most recent class educating citizen leaders in various states. .

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