City practices mall massacre as Hammond warns of new Muslim acts of war

Chattanooga SWAT cops practice dealing with a massacre Sept. 24, 2015, at Hamilton Place mall in Chattanooga. (Photo

Chattanooga SWAT cops practice dealing with a massacre Sept. 24, 2015, at Hamilton Place mall in Chattanooga after its stores are closed for the day. (Photo

Jim Hammond, Hamilton County sheriff, makes dramatic warning of a state of war between Islamic theology and constitutional government in Tennessee and around the U.S. Without a ban on jidhadism and Muslim immigration now under way, the state’s domestic tranquility will be converted into a bloodbath. (Photo TV9)

Jim Hammond, Hamilton County sheriff, makes dramatic warning of a state of war between Islamic theology and constitutional government. Without a ban on jidhadism and Muslim immigration, he warns, terrorism and violence will banish domestic tranquility. (Photo TV9)

By David Tulis

Sheriff Jim Hammond of Hamilton County is making an important analysis of the political ideology of the erstwhile religious prophet and warrior Muhammad. In a speech before the Pachyderm Club, Aug. 31, 2015, he says the Muslim system of thought is totalitarian and fitted with a long-term perspective for political domination. It creeps already through state and public institutions, and seeks a consummation in which Islam will coerce political, religious, public and artistic conformity among the likes of us (kafirs or infidels).

The dogmas of the Mohammadan system are dramatically hostile to the Western democratic and constitutional tradition, Mr. Hammond says, these being based on a voluntaryist, free market and Christian ethic.

Mr. Hammond, the county’s chief protector and leading magistrate, tells of the slaughter in Chattanooga on July 16. A faithful Muslim commoner, Mohammad Abdulazeez, assassinated five unarmed U.S. military people in an unadorned and ordinary act of obeisance to the Muslim god. The U.S. government has seemingly buried its investigation of the crime, and may obscure its real origins in a final edit of its report.

Slaughter of civilians in marketplaces is a dreary Muslim tactic. On Sept. 24 Chattanooga police held a massacre drill at Hamilton Place mall, the barest report about the event scrubbed of Muslim spice. On Oct. 2 a mass murderer, Chris Harper-Mercer, an admirer of jihadi warriors in the Mideast, killed 10 students in a Roseburg, Ore., college class.

State and federal authorities are placing Muslims in positions of influence and power, another dangerous trend, Mr. Hammond says.

County’s protector speaks

When I was in the Navy I worked for the senior chaplain. And I got a book one day that somebody gave me that was called The Major Religions of the World. *** There were eight listed as the major religions of the world.

So when I found myself some years later working in the Middle East among the Muslim population there, daily I was dealing with translators, I was dealing with office staff, in fact the young man that took care of my office spoke six languages and was fluent with all of them and he was also not only Arabic but also Muslim. I got to deal with a lot of folks. I got to deal with some folks that were very friendly and I got to deal with some folks that just enjoyed having a check. So you always had to kind of watch who you were with and what was around. I also, on various occasions would run into a fairly hostile Arab who would tell me that one day the whole world would belong to Allah! And there would be only one religion in the world that the whole world must become Islamic.

I needed to understand that.

So when we begin to see issues in our own country, I started staying in touch with all of the different articles that I could read that happen to do with Islam. Now let me give you some basic facts.

There are somewhere between 1.2 and 1.5 billion — that’s with a B — billion Muslims in the world. NOW THIS IS NOT ABOUT MUSLIMS BECAUSE MUSLIMS ARE PEOPLE. THIS IS ABOUT ISLAM AND WHAT ISLAM REALLY IS.

Totalitarian system — with a god

The best way I think I’ve ever heard Islam described — and I believe it fits very naturally — is that Islam is “communism with a God.” Now what do I mean by that? Most of you remember and some of you are too young to remember when we were looking for every communist under every rock in our country and there were a lot of false things that were said —  basically our nation was very afraid of the communism that was being seen in our country. Because communism made no bones about it; they intended to do away with our Constitution of the United States and they intended to make the government the premier government of the United States communism.

Well, communism came and went. There were some issues, but it basically came and went. But communism did not purport to be a religion. It did not believe in God. It had no God for its religion. Although there are some people who say it is a religion to those who practice communism.

Islam as a total social order

Islam is different in that Islam is a social order that sees itself as having rule and control in every facet of any human life, but they do it under the guise of a religion. And you can find any Muslim in the entire world and every one Muslim will agree with two facts, that Allah is one God and Mohammad is his prophet. They all accept that. If they have not converted to another religion they will all tell you those two things are facts.

And if you understand Allah you will understand that it is his desire that the whole world to be Islamic, that the whole world must convert. Mohammad is the only person in the entire world that Allah spoke to and came up with what is known as the Qur’an.

A book of peace? Yes, but —

Now a lot of people talk about the Qur’an being a book of peace. It is a book of peace, but it is also a book of war. There is mutually a dualism under the same cover; you’ll find both peace and war listed in the Qur’an. Perhaps a couple other facts you do not know about the Qur’an, The Qur’an is not chronological in order. It starts with the first chapter being historical. There are 114 chapters in the Qur’an. The first chapter deals just with the history of Islam in the Koran. Starting with the second all the way up to the 114th chapter it is in descending order of size. The second chapter is the largest chapter. The last chapter is the smallest chapter. But it does not fit chronologically and it uses the technique that implies that every chapter supersedes the chapter before it. So the chapters that are the most important and are ascribed to the most are the chapters towards the end.

Mohammad lived at a time there were two major cities in the Middle East. That was Mecca and Medina. He went to Mecca and he tried to convert the people of Mecca to the religion that he founded. He claimed that Allah spoke to him in visions and dreams. And thus the Qur’an came about. He spent a number of years in Mecca and had no more than 150 and 250 converts to Islam.

Compulsory conversion is rule

They finally got tired of him and ran him off and he went over to Medina and the next 9 years basically the rest of his life he went over to the entire Arabian Peninsula was converted to Islam because he used the principle of JIHAD which means, “FORCED CONVERSION.” You’ll hear that Jihad just means “the struggle and mostly to be with inner peace”. It does not; it means that basically everyone must convert to Islam. They must be negated by being of no affect which stops the spread of Islam if they become a problem you kill them through Jihad.

Muslim trilogy

That is the very tenets of the faith, and if you look to the Qur’an which by the way is one of three books that govern the whole religion of Islam.

The Qur’an is the smallest of the three. It is claimed to be the words of Mohammad through the revelation from God.

The second is the Hadith and it is the largest of the books. It is basically about the traditions of Islam. It is written by all the men who have lived since Mohammad who claim they know what Mohammad wanted and what he received in revelation and they interpreted it.

The third book was the Sera which is mostly to do with the biography of Mohammad — so who he married, where he lived, what kind of businesses he operated. By and large the Qur’an is the smallest of the three books and virtually says nothing about the practice of Islam, such as the five pillars of faith that all good Muslims mostly adhere to.

It is not even mentioned in the Qur’an. They all come from the writings and traditions of the scholars that came after that.

Little religion, much warfare

So when you look at it as a religion, the very smallest part of Islam centers itself around Allah. He has the least to do with the religion. The most of the religion comes from the many scholars who came later who claim to know what Mohammad said, where he got it, and what he meant by it. Even though he is looked to as the most perfect of all human beings in the eyes of Allah, he had virtually nothing to do with Islam as we see it today. So what is Islam today? Islam has several battle fronts in the Middle East. They wage a lot of Jihad and war. Unfortunately, we saw some of that come to our own city several weeks ago [July 16, 2015]. Most of us were very shocked but we shouldn’t have been.

Abdulazeez’s religious conversion

I’ll just briefly touch on what happened when it came to Chattanooga. There was a young man who carried out this heinous crime who was raised as a Muslim. He was always seen, in reports that I have received and others received — even in high school he would turn his back on the American flag whenever the pledge was given to him.

He came to a point in his life that he ran up a lot of debt.

Even though he was well educated and had fine opportunities for his future, for whatever reason he decided that he was in trouble. He had committed too many sins against Islam. And the only way you can absolve yourself from your sins under the practice of Islam is to do something that will allow Allah to let you into paradise.

If you want a sure way to get into paradise through the Islamic faith is to commit Jihad.

If you take out infidels and kill in the name of Allah, so you can be guaranteed paradise.

That’s exactly what this young man determined to do. And one of the best ways to do this is to go out to two of the main enemies of Islam, that is the military and the police of Westerners, of infidels.

An infidel is anybody who is not a Muslim.

That is exactly what this young man did.

Now we heard at first that it might be terrorism, it might be workplace violence, it might be mental health issues, it might be criminal activity, and it might be just suicide and all those things you heard. I can tell you as your sheriff that his was Islamic terrorism.

Killer’s unmistakeable targets

Do I think that he was given orders to come do this? I don’t know! I don’t even know if the FBI will ever know that.

I do know all you have to do is look into the book of his faith, the three books I mentioned to there is plenty of evidence to support that he would be guaranteed a trip to paradise if he would simply take this action.

And he did.

He had pre-determined his targets. He went straight to his targets. He knew he would not survive in all likelihood. His greatest hope was to take out more innocent people in the process. Unfortunately, five lost their lives, but fortunately he didn’t get to do what he wanted to.

So what do we do about this as a nation? I am very troubled by when I see what is going on not only in our community but here in the United States.

Muslim overthrow in the numbers

Let me tell you the last two decades, Islam has gotten to the point that they now exist mostly through the Muslim Brotherhood in 600 plus universities in the United States, on the campus with active organizations that are plotting to overthrow the U.S. government.

First of all they are going to attempt to do it, they are going to do it by simply getting involved in our government, rising to the highest powers of our government, insisting on Sharia law is going to be the order. The U.S. Constitution will be set aside in favor of Sharia law.

Secondly, in the last two dozen years there have been over 2,000 mosques  and Islamic centers built in the United States and they literally open them at the rate of one or two a month across the United States for the exacting purpose of being able to influence the population.

Piling into Volunteer State

Tennessee is the prime target. Just several weeks ago the administration named an Islamic female to be over homeland security, second in charge of the state of Tennessee.

They now exist in all forms of government.

I do not say this against Muslims, please understand that. If you were to look at the world’s population of Muslims which is around 1.2 and 1.5 billion, you would find that 80 percent of them are secular Muslims. What that does mean? That means that probably they don’t go to mosque, they probably go work, they want to make a decent living, and are probably totally unaware of the real tenets of what their faith is about, except that I have told you that they do believe and ascribe that Mohammad is the one and only prophet and Allah is the one and only God.

Christianity vs. Mohammadinism

Secondly, I will tell you the Christians in the world probably have about the same amount. About 80 percent of the Christians are in name only. They are secular Christians. They don’t go to church. *** They really don’t know what the Bible says. Most of them cannot tell you what it is. They just want to take care of their families. They just want to live their life in peace.

Then you got another 20 percent in the Islamic world or another 10 percent are serious practicing Muslims.

In the Islamic world probably 20 percent or as high as 10 percent or 15 percent are serious practicing Muslims. They will go to mosque. They will go to prayer five times a day. They will follow the holidays. But that’s about it. They really do not follow the politics of Islam. Islam is really a political entity.

In the Christian world another 10 [percent] or 15 percent are serious, they go to church, they go to Sunday school, they go to Bible study, they may read their Bible occasionally, but they don’t really know on a daily basis how to apply it in every aspect of their life. In the Christian life and in the Christian world the numbers are not nearly like that 1.2 or 1.5 billion. Those Christians are the fringe — Christians that we all hear about, the skinheads, most of them are not out to kill people. It may happen, but they may target our African American brother or some other group that they are particularly against.

How Muslims gain ascendancy

But then you get to that same percentage in the Islamic world. Guess what? Five percent — say it’s just  5 percent of 1.2 to 1.5 billion people who want to see you dead if you don’t convert to their religion.

That’s a whole lot of people.

But they start off with trying to ingratiate themselves into the people groups in the government. I watched a video yesterday. It was Copenhagen that is now at the point that the Muslim population there has reached the point where they can take over the government. They are doing riots, they’re threatening; they are moving to do away with the government of Copenhagen so [they] can step in.

There are at least 10 Western countries that are already on the verge of having their Islamic population reach the point that their government is being seriously jeopardized.

Here’s a little bit of trivia for you. There is one country in the Western world that the country does not allow Muslims to build mosques, to own passports other than for a few diplomatic visits. They cannot own property and practice their faith except behind closed doors. They are not able to do business as a company in this country. Somebody tell me what that country is.

*** It’s Japan. Japan does not allow them to come into that country to practice because they saw something years ago. Someone mentioned Canada. Canada just passed a law to put a lot of Muslims out of their country. Australia has done the same.

Guess what the United States is doing? Bringing them in by the thousands — planeloads — yet they are rejecting any Christians and any other groups that want to come in from those same countries.

‘Strongest infringement’

Folks, I’m telling you this is serious business. Why do I tell you all this? I’m your sheriff. I have a responsibility to protect you in this county and there are 95 counties in this state. Tennessee is one of the assault groups for the Islamic world. They want Tennessee.

They’re building mosques as fast as they can in Tennessee.

As your sheriff it is my job to be beholden to the constitution of the U.S. and the Tennessee constitution and to protect us from foreign invaders both domestic and foreign and I take this very seriously.

I plan to speak to my fellow sheriffs and look at ways we can be more aware of what has been happening here.

Last Monday night we had a speaker in town, Bill Warner, who probably has the best handle I’ve seen on the clandestine operations going on right here in our own state, even in our textbooks. I going to get with the school department this week.

I’m told that at least 90 percent of any reference to any Christianity has been removed from our textbooks in Tennessee while Islam has been ramped up great in our textbooks.

These are the kind of things that are going [on] and for us to sit back and do nothing is wrong. I plan to speak up for what I see is the strongest infringement on our country as a constitutional government since communism tried its move. [Applause]

Deceiving the infidels — taqiyya

I have a dear friend here in town who is a converted Muslim. He was converted about 10 or 15 years ago. He is outspoken, speaking and warning about what is coming and what can happen.

While I was living in the Middle East, I spent time talking to a number of Muslims there, some of them were very radical.

I would say to them, “Are you telling me, if someone let you know that they plan to assassinate me because I am a Westerner or an infidel that you would not tell me about it?”  He said, “Mr. Jim, you do not understand, I would not do it myself. But I would jeopardize my own paradise if I was to speak up [to warn] you. You must understand that Allah’s will is that the whole world be Islamic, and that the words of the prophet and the Qur’an are important for that to happen.”

That would be like one of your own neighbors whom you loved dearly telling you that they could not tell you that a danger is waiting for you the next day you walked out because they felt like their own salvation was at risk.

So that’s what we are dealing with.

What makes it so insidious is that it is a social order. It is a government that wants to overthrow the constitution of the United States and it is using the basis to do that of religion causing people to fear their own salvation is in jeopardy if they step up to warn you. That is serious business.

I’ll answer any questions.

[End of speech] Questions from the audience, to which Mr. Hammond answers:

*** They consider themselves a state, not a religion. They wrap themselves in a religion by talking about Allah. But Allah has only 14 percent say-so in what their faith believes. So they wrap themselves in a religion so they can get tax breaks, so they can not have to have government intrusions into how they operate their mosques ** and their Islamic centers. With that in mind, they are able to use our own system against us. We have to wake up to that fact.

If you talk to any Islamist, they will tell you: “We are a government, just like your democracy. We hate your democracy. This world can never have peace as long as democracy exists.”

They even go so far as to say the Jesus we worship was a Muslim; he was not a Jew; He will come back in the last days. He will immediately kill all the Christians and all the Jews. That is entrenched in their belief system. *** Their biggest hatred is for the U.S. because of the funding we do in trying to defend lives in these other countries. Yet they themselves receive a tremendous amount of funding to build their mosques from some of the governments over there that pay what’s called the tithe.

The tithe is 8 percent. Eight percent of any income you receive must be given over to the cause of taking over this country, to use jihad, to use whatever methods, whether they are peaceful or warlike, to accomplish their goals.


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