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Legal reformer Gentry said to have received 0.88% of vote

John Gentry, left, backstops my bid to cover the Tennessee judicial conference Nov. 6, 2021, in Franklin, Tenn. He had drafted a petition for writ of habeas corpus in the event I was thrown into Williamson County jail. (Photo Franklin police department)

Judicial reform activist John Gentry is reported by the secretary of state’s office to have received 15,344 votes, or 0.88 percent.

That compares to Gov. Bill Lee, with 69.3 percent of the vote, or 1.128 million votes, and Democrat Jason Brantley Martin with 32.93 percent, or 572,153 votes.

Given that electronic equipment is used statewide, it is impossible to know if this is an actual count, or merely an election result. An election result is what is generated by a process said to accurately reflect the actual number of votes cast by men and women registered with state government to take part in the franchise. But election results are not an actual count, because of the role of parties that intervene in the process to create outcomes favorable to themselves.

The result is only said to be a count, and probably is best left in the term “result,” because of intervention. This comment is based on a loose assessment of Tuesday’s doings, and no in-hand evidence about ballot manipulation.

No election can be trusted in the U.S.. The results mute the strong anger reflected among voters and their wilingness to jump ship from traditional party custom. Brandon Lewis, who runs Tennessee Conservative, said he was surprised that almost all of his tens of thousands of conservative readers statewide were relieved and thankful when he endorsed Mr. Gentry. He said he received hundreds of emails agreeing with his declaration.

To me, that is a clue that the system is rigged.

The Republican governor has gotten away with mass harm through his state of emergency, with the death toll as result of his actions — and those of four judges — at 101,700, according to the federal government. The only media outlets in Tennessee reporting these numbers are this blog, and Tulis Report on NoogaRadio Network. The people have not been informed by the media about his actions, nor my lawsuit against him. That is why his victory is bigger than it might otherwise be. Strong anger among voters against tyranny, a media blackout favoring the tyrant, and possible vote rigging seem to work harmoniously to keep the incumbent another four years.

Gov. Lee admits fraud in court filings, so if he will breach his oath and commit fraud in the purported medical emergency, I don’t see why it would be above his party to commit fraud in an election, since the political classes have experience in doing it with aid of ballot machine manufacturers. — DJT

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