Seeing in local economy fleshly arguments against helmeted women

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We have a bit of news about the effort to have women in the military. It’s funny how if you listen to news or read newspapers, obvious things are not stated. The news cycle has the power to make you forget obvious things, just obvious things that should “shock the conscience,” to use the language of the court, don’t come to mind.

Here, Part 1, the scandal of sexual abuse, harassment in the service of course only goes one way. It goes from the one who is the form, which is the male, against the female, who is matter. Form and matter, the distinction that divides men and women, because men are functionally and fundamentally different. Each is a soul. Each man and woman is a soul, and each as a body. Their bodies are very distinct. I am a man. I am married. I have children. I am very glad my wife is distinct, distinctly made from me.

And on Part 2, you have this other question of women in the service and they are now going to have to change the standards. Of course, the newscasts never say reduce the standards or lower them. They never say that way because that is editorial. That’s showing disapproval that women because they cannot carry as much as a man, that the standards for pullups, let’s say, or situps, or pushups are going to have to be reduced. Women cannot do as many as men. Of course it is pointed out that as they are not as strong as men they have other advantages that compensate for the lack of physical capacity.

The power of equalism (from mathematics)

When we have these reports about sexual harassment in the Army it never — somehow you forget the fact that you have sexual harassment because there are women in the Army. Because there are women in the Army, there is sexual harassment. It’s a crisis that has broken on President Obama’s watch as he has insisted on bringing on into the military the mathematical concept of equalism. Man and woman are the same, identical. They are made the same, and so we are going to change reality to account for our interest in the mathematical formula of equality, of egalitarianism. Of course, that is a religious idea, ultimately, the belief that men are in charge of their destinies; they self-evolve; they direct their own evolution in progress. There is, of course, always progress in this theory. There is never declension, or devolution. It’s always evolution. Now we are enlightened. Now, we are going to have women carry hand grenades, and bandoliers of .223-cal. 30-round clips and MREs in the back and knives and .45s or 9mm pistols  on their hips.

I think there is a local economy argument against women in the military. There is not a local economy argument for how to stop the melting of the polar ice cap and the rising of the sea level; of course, that is the latest faddish environmental theory; or is there a later one? (Maybe I’m not keeping up with them as much as I should.) But, for women in the military, it’s wrong because of local economy. And it’s wrong because of the way the flesh of a woman hangs on her bones, differently than the *** flesh of a man hangs on his bones.

Start with a body, not an ideology

Think about the women in your life. Rather than impose an idea on a fine organization, the U.S. military and say, “Here’s what has to be,” why don’t you try to look at the military in terms of your own life and work your way over to it. We don’t have the military here except for the recruitment offices on 153 and Lee Highway, for example, and along Highway 153 next to Penn Station restaurant. We don’t have it here.

So, let’s start with women you know and work our way out. Women are part of local economy. You know women. You know women from church; there are women in your office. If there was a woman in your office who was about to be attacked by an assailant who was going postal, as they say, what would you do? Because she’s a woman, would you intervene? If it were a man, it’s easier to not intervene — for your own safety. But if it’s a woman, you’re much more likely to step in and say, “I’m not going to let this happen. He is attacking this woman, my safety is of no importance; I’m attacking him; I’m intervening.”

Manners — what woman helps a man change a flat tire?

Do you get the car door for a woman? Why do you do that? Because she’s not as strong as you. She’s vulnerable. She’s gentle. She has a higher voice than you do. So,when you park, you get out of the car, and you walk around the front; and you’re doing reconnaissance at this point. This is a military operation. For every man who gets a door for the woman, it’s a military operation. If it’s safe, you reach down and open the handle, and she steps out, and you close the door behind her. She never has to touch the door. Is that because she can’t? No. It’s because you are a gentleman and you are protecting her and you don’t want her to have to carry that heavy door.

I  know with my mother sometimes — she’s about 90 — she often wants to get her own door, and she often wants to close it herself. I constantly have to grab it and say, “Mom, let me get that door” — because she’s frail and sometimes the door kind of snaps; there’s a part in the joint where it wants to close itself. And I have to prevent her from being hit in her face, on her upper cheek, by the corner of door. I am doing that to protect this woman.

Do women go first in your life? When you come to a door, do you go first, or does she go first? She goes first because she’s better than you. Of course she goes first. She’s a lady. She’s a woman. She’s the gentle sex. You would take a slug for a woman while you might think twice about taking a slug for a man. If a woman were along the side of the highway — she went past the bridge in the rain, and her tire went out, and there she is, 500 yards from the bridge that she could’ve parked under. But there she is, you’re passing by her. Do you have a duty to stop if she is trying to get something out from under her trunk floor there where the tire is and the tire iron is kept; you see her, and she’s trying to get that out in the drizzle on your windshield. Do you have a duty to help her? And why does a woman not feel a duty to help a man change a tire? Does your daughter feel compassion with a teenage boy, or a businessman changing a tire? Of course not. It’s beyond her ken. It’s beyond her interest. She’s not qualified by the fact that she has a body that’s different from a man, to offer assistance to a boy or a man changing a tire.

Man is form, woman is matter

If a woman lunges at you — let’s just say, in some public setting, you are mistaken for someone else she hates, and she lunges at you — what would you do? Would you slug her or would you just grab her and try to make her stop. If a man were lunging at you, you would treat him quite differently. You would slug him. Or, if you were armed, you might shoot him thinking that he was assailing you with a knife and your life were in peril. If a woman is lunging at you, even though her hands and her fists are raised above her head to strike you on the shoulder and on the nose, you’re not going to slug her. You may run, but you’re not going to slug her. Because she’s a woman. She’s made differently.

Think about this whole form and matter distinction. Take lovemaking. You make love to your wife, right? You enjoy making love to your wife. She is the sweetest most wonderful thing. Think about making love here or a second. The man acts. The woman receives. The man initiates and the woman responds. That’s how God made man and woman. The man acts; the woman responds. The man has to interest his partner in making love. The man acts upon her, not she upon him. Think about that distinction. I know you can watch pornography and get all confused about how things are supposed to go. But it does work that way. Women are meant to be made interested. Your wife has to be made interested in lovemaking. You have to prepare her to make love to her; you can’t suddenly just jump on her. As I think about this, it occurs to me that the man is all sort of sense and excitement in his interest in making love to his wife in lawful marriage. And she is brought along See what is happening here? He is form. He is the circle with the little arrow coming out of it in the icon. She’s matter. She’s the little circle — which is the head — and the body stick and the little arms sticking out — that’s the female. She is matter. She — there’s just something different about men and women, and having a woman take on the role of a man, with the guttural roar of her machine gun in her shoulder— her helmet down over her eyes — and she is watching her tracers piercing the civilians there, all of whom, of course, are laden with body bombs. They’re going to be killed — or she’s going to be killed.

 And then think of the time when this woman when she’s in a dusty village. It’s very hot, full of glare, and she comes around the corner of a building where supposed terrorists are, and she has a fight with a person, and — a man — and she shoots him and then she cuts his throat. That’s your daughter, right? Your daughter has shot a man who was trying to kill her, then she cut his throat, and she didn’t even bother to bury him. She left him there for another detail of American soldiers to take care of. That’s kind of the Army that we want to have.

Your daughter on the front in Iraq

Think about women who do that for a living? They are all about munitions, all about order, all about people screwing each other in the service. There are always personnel problems among the other women in the unit. The women in the unit — she’s always someone’s mistress. Half the girls — half these women are pregnant. There are jealousies among the men.

They all want to have sex with her, the pretty one. They can’t think straight. These guys can’t think straight because this woman is in intimate quarters with them. They watch her when she squats to use the bathroom. There’s no privacy. When they can have sexual relations with her, they going to try to do it, especially if these are men without morals. We know what war does to morals. We know what naval service can do to morals. In the 19th century, the seaman was always considered to be violent, rough, self-seeking, cursing men in whom the Gospel could not find much of a lodging place.‡ Of course, there were some, there were always people converted.

Your girl in an APC and why I write

If we have women in the military service, we’ve lost sight of local economy.

We’ve lost sight of enfleshment differences between men and women. Think about your ideas regarding women in military service. You can always take the feminist argument — you can read Time and Newsweek and watch CBS news and even read the paper. And these narratives of events in the national sector, they always put to sleep certain ideas that are in your head.

That’s why I write. I write because I don’t you to have only national voices — abstract voices from the void — telling you what’s true. Everyone has a right to do that; we have the Internet; everybody has something to say. But my own argument is quite different. And I believe that even over time, though I have a tiny, tiny audience — you are one of a few people — there are not millions of people who listen to my show. Just a few. Just a few people. And you are one of them because you have the idea that, perhaps, as you think with me about these things we can come to a better provisional kind of conclusion. We can have a better theory.

Look at a woman’s body for a second. And ask yourself, is this a body fit for slaughter? Is this a body fit for the bayonet charge? Is it a body suitable to handle an IED that pierces, with a stream of molten fire, the side of your armored personnel carrier, and melts the gun in her hand, and pierces through into her intestine, and cuts off important parts of her body?

Breasts make the point, gently

A woman has breasts. Think about that. Men’s breasts are flat. They are not very interesting. A woman’s breasts are very interesting. They are an interesting part of creation. God made a woman’s breasts to be particularly delightful. They are delightful things to look at. They carry milk. Did you know that?

Now if you read the paper and stories about women in the military you forget women have breasts that can carry milk when they give birth. And that milk feeds a baby. That milk goes into a baby’s mouth and there’s nourishment. A baby doesn’t need anything from a can. He doesn’t need anything from Nestle at all. He can live off his mother’s milk for two years, even longer. And it has everything that baby needs. And he becomes a local economy player, right?

Wide hips & streaks of tracer on battlefield

And think about a woman’s hips. Men don’t have hips like women do because we don’t give birth. Men’s hips are more closer together that means they are more stable. There is a strength in the narrow hip construction of a man. He can run faster. There is more visceral strength in his legs because of his closed hip points. Women’s hips are wide,  to allow the baby to come out. The baby comes out, and it’s a joyous, joyous occasion. A baby is just the most remarkable thing. And every woman, unless she is made sterile by radiation or by abortion, every woman can have a baby. That is the most wonderful, delightful thing to think about.

And to think about that a particular woman can have a particular baby from a particular man. A particular man has her as his wife. He is her head, and she is his heart. She loves him, She is is helpmeet, as the book of Genesis tells us.

So you have local economy. You have people’s ideas who fit the physical world. *** If you have women not in service to Uncle Sam on military bases, but women here, you have, your daughters, you have the multiplier effect. That’s babies. That’s marriage. That’s wedding. That’s the celebration of the transfer of estates from you, your business, your savings, your labor, to the new generation — your daughter, her husband. *** I think military service by women is a mistake. It is a mistake because it drains the most valuable members of society — which are women — it drains them from productivity, from service, from real estate, from invention, and puts them into a place where they are supposed to go and kill strangers.

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‡ I am thinking here of John Newton, former slaver, sailor and hymnwriter

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