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CV-19 lockdown evil effects ripple ahead; a sudden death at UTC

DA candidate Coty Wamp talks to TN Neighbors for Liberty at a Wally’s event Tuesday that brings 60 people. Sabrena Smedley is ready to depart out the back door to make a separate commitment. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Thursday, March 24, 2022 —The coup d’etat against local and state government by national and global elites appears little understood, still, here in Southeast Tennessee, whose governor admits in court he fraudulently violated the key communicable disease law.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

The harms are many, and caused by state power abused and science turned into junk. Because of mass fraud imposed upon 6.8 million Tennesseans by Gov. Bill Lee, the people are suffering a demographic paroxysm of sudden death and bizarre illnesses.

Just as so-called vaccinated people get Covoid-19 in rampant numbers, so too are mass death being reported to VAERS, the FDA vaccine injury reporting website.

➤ Today a UTC student is reported to have been found dead in his campus apartment “during a routine safety check.” City cops are investigating the death, “and no foul play is suspected,” according to a press release at Chattanoogan.com. The student was “found non-responsive.” People who take the experimental non-FDA-approved shots are vulnerable to either short-term or long-term evil effects. Short-term effects include sudden death within two or three days of the shot. Yousef Hamadeh, associate general counsel for UTC in an office at 615 McCallie Avenue, is looking into complying with the medical examiner statute that requires his investigation into any unnatural death of a person otherwise in good health. The medical examiner law requires a person who knows about such a death to report to Dr. James Metcalfe, whose office is on Amnicola Highway next to the police services compound.

➤ The New York Times is reporting that alcohol-related deaths in 2020 spiked 25 percent over the previous year from the oppression of the U.S. economy. 

➤ Death and illness in the U.S. military, whose members were largely coerced into getting the CV-19 jab, are skyrocketing. Attorney Todd Callendar says incidents of sudden deaths are up 1,100 percent. 

The jabs create immune deficiency (AIDS), according to Mr. Callendar. A “vaccine”-delivered AIDS epidemic. Quarantine centers are being opened, he says. The Pfizer and Moderna shots specifically are designed to turn off the human immune system.

➤ A French court has ruled that a person who took the CV-19 jab cannot obtain, in his estate, a life insurance payout. The shot constitutes a suicide, as word is widespread about the terrifying risks the shots impose. Dr. Peterson Pierre is cited by Steve Kirsch, but details are scarce. 

Gaslighting candidates

In the GOP primary for county commission, two contenders are Tucker McClendon and Mike Chauncy.

Says Mr. McClendon, a school board member: 

I think Mayor Coppinger and Gov. Lee managed the pandemic well. We are through this, hopefully with no return, and we need to return to normal. No mandates.

Says Mr. Chauncy:

As a county Commissioner i will make every effort to keep our schools, business’s, healthcare systems and other vital services open and operational. The solution to the problem should not be greater than the problem itself. 

That they don’t see the two-year overthrow of free markets and constitutional government as but an irritating bur amounts to gross negligence. Such negligence is shared by all the incumbents, with the most painful being that of erstwhile taxpayer watchdog Tim Boyd, who was turned into a moof by the panic.

Smedley to get on it

 Sabrena Smedley is the chairman of the county commission who was hurt badly by the county’s penal lockdown, but did nothing to stop it as head of the county legislature. She ignored a remonstrance and petition by 105 citizens in September 30, 2021, a remarkable analysis demanding an end to the experimental inoculation project. 

The county has no care for the harm its 200,000 jabs may be causing to the people, and the people in the area are not sensible that death and illness in their persons and families come from Pfizer and Moderna et al. Mrs. Smedley is pushing 9 questions about the first harm and the first death in the county, as these questions have been ignored.

Mayor Jim Coppinger, the health department under Sabrina Novak and medical examiner Dr. James Metcalfe have not answered the questions. See “9 questions on tracking CV-19 jab injuries go to Coppinger.”

Garrett cold feet

The county’s next sheriff, Austin Garrett, does not warm when confronted with slander from the U.S. government upon millions of American commoners. In a voter guide question, he is coolly detached.

Government Overreach: DHS just issued a document on February 7th 2022 “Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland”. The number 1 threat example they give is. “… there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19. Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021.” Please explain why you agree or disagree with the statement made by DHS. 

If the elected body of the state of Tennessee or the United States passes a law that holds up to the constitution, I will obey the law.

➤ The CV fraud is giving global financial elites and totalitarians a big window in which to impose top-down controls. From the Moneychanger newsletter daily email from Westpoint, Tenn.,

JUST SAY NO TO CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCIES.  The World Economic Forum has a plan for your future:  Digital ID and Digital Central Bank  Currency (CDBC).  The Digital ID will embody a totalitarian “social credit score” system like Communist China’s to enforce your social credit score, limiting what you can buy or sell to those choices the state has determined are “good” for you.  In a satire that will make you chuckle, NS Lyons explains why you should “Just Say No to CBDCs” right here.  Read it to learn how he reaches this conclusion:  

The implementation of a CBDC could represent the single greatest expansion of totalitarian power in human history. Never has there been any regime with such omnipotent insight into and control over its people’s every transaction as what CBDCs may soon make possible. No Xerxes, no Caligula, no Stalin, no Kim Jong Un has ever held such power. And yet this is what will soon be smuggled into use in our societies in the name of convenience, social justice, and patriotism.


Time to fight



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