Our low moral state in accepting state violence

Chief Austin Garrett of the Hamilton County sheriff’s department speaks with members of the press downtown. (Photo David Tulis)

State violence against the people along the roadways is so common that not even gospel ministers object to it. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The inaction and lethargy among the people in Chattanooga and Hamilton County is typical of a people whose moral state and ethical life is at low ebb. God may be offended at what happens at the receiving and of outlaw law enforcement in Chattanooga. They are not.

The israelites were in a similar condition at the time that the Lord Jesus was born. Wise men from afar came asking a question of the children of Israel.

“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.” When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

All Jerusalem is “troubled” at the report. Herod is jealous of any threat, having asserted himself as a quasi deity, is upset that God is sovereign against him and over him, and that He might have ordained someone in his place, or to succeed him.  (Matt. 2:2, 3)

The people are in a low moral state to be troubled at the announcement of a coming king. 

When time comes for Herod to conclude his investigation of his rival, the same people are complicit with his slaughter of the innocents. No report exists of there having been opposition to Herod’s edict to destroy sons up to 2 years old. No military person protested. No priest. No scribe. No thinker. No mayor. No commissioner. No council member. 

They are in a low state as regards God and His commandments and His requirements for justice and civil order. 

Today there is the slaughter of the unborn an abortion clinics in several cities in Tennessee. As of 2017, about 8,636 babies were killed by their mothers and state-licensed doctors. 

But there are other offenses of God’s law by the great ones against the weak across the state of Tennessee.

Notice project awaits early adopters

On the roads in Chattanooga and Hamilton County, and across the state, people are falsely arrested daily by officers who so routinely violate state law that it is fair to say that the average officer in the traffic division commits more crime on a shift then the worst gang member in Chattanooga committing a week. 

They do so in an exciting and courageous double violation. First, they violate the people’s constitutional rights and the scope and form of Tenn. Code Ann. Title 55. They use the freight, shipping and transportation law against people not involved in freight,shipping and transportation. They use an administrative law aimed at shippers to criminalize people who have done no crime, hurt no one and caused no offense.

I propose a remedy that awaits early adopters. That is: Transportation administrative notice. 

The second violation against the rights of the people is abuse of the state that gives grounds for officers to arrest people without a warrant. It’s found at Tenn.Code Ann. Title 40-7-103, and is ignored as a breach of covenant from members of the bar association on up.

It imposes onerous requirements upon police and sheriff’s deputies that they routinely ignore, with consent of the judiciary top to bottom. I have reviewed the cases dealing with this law and its key concept, that of “public offense,” which works (in theory at least) to limit the discretion of when an officer can arrest someone without a warrant.

The cases indicate the courts of appeal have not done anything to reduce the individual citizen’s rights protected within the statute. So how is it that everyone agrees that a person can be arrested on the spot, apart from the cop or officer going to the magistrate to get a warrant?

That no one has raised this problem in enforcement suggests the people are somnolent, asleep, and indifferent to the suffering of people around them following abuse of this statute.

We have covered extensively the tribulations of common people abused by use of both these laws, in violation of their due process rights. The requirement of knowing what is happening is that the people who know act. That they take action individually and in league with others.

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Sue cop as oppressor, defend self in traffic court: Transportation Administrative Notice

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