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Member warns credit union of mask demands, liability

This branch of TVFCU is overseen by Sherri McKinney, who has conveyed my verified notice regarding the CV-19 state of mass fraud to the higher management of the co-op, of which members of my family have been longtime members. (Photo Office Furniture Warehouse)

We met Friday afternoon at 4:45 p.m. as I was making a deposit at the downtown branch and you demanded I cover my bare face.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7FM

I responded that I have a condition that prevents same, with three parts. You were gracious enough to yield, though insisted next time I visit a branch as a member that I diaper my chin in a mask. 

[This letter is a follow-up to an encounter with Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union branch manager Sherri McKinney at the branch downtown in Chattanooga. As a member of the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, I am concerned for fellow members of the co-op, and that the organization reduce its liability for participating in a state-based fraud in violation of Tennessee law regulating contagions, epidemics and health department responses. — DJT]

Thank you for relating to me the demands upon members and others to come into the lobby of the TVFCU.

I handed you a copy of my verified notice making the credit union aware of a state-based fraud against our members. Attached is a digital copy of the notice. 

The credit union, in making the mask demand at the behest of Hamilton County Department of Health, is participating in an admitted fraud by the governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee and also Becky Barnes, administrator of Hamilton County health department.

The notice indicates that according to unrebutted public record, specifically in chancery court, the county is participating in admitted fraud by these two parties since at least March 12, 2020.

Print our own Verified Notice of Lack of Authority, Liability

The credit union is making demands under a directive which is based on admitted fraud, allegedly pursuant to the governor’s March 12 executive order. The notice puts you and our cooperative on awares that your employees and our fellow members may be imposing an injury and a wrong upon those who come into the building and are allowed to stay only on condition of having their jaws, lips, chins, noses and cheeks hidden from view by an obstructive covering.

I strongly suggest that you have the TVFCU attorney look at the liabilities involved with this practice, and, if that party believes it advisable, cease and desist all such demands based on the mitigation measure premised on violation of Tenn. Code Ann. 68-5 104 by city and county, in combination and in violation of the bill of rights in the state constitution, or converting anything styled a demand into a request, in respect of the rights of the members of TVFCU.

Masks have no effect on transmission rates and are a prescription for medical problems related to respiration. Respectfully yours, etc.

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