A toe with gangrene, making pedestrian travel almost impossible. Lawless police enforcement of Title 55 in the Tennessee code is a gangrene supported by the courts and the entire political establishment. Can we saw off this mess right here in our hometown? (Photo podiatry.com)

I propose to cut off the gangrene on the body politic in Tennessee by launching a reform in Chattanooga that focuses on individual police officers and individual town councils.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7

The sanctuary city project is lococentric reform that operates in a decentralized fashion given that Tennessee’s courts are activist and reject a fundamental common law right of free movement by car or truck on the people’s right of way (aka, roads, streets, freeways within the state).

The lopping of the gangrenous limb occurs when a city adopts the proper scope of Tenn. Code. Ann. Title 55, and refuses any longer to allow its officers to enforce the Tennessee transportation law as if it applied to everyone, even people not involved in transportation.

‘Sir, I’m traveling under the notice’

The whole right foot of the body politic in Tennessee is gangrenous, dying or dead and my effort to snip off a blackened little toe in Hamilton County is a first step toward removal of the dead limb, and perhaps is a long-term healing (providing God gives grace).

The sanctuary city project is called “traveling under notice,” or Transportation Administrative Notice Tennessee, a corrective against government organizations by legal notice as to the true and actual scope of the law. It is important to believe that actual law matters, and that at the local level the falsehood and deceit of the Tennessee courts of appeal can be bypassed.

How can a right be made to disappear?

The court pretends that the right of travel, also called a right of communication, does not exist any longer among the people of Tennessee. It once existed. But now, somehow, it doesn’t. Only a tiny sliver of this right is recognized by the courts. Travel can be exercised only by relocating one’s domicile from one state to another. That’s it.

Since this theory allows for policing action against 100 percent of people on the highway, most of whom are not under any liability or duty under the law, it allows for much abuse, many killings, many lawless actions of civil asset forfeiture on the highways, and much injustice displeasing to God and to the framework of constitutional and republican government.

Get TAN now: Transportation Administrative Notice traffic gives court defense, creates cause of action vs. cops

The high court’s claim upon the police function in Chattanooga, Red Bank, East Ridge, Collegedale, Soddy-Daisy and Hamilton County is the gangrene that “traveling under notice” will eventually cut off. I believe it can be cut off even if city and county mayors do absolutely nothing.

I propose it will take about three years, or 3 ½ years — which is the time it took for the Lord Jesus to get his work done during his public ministry. For me, this project is a Christian mercy and ministry, an evangelical claim upon courts, law and the state itself.

The notice cuts off the claim of the courts — the fiction of the court. It prevents it from operating in these jurisdictions where notice has been given, pursuant to the legal doctrine of notice, as explained in numerous court cases and legal encyclopedias.

It operates through the oath of office of the individual officer and department head, and places the entire burden of the problem squarely on him. Will he follow policy? Or will he obey law?

Notice gives notice of the law, and places him in a position of personal liability if he abuses any soul on the road who is not under Title 55.

Abrogate ‘lawyer law’ with notice

If we “travel under the notice,” we can nullify, abrogate and neutralize this lawyer law system that might be properly identified with the extra-legal deep state operating against the 6.78 million people who call themselves Tennesseans, and everyone else who traverses the state in his travels. The abuse of Title 55 is effectively a coup against the people. A revolution.  

The reform works bottom up, one police encounter at a time in any jurisdiction subject to the notice.

It obliges the officer to exercise his discretion, pursuant to his oath, to realize that some people are not subject to him under Title 55. The “traveling under notice” project is an interposition by the law itself against local police departments such as Chattanooga’s, led by Chief David Roddy under authority of Mayor Andy Berke, and against Sheriff Jim Hammond.

With or without these high and mighty ones in the Chattanooga area, we can lop off the dead limb and throw it in the ditch.

‘Notice’ overturns badges of slavery a la Dred Scott in Chattanooga


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