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If science is jury, masks’ days over

As propaganda, these workers at a spike protein jab-delivery tent of the county health department wear chin diapers to show they are concerned for the welfare of others. (Photo health department)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022 — The practice of mask-wearing has become contagious among many even though there is no data proving masks safely and effectively reduce viral transmission.

By John Anthony / Sustainable Freedom Lab

While the CDC claims “the benefits of wearing masks are well-established,” the statement is provably false.

More than 150 studies prove masks are ineffective and many show harms especially to children. (Here)

If that is unconvincing, researchers who only wanted the truth spent over 500 hours researching masks to discover they have almost no benefit. (Here)

There are many reasons why people believe masks work

Despite the evidence masks do little or nothing to stop viral spread, many believe in their benefit. For example, Pres. Biden’s mask mandate on airlines is scheduled to end March 18 and some flight attendants are worried for their health and their passengers’. (Here)

There are several reasons why the myth continues.

  • Pop articles like this warn, “For right now, the worst thing you can do is leave your home without a mask.” (Here)
  • This former US Surgeon General says wearing masks is only “common sense.” (Here)
  • Part of the problem is the CDC themselves. The agency has gone so far as to use poorly conducted studies in a weak attempt to prove masks work. (Here)
  • A recent Bangladesh study was touted as proof masks reduced the spread. But the researchers initially failed to release the raw data. When it finally was released, it showed just 20 people out of 340,000 studied found any benefit from the masks. (Here)
  • Meanwhile, President Biden encourages mask dependence by promising to distribute 400,000,000 free N-95 masks. (Here)

Studies agree: Masks no effect on viral transmission

But even the CDC’s own studies agree masks are not effective. (Here and here.)

The WHO recognizes the importance of weighing risks versus rewards when asking children or adults to wear masks. This is from the WHO own website on masks I children. Advice on the use of masks for children in the community in the context of COVID-19.  (Here)

“Several studies found that factors such as warmth, irritation, breathing difficulties, discomfort, distraction, low social acceptability and poor mask fit were reported by children when using masks. So far, the effectiveness and impact of masks for children during play and physical activity have not been studied; however, a study in adults found that N-95 respirator and surgical masks reduced cardiopulmonary capacity during heavy exertion.”

N-95/FFP2 masks

Bavaria was one of the first states to mandate use of N-95 masks. Their own studies show there was no difference in viral spread between those states using N-95 masks and those using cloth masks. As the study indicates, neither the cloth masks and N95 masks were an effective intervention.  (Here)

The results in Austria were similar after mandating N-95 masks. (Here)

Industrial hygienists speak out

Industrial hygienists are some of the most qualifed professionals to speak on mask effectiveness. Their job is to assess and control physical, chemical, biological or environmental hazards at work and in public space. They advise on how to minimize or control workers exposure to harmful substances including airborne hazards, food, and water involving chemicals, germs, and pathogens.

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This 27page letter to the CDC from 8 of the nation’s top industrial hygiene experts details why the masking must stop if we are to return to good health.

The letter begins…

Re: Request for Immediate Corrections to the CDC Guidance on Masks and Respirators

“Dear Dr. Walensky, Dr. Fauci, Senator Johnson, Mr. Parker, and Mr. Zients:

We the undersigned, professional experts in the field of industrial hygiene, with combined experience of nearly 150 years, are highly concerned with the inaccurate and misleading guidance being promoted by the CDC on its website regarding efficacy of masking to prevent COVID-19 and now similar guidance regarding respirators and request for immediate correction to said guidance. The guidance is overly broad, inaccurate, and especially inappropriate for children and the general public.”

The letter goes into detail about the qualifications and effectiveness of N-95 masks and the benefits and drawbacks on adults and children. It is an important document all health professionals and concerned Americans should read. It summarizes…


“The CDC has built a series of recommendations for masking that are inconsistent with the technical and medical literature. The policy and procedural recommendations exaggerate the benefits, while ignoring the limitations and harms, especially for children and the general population. In addition, the CDC has taken a policy position of “it might work” and “it can’t hurt” and use selective and weak observational data in the place of actual controlled scientific study to justify inappropriate recommendations for masks and face coverings.”

Read, download their complete letter. (Here)


There is a difference between government educating people and pitching them. Americans have been subjected to a steady thumping of carnival-like rhetoric packaged as science that fails with even slight investigation. That faux fact-checkers and censoring media are necessary to sustain the image is a clear indication something is deeply wrong.

It is time for Americans to stop taking actions that fail to slow viral impact and start doing the things that work.  It begins with each of us.  Masks for all was always an absurd idea. It’s time to take toss them away and free ourselves.

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The World Council for Health Covid Information and Early Treatment Guidelines: https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/WCH_Covid-19-At-Home-Treatment-Guide-For-Healthy-Individuals_1.pdf
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