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Prosecutor hides evidence, forces delay in pro-lifers’ rescue trial

Cal Zastrow, center, and his daughter, facing trial on allegations of trespassing in Fort Meyers, Fla..

Thanks for praying for my friends, Cal & Eva Zastrow, who went on trial yesterday in Fort Meyers, Fla., for trying to protect the innocent.

By Steven Peters

The Judge gave the defense a continuance because the prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence. The prosecutor had a DVD that directly contradicts the state’s evidence.

The police had stated on record that the rescuers had entered the Planned Parenthood building. The DVD plainly shows they did not. The police stated that the rescuers shouted down the police. The DVD shows they did not.

So the defense (my friend attorneys) have been given six weeks to examine the evidence. Then the trial will restart.

If the judge had cared about the rule-of-law, he should have declared a mistrial & disciplined the state’s attorneys. The prosecution had the DVD for 8 months.

What were Cal Zastrow and daughter Eva charged with?


That’s right. Just trespassing. Outside the building. 

Inside the building, Planned Parenthood butchers hundreds of babies a year. Perfectly legal & accepted by the police & society.

The real evil that must be stopped in America are the horrible rescuers that “tresspass” outside the building.

God help us. Please keep praying.

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