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City’s Ramey tells of jab-hurt people; immune nurse shunned

Gary Ramey tells about jab-injured people at this FB link, starting at 1:45

Gary Ramey, 45, bachelor, hauls 53-foot trailers down highways in a tractor trailer and tells me in an interview about three people he knows injured by the spike protein delivery jabs.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

Mr. Ramey tells us as follows:

➤ Mr. Ramey delivers wood to a local couple, related to a girl, 12, in Ohio, who lives with her parents. “Her momma and daddy took her to get the shot, and she did, and now she’s on dialysis. She’s got an aunt that lives here in Chattanooga, works for TVA, or did.

The federal flag flutters in Gary Ramey’s hand at a 1 p.m. Saturday protest in Chattanooga on Gunbarrel Road. (Photo Glenda Pappu)

➤ “She’s retired. And she took both the jabs, and all of a sudden she’s had four to five heart attacks, and she’s been back and forth to the hospital for the past two weeks.

➤ “A guy in my church and everything he got both the shots. And when he got both the shots, he got Covid, and then they put him in the hospital — told him quarantine for 14 days, excuse me. [Then he got] pneumonia. Turned around and went to the hospital. Put him on a vent. He died.

“And I’ve got two other people that I know who are nurses, and lives in Alabama. And both of ’em’s been vaccinated, and both of ‘em’s got, had Covid. They had covid after the vaccination, and one of ‘em’s going blind, because of the vaccination.”

Covid-recovered RN harassed

From Steve Kirsch’s newsletter. Caroline Stepovich has been a nurse for the past 37 years. She got COVID and recovered. She still suffers from long-haul symptoms.

She isn’t vaccinated, she knows the vaccine are dangerous, she knows too many vaccine injured, and there is no way she’s going to get the vaccine. No benefit, only risk to her. It would be a really dumb decision.

Caroline Stepovich

She is shunned by all her vaccinated friends (including other nurses) who:

  • blame her for the pandemic
  • feel it is dangerous to be around her
  • say she is selfish
  • say that she isn’t “a team player”
  • claim she is evil for not doing the right thing by getting vaccinated.

She calmly tells her friends that as someone who is COVID recovered, she is much safer to be around since even if she gets re-infected, she cannot transmit the virus. And furthermore, if she does get re-infected, she won’t get hospitalized or die.

Caroline is superior to her vaccinated friends from both a risk and burden perspective. She can’t infect her friends and she isn’t a burden on society if she gets re-infected. Her friends don’t have a single advantage over her in any way.

Her friends tell her that what she said isn’t true and is misinformation.

Wow. What Caroline says comes right from the CDC (showing if you are COVID recovered you can’t transmit a subsequent infection) and a Harvard study (showing people who have recovered immunity don’t get reinfected).

I don’t know where her friends are getting their information. Maybe they should subscribe to my substack?

Neighbor proud to get jab; loses husband, baby

Caroline Stepovich writes me on Tuesday:

This has got to stop!!!!

I had a dentist appt today. My hygienist said her neighbor and her neighbor’s husband both got vax. The neighbor was pregnant at the time. Her baby was stillborn and her husband died a few weeks after the vax. Yet no one is  reporting this…..

Of course, this could all be just “bad luck” but I’m seeing a lot of Black Swans and they are all vaccine related (and consistent with those pesky VAERS reports that nobody wants to look at).

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