Would Hullander obey oath, TN law if faced with ‘health crisis‘?

Matt Hullander’s first speech in his Hamilton County mayoral campaign slips past the 2020 overthrow of local government by the Jim Coppinger administration in which Mr. Coppinger participated in an “emergency” that lacked a nonfraudulent exigency or warrant in the use of vested police powers. (Photo David Tulis)
Protests against the CV-19 fraud and MRNA treatment project by county government draw weekly protests at Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga. They are 1 p.m. Saturday. (Photo David Tulis)

The blackout in local media about fraud among government officials is coming to bite Matt Hullander, candidate for Hamilton County mayor.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

In an interview Thursday Mr. Hullander is in the dark about local proceedings to halt the state of emergency launched as a fraud by people holding public office.

The local newspaper, the Chattanooga Times, has given one-sided coverage to Covid-19, as the symptoms are called, and harrumphed for fear and dread — and pushed the  jabs — as if it  were among those profiting from patents in the “pandemic” sales pitch with the closing on inoculation.

Joining the newspaper are TV stations 3, 9 and 12, the Chattanooga News Chronicle run by Adrian Edwards and the online platform Chattanoogan.com run by John Wilson.

The “all is well; the vaccines are safe and effective” promoters have given altogether five paragraphs about a lawsuit argued for months at the county courthouse regarding official wrongdoing, malfeasance and misconduct.

Will Hullander agree to obey law?

Mr. Hullander, surrounded by nearly 50 supporters, stood on the courthouse steps for a brief speech outlining his goals if elected mayor. It is the sort of political speech contrived by advisers, marked by calculation and assurances.

After officious questions from official media, the following took place person to person, as caught on video:

David Tulis Matt, quick question. What about the lawsuit against the county for violating the health code at 68-5-104? The county did not make a determination of the cause of contagion for Covid-19 and the lawsuit says that that cannot be done — that has to be done. The mayor says there’s nothing to worry about. He’s not concerned about it. What is your position about the county’s obeying the statute?

Matt Hullander I honestly don’t know enough about your question to answer it.

Tulis Well, let me ask this. Will you — will you make a point of obeying the statute? If a law is clearly applicable to the health department, will you insist that it be obeyed, because Mayor Coppinger did not make that kind of decision?

Robin Derryberry  We’re not going to get into anything like that today and I appreciate your time.

Mrs. Derryberry runs a public relations business downtown. She puts her hand over my phone to block the viewers on Facebook. 

No automatic response?

I run 28.5 percent of the city’s press outlets — two of the city’s seven. So Mr. Hullander has only little excuse for being unawares from the constructive and legal notice that my extensive coverage at 96.9 FM and this website implies.

Weston Wamp

But he is not easy in dealing with the content-matter expert on the health law the county is violating. Could he not have asked me a question about the lawsuit? Could he not have said, “Wow, David, tell me more about this case. I have not heard anything about it.”

Rather, a member of his campaign, Robin Derryberry, shushes away the reporter asking the dumb questions about whether Mr. Hullander will obey black-letter law.

Between Weston Wamp and Mr. Hullander no doubt there are differences in outlook, temperament, family background and philosophy of public service. But the past two years have been a shocker for the public as officials here and around the globe have become despots and put populations under house arrest en masse and imposed lawless edicts and health measures upon healthy people, all on rebuttable legal presumption.

The voters wonder whether Mr. Hullander will hold to his oath when a crisis comes.

Will he limit his actions under the Tennessee and U.S. constitutions when all circumstances beg him to ignore the rights of the people, and ignore the Tennessee code annotated, which regulates the operation of government offices — and to plunge headlong into police power uses he believes will save the day?

The oath of office means more and more upon Mr. Hullander’s actions in office as the crisis grows in scope, threat, danger and risk. We face probably 20 years of virus crises generated by government, just as we faced 20 years of Muslim terror threat generated by government. Would either Messr. Hullander or Wamp refuse to join in temporary emergency steps when they seem necessary to deal with a future CV-19 variant, or some other pernicious invention of an American university lab or an American grad school policy think tank?

That is what the people want to know, and Mr. Hullander appears to be wanting.

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