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Legislators give quick lesson in ‘informed consent’

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger gives a press conference in June 2020. (Photo health department)

The Tennessee general assembly says that getting an inoculation is a personal choice, and that no one should be coerced into getting one, especially as the jabs made by Pfizer and other companies are experimental and untested. The people “must remain free to choose or to decline to be vaccinated against COVID-19 without penalty or threat of penalty,” say the legislators in a conference committee report on House Bill No. 9077 / Senate Bill No. 9014 that was inked by  Gov. Bill Lee.

Informed consent is difficult to identify when the parties giving the jabs are involved in fraud. Hamilton County is defending a claim that it is not liable to obey Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-103 that requires a determination to be made as to the cause of the contagion, a complex of flu-like symptoms that have not been isolated. With the county and the state participating in fraud and mass irreparable harm, the idea that anyone CAN give informed consent appears remote.

Still, the Tennessee general assembly puts its finger on at least part of the meaning of informed consent.

Free from an unwanted touching’

In a document called “14-1-102. Findings. – 7 – 010420,” they people’s representatives find that: 

(1) Setting forth the rights of people in the context of COVID-19 restrictions in a statute assists the citizens of this state in the enforcement and protection of their rights and creates a safe harbor for those desiring to avoid litigation; 

(2) Tennessee, as a great southern state within our federal system of government, is free to enact laws to protect the health and safety of its citizens under the police powers inherent to all states of a federal system of government; 

(3) The United States Constitution does not prohibit the states from regulating health and medical practices, nor does it require any person to consent to any form of medical treatment, directly or indirectly, in relation to COVID-19; 

(4) The right at common law to personal security and the liberty to be free from an unwanted touching of one’s limbs and body was retained by the people of this state, and that right includes rights and duties with respect to medical treatment administered by other persons, such as through COVID-19 vaccinations; 

(5) Informed consent between patients and healthcare practitioners protects the rights at common law of persons and all such consent must be voluntary and not given under duress, coercion, misrepresentation, or fraud; and 

(6) Consistent with our constitutionally recognized and inalienable right of liberty, every person within this state is and must remain free to choose or to decline to be vaccinated against COVID-19 without penalty or threat of penalty. [emphases added]


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