Rachael Torrence, with her husband, Kevin at Chattanooga event in February, says the CV-19 terror state is harming her son David’s growth and development. (Photo Rachael Torrence)

Constitutional rights have been violated. In seeing the overstep of government on small businesses here in Chattanooga during the lockdowns, I am disheartened that some of them may not recover while big businesses were given permission to thrive.

By Rachael Torrence

The trampling of the constitutional right for commerce happened when businesses were deemed essential or non-essential.

Personally, 2020’s lockdowns have caused panic attacks and depression.

My 5-year-old son, David, has displayed effects of social isolation, especially during the time between March and May, when his school was closed. He has been able to thrive now that he is back in school with his peers. Our rights to assemble were taken from us.

I personally believe that if a government needs an emergency to take away our rights, government will continue to call a state of emergency. (We can look back at all open statements of emergency, some of those dating back to President Jimmy Carter.)

I am asking for reconsideration of David Tulis’ demand for supervision of an unjust judge in Hamilton County.

I am following the case locally, of Pam Fleenor’s continuous refusal to present the case for a writ of mandamus to Governor Bill Lee and health Administrator Becky Barnes to obey the law. Specifically, all are in violation of TCA 68-5-104.

Please review Judge Pam Fleenor’s conduct and oversee the writ to be issued. Warm Regards, etc.

Rachael Torrence is a candidate for city council, a libertarian who wants to unseat member Ken Smith.

The Tulis Report is 1 p.m. weekdays, live and lococentric.

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