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This is the building at 505 W. Main St. in Knoxville from which the Tennessee courts of appeal run their business. (Photo Tennessee court system)
This page is the time-stamped copy of my filing in the liberty case State ex rel David Jonathan Tulis vs. Bill Lee, governor, et al.
Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

My brief to overturn the flim-flammery of Hamilton County chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor is being kept off the Tennessee court system’s website because, according to a court clerk, it is “confidential.”

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The brief in my case on behalf of you and 6.8 million other people in Tennessee seeks to throw back the findings, determinations, discernings, holdings, deemings, concludings and takings judicial notice by her Hon. Fleenor that I have no grievance, that I don’t have a harm, that I don’t have any claim upon the governor by way of his duty to obey the law, that I have nothing justiciable in my petition to end the fraudulent “health crisis.”

Tracy K. Verrire, a deputy clerk at the appellate court clerk’s office at 505 Main St. in Knoxville, is good enough to send me a digital copy of my filing. In a phone call, I tell appellate court clerk Jim Hivner that my other filings with the court are entered into the website and downloadable as PDFs.

Jim Hivner, clerk of the Tennessee courts of appeal

But where, I ask, is the downloadable copy of my brief for my inspection?

“Could we remove, please, the veil of secrecy over that document?”

“What do you mean, ’veil of secrecy’?”

“I was told by Tracy in the Knoxville office that they’re confidential. Why is that brief confidential?“

“They’re not confidential. They’re just not posted on the website.”

“Could you please post it on the website, sir?”


“Could I ask you why?”

“We don’t put briefs out on the website.”

“Just — custom and habit?”


“You’re welcome to put it out on your website. If you want to.”

Brief defends justice, TN liberties

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