Does Pinkston have moral authority to enforce Title 55?

Chattanooga-area babies are slain in this pleasant room at Bristol Regional Women’s Center, where women go to exercise their reproductive rights since the CWC clinic in Chattanooga is out of business. (Photo Bristol Regional Women’s Center)

Dr. Doe is a little heavy footed and is traveling in his private sedan at 45 mph in a 35 mph zone. An alert officer of his local police department spies him en route to his profitable labor in medical mercy.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

The officer guns the engine of his cruiser and chases after the sedan. It pulls over onto the shoulder, and he gets out.

“Good morning, Dr. Doe,” the officer says, recognizing the man. “How’s it going?”

Kill babies yes, breach traffic law no

How is it that the police officer will protect Dr. Doe’s right in Tennessee to assist in the killing of three children this morning and yet will chase him down for speeding on a public road?

He is free to take human life without interruption and without fear of arrest. But he is not free to violate the terms of a magic plastic card in his billfold, his driver license, or travel in his car without that card and its state privileges.

Or so we’re told.

How is it that the government in Tennessee, in Dr. Doe’s county up in the Tri-Cities (where Bristol Regional Women’s Center, a baby-destroying clinic, operates), or here in Hamilton County and in the state’s 93 other counties, is schizophrenic? 

It will protect a physician’s right to destroy human life and yet harass him outside the scope of the transportation statute as a private user of the road for violating rules of the road that apply only to its commercial use?

Permissive on God’s image, strict on man’s

The prosecution of transportation violations outside the scope of the statute and a permissive legal culture allowing for the slaughter of 9,000 children every year in Tennessee is a sure sign that the State of Tennessee and its agents, down in the local districts such as Hamilton County, do not have moral authority to govern.

A hard thing to consider, since our mailbox today is stuffed with political fliers from candidates for governor and state representative for voting a few days ahead.

Neal Pinkston, prosecutor for state government

Thanks to the efforts of Christians 20 years ago to close Chattanooga Women’s Clinic, babies are not slain in Chattanooga on an industrial scale. However it is possible that boys and girls are slain in private practice. The state’s department of health keeps under wraps the location of the abortive act in which the child is destroyed.

Still, if there were baby killing going on in Hamilton County, Mr. Pinkston would prosecute anyone who “illegally” tried to save the life of any particular child or group of children scheduled for execution.

In 1989, Operation Rescue had three events to save lives of unborn boys and girls, and the district attorney prosecuted the citizen participants in city court.

Gary Gerbitz prosecuted more than 33 pro-lifers until it was made clear in an appeals court opinion that they could use the necessity defense to justify their blockade.

Clinics in Tennessee exercise what U.S. courts claim is a constitutional right, and yet prosecutors harass people using cars and trucks without their permission to exercise such rights as killing this baby.

How would Neal Pinkston enforce and protect the alleged constitutional rights of abortion (if such rights were challenged) and yet prosecute people for violating traffic statutes under Tenn. Code Ann. Title 55?

How so, when the right to life is unalienable, and killing a baby is murder under the sixth commandment, and when private travel is not even subject to Title 55, which creates liabilities ONLY upon parties involved in transportation —  only in the for-hire use of cars or trucks on the road, commercial operation?

A legal fiction reigns in TN

Mr. Pinkston insists there is no right to travel, that the only right to travel that exist is to change of domicile of a person moving from one state to another.

He claims this position is constitutional because it is the position of the U.S. supreme court and the Tennessee supreme court, and that any argument to the contrary is mere private opinion.

However, he has been informed under administrative notice that the statutes and most all case law since they were recorded in Shannon’s Code contradict the state policy that he enforces.

Breast-feeding traffic stop: Ex-MP tells cop merely traveling, not in commerce

Under prosecutor Pinkston’s plethora of powers is that one particularly that enforces commercial government in Hamilton County and does that better than any political challenger that may come his way next election.

Commercial government is state policy directed from the legal political establishment in Nashville, led by lawyers on the state supreme court.

It is a policy that bypasses the law, goes around the law. It oppresses the people’s God-given, constitutionally guaranteed, unalienable and inherent rights, and is the cause whereby the minority member of society, the immigrant, the stranger, the alien and the widow and the orphan are punished while having done nothing to offend God’s law.

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