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Doors of Lee gulags will swing open, shut apart from TN law

A Bradley County, Tenn., sheriff’s deputy directs traffic. All counties have emergency plans such as this one.and will implement the state’s concentration camp law as Gov. Bill Lee extends the fraudulent CV-19 “pandemic.” (Photo Bradley County sheriff’s department)

Bill Lee is preparing concentration camps according to state law as the governor, acting apart from law and in his personal capacity, expands the state’s revolution against the people and their rights.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The danger of the concentration camps is not that they are allowed in state law at Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68. The danger emanates from a 12-foot gap in the walls, fence or barrier that will be the edge or limit of the facility.

Gov. Bill Lee is in admitted violation of T.C.A. ¶ 68-5-104, and says he is not required to obey the state quarantine and isolation law therein. (Photo governor’s office)

That gap is the concertina wire-topped gate into the camp. The swinging-open and -shut of the gate promises to disregard the due process rights of the people that otherwise limit whom can be ordered into confinement in the pretended Covid-19 pandemic coughing itself upon the state’s 6.8 million people 516 days, since March 12, 2020..

Order No. 83

The executive order directs that “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may be constructed” without the usual rigamarole of building standards.

The provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 68-11-202( c )( 1 )-(8), are hereby suspended to allow for the construction of temporary structures, the plans for which would otherwise be subject to review for new construction, additions, or substantial alterations, as directed by the Commissioner of Health and the Director of TEMA in response to COVID-19; provided, that there shall be inspections of such structures to ensure safety, as necessary. 

“An order to facilitate the continued response to Covid 19,” Aug. 6, 2021, Page 8,

Executive orders apply only to internal government operations, particularly the executive branch of which Gov. Lee is the head. The 9-page order, set to expire no earlier than Oct. 5, 2021, makes other internal adjustments of the hierarchy in the administrative law realm that operates upon licensees and state regulatory subjects.

But Gov. Lee has pretended his executive orders are applicable to members of the general public, those among the people in state of Tennessee, to treat and direct them en masse, apart from lawful authority. Tennessee law, under the constitution as supreme law, requires police power and law operate only upon individual men and women, or children, one at a time and personally.

The Lee executive order loosens requirements for the process to commit people into state custody, allowing “telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases” (¶ 14). The order lets more labs handle the fraudulent PCR tests, which as a matter of law are untenable as any evidence in a court, and cannot be used to diagnose the illness of any person, as established in the lawsuit State of Tennessee ex rel David Tulis vs. Bill Lee, governor, et al.

The law calls the camps quarantine stations.

68-1-202. Quarantine stations.

(a) The commissioner shall select suitable localities for establishing quarantine stations, and may erect necessary temporary buildings for the disinfection of passengers, baggage, cargo and other matter believed to convey the contagious principle of cholera, yellow fever, smallpox and other epidemic diseases, and may enforce the transshipment of passengers as the commissioner may deem necessary.

(b) The commissioner shall assign to the charge of each station a competent physician and necessary assistants, who shall receive such compensation as the commissioner may deem reasonable and just.

In the quarantine statute under tuberculosis, it says this:

68-9-205. Detention facilities.

The department may establish and maintain one (1) or more detention facilities as the commissioner deems appropriate to sufficiently confine all persons who refuse to be examined, treated, isolated or quarantined as provided for by this part.

These facilities are used to those people who refuse to cooperate with health authorities and isolate themselves when contagious.  It is a misdemeanor to violate quarantine in 68-2-203.

Open gates at internment camp

The law forbids anyone’s come under police power except under warrant or court order. Power is vested in an officer or health official only when it can be established — by confession or epidemiologically by a doctor at a hearing — that a person is contagious.

The gates of the gulag open only if a person shoved inside the camp is proven to be ill, and contumacious and unwilling to isolate or adhere to quarantine, a quarantine either agreed to or imposed by an judge’s order.

“Going to court and getting a proper warrant based on facts?” scoffs Arthur Jay Hirsch of Lawerence County. “Forget it. They could care less about facts. In any of these things, the judge can throw out evidence. ‘Well, I don’t accept that.’”

The DA for Lawrence County Brent Cooper has been prosecuting Mr. Hirsch, the Fiddle Man of Lawrence County whose ministry to inmates and shut-ins was ended by the lockdown, for four years over an alleged “traffic offense.”

“I gave a testimony, under oath, of all the injury that has been done to me in this going-on-5-year case. And the judge says that for him to make a decision on the speedy trial violation he would have to hear evidence; so I gave evidence, and he sat there with a smirk and said, ‘Denied. I don’t feel it’s sufficient.’ They can decide whatever they want based on their own preference.”

It’s all arbitrary. Any time you see a movement in that direction —like you said, these camps haven’t been built before. That’s just in preparation. The people need to see what’s happening right in front of them. This is all preparing for more draconian things. 

Supposedly the people who are real sick go into these camps. What if they have a statewide or a nationwide demand that everybody, in order to use the highways, to buy, sell, trade, whatever, has to have proof of vaccination? OK? Now, it’s not going to be just a person showing symptoms who is sick and has to be quarantined. Now it’s going to be people who are disobedient to these unlawful, ungodly mandates. They’re preparing the gulag right in front of us.

Mr. Hirsch says my lawsuit comes from a “very puristic puritanical” position: “Follow the law. Well, they don’t follow the law. What about Title 68? They never followed that. You poured out your soul, your blood, your time on that, and they just thumb their nose at you.”

“To think we’re back in Norman Rockwell America is unrealistic,” Mr. Hirsch says.

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