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City pays $1,000 checks in marketing of Pfizer, other CV-19 test products

Mayor Tim Kelly gives Rachael Bettis a F$1,000 check for her getting an experimental injection that by design turns her body into a spike protein factory — the spike protein being the pathogen behind the erstwhile Covid-19 pandemic. (Photo mayor’s office)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Wednesday, March 9, 2022 — Twenty area people duped by wall-to-wall propaganda into getting the CV-19 jab have collected $1,000 each from city government in its Vax 4 Cash sweepstakes that plays on magical thinking as a leverage to magnify mass irreparable harm in service of public health.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM. 

Mayor Kelly has posed 20 times with the various gulls who are among the 19,000 people who entered the weekly drawing, qualified by proof of “full vaccination.” He takes credit for having made “tough decisions to keep our city safe.”

Mayor Kelly, a Republican pragmatist, is enthusiastic about the city’s role in what Gov. Bill Lee and county health department administrator Becky Barnes (now retired) admit in court filings is a fraud and a breach of the Tennessee communicable health law at T.C.A. § 68-5-104. Mr. Kelly took up the role of promoting the fraud and holding up a show of consistency with the Mayor Andy Berke administration. Mayor Berke and the county mayor, Jim Coppinger, refused to consult the constitution and state law in 2020, and went along in violation of their honest government duties.

Mayor Kelly sought for ways to overcome the good sense of thousands of people against getting the jab, a condition called “vaccine hesitancy.” 

Bribery & cajolery = ‘public entrepreneurship’

Applause for the inoculation of 19,000 people comes rom Christy Gillenwater, president and CEO of Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, who says vaccination is “showing human kindness.” Her business group was silent about the overthrow of local economy and small business starting March 12, 2020, with Gov. Lee’s first emergency decree, and his April 2 “safer at home” penal lockdown of the whole citizenry in state of Tennessee.

“Chattanooga works best when it works together,” says Mayor Kelly in a release, “and I have been thrilled to see our community unite to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our city open for business. While we had to make some tough decisions to keep our city safe, launching this sweepstakes was an easy choice, and serves as a great example of how local governments can engage in public entrepreneurship for the benefit of our residents.”

Dr. Mary Lambert, the city’s director of community health, claims the jab drawings helped participants to get “life-saving vaccinations.” She says the mRNA experimental treatments have reduced “infection numbers” and that the shots target future variants of CV-19. “It’s never too late to take smart steps to defend yourself against the next wave, protecting your health and livelihood — and that of your family and friends — by getting fully vaccinated.”

Bobby Such accepts a F$1,000 check from Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly for entering a federally funded sweepstakes intended to overcome “vaccine hesitancy.” (Photo mayor’s office)


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