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Skip boxcars, send tracers into locomotive when strafing CV-19 tyranny

Armorers bring machine guns and ammo belts to a P-51 fighter during WWII. (Photo U.S. air force)
Tracers from a strafing American fighter flick toward a train in France during WWII.

Ending CV-19 tyranny in your state requires you to focus your fire on the locomotive, not the boxcars trailing after it, as you press the trigger sending tracers out toward the target and your eventual liberation.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The target in any fight to halt CV-19 administrative terror state is the first mistake your state government made.

The target is disobedience to black-letter law by governor and his health commissioner or director in that law that evokes power of quarantine.

Tracers into the engine

The first mistake is the locomotive pulling a supply train. 

If you are in a P-51 Mustang or P-47 Thunderbolt pilot during World War II, racing over the rooftops behind enemy lines, you do what you want and strafe whatever you think has military value for the enemy.

You can send your tracers into passenger cars, boxcars, tanker cars, flatcars mounting an anti-aircraft gun. Or you can send your bullets streaking toward the locomotive, the most valuable and most powerful part of the train.

In using legal remedies to thwart the CV-19 state-based disaster in Tennessee, I am targeting the locomotive behind which are drawn many other violations of the constitution. 

The violations in train include legislating by Gov. Bill Lee and a kudzu blanket of arbitrary and capricious acts and distinctions (“essential” and “nonessential”) in directives and EOs. Don’t executive orders apply only to executive agencies and their staff, and not the people? 

A lawsuit was filed last week demanding that a statute be overturned that appears to let Gov. Lee power to legislate. Here’s a link to the 9-page filing in Davidson County. 

These constitutional offenses are real enough, but exist because of the first mistake in my state.

 For me to have any hope of success, I have to find the very 1st step that is a mistake.

The very Numero Uno goof.

The initial flub.

The starting gate corruption.

And that is the rejection by health commissioner Lisa Piercey in Nashville and Dr. Paul Hendricks in Hamilton County health department of the black-letter law that regulates the process by which a legal determination is made of an epidemic, outbreak, contagion or disease requiring state intervention for the protection of the public. 

Why conflicting mitigation rules?

I am confident Gov. Lee ignored these laws in the panic, and that there is no legal determination made about Sars-Cov2, the name of the underlying condition identified as the cause of the CV-19 symptoms. He made no legal determination because there has been no scientific or medical determination about the condition.

Why the myriad, changing and conflicting mitigation efforts of the virus? Because there is no underlying knowledge about it.

The goal of my proposed action is to establish that the entire admin-terror regime of GOP / Democrat government must be cashiered and junked because it has failed its duties. Its duties are protecting the people in their rights and to uphold their constitutional liberties and prosperity — while at the same time minding public health. It is not lawful to destroy them while saving them. It is illegal. It is a mass tort, a violation of oath of office, a violation of fiduciary duty, a mass crime.

Tyrants in Nashville, and local tyrants and despots such as Jim Coppinger, county mayor, and Andy Berke, Chattanooga mayor, are doing the same thing as Gov. Lee. There is local determination of a disease required of them before they act.

LOCAL obedience to the law. Obedience here. Obedience in Nashville.

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