Legal adviser, court activist Myrland tells how to create a police oversight board

Dave Myrland is a leading critic of the legal system and a defender of justice in tax cases and other sorts of state abuse of the people. He is an author, runs and hosts the YouTube channel, Take From Caesar. In this two-part interview, he tells how citizens can create an authoritative police or official oversight board based on the citizens’ right of arrest in any felony. He also proposes that abuse of law by police officers, state troopers and others are extortion, and can be tried in federal jurisdiction if there is some federal connection to their activity, such as the use of the U.S. mails. He and David Tulis also discuss David’s administrative notice project, with Mr. Myrland calls a good start. Nothing in this interview should be construed as legal advice, except if one imagines we are talking about an alien planet in the courts of which law really does matter. (Courtesy 92.7 NoogaRadio)

Dave Myrland lives in Seattle and is consultant on tax and other criminal matters, though he does not practice law nor give legal advice.


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