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Nailing down last details in whether Gov. Lee obeyed law in TN shutdown

Nurses testing for COVID-19 in Chattanooga, TN
Health department staffers give tests for the CV-19 flu in Chattanooga. (Photo Hamilton County department of health)

I’m trying to nail down whether Gov. Lee and Dr. Lisa Piercey, the health commissioner, have obeyed the law in their shutdown of the Tennessee economy, with billions of dollars in lost business, destroyed shops and eliminated jobs.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Did they operate according to law? Or against law? 

Requests for information from the department of health in Nashville have been ignored, and Monday I renewed my inquiries for documents and answers. What documents has Dr. Piercey made pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. Title 68-1-104, duties of commissioner?

Apart from an unfulfilled request for documents, I ask the following questions and am demanding documents under the health law, which I believe is being largely disobeyed by state government.

1. Has Dr. Piercey produced any reports or documents regarding the CV-19 epidemic under the authority of this title, Title 68? If yes, note question 2.

  2. The commissioner has a duty to 

(2) Make sanitary investigations and inquiries respecting the causes of disease, especially epidemics, the causes of death, effects of employment, habits, localities and circumstances, upon the health of the people; ***

Has Dr. Piercey made a “sanitary investigation[ ]” regarding Covid-19 under this title, and produced a report in obedience to 68-1-104(2)? If so,  I demand this report under open records

3. Has Dr. Piercey made “inquiries respecting the causes of disease,” namely, covid-19 in obedience to 68-1-104(2)? 

4. Has she made any inquiry on “effects of employment, habits, localities and circumstances, upon the health of the people” in obedience to the same provision? If so, I demand production of documents pertaining to her inquiries and conclusions done in obedience to this law.

5. Has Dr. Piercey issued any orders or injunctions since April 1 under any provision of Title 68? If so, I demand details of these cases. If you need clarification of this demand, please contact me and I can narrow it.

6. Has Dr. Piercey declared at any address or any person or human being in the state under a quarantine pursuant to 69-1-201?

7. Has Dr. Piercey exercised her authority under 68-1-104(5) to make a petition to chancery court for an order or injunction?

These are questions for Dr. Piercey I am posing to Bill Christian, Associate Director, Office of Communication & Media Relations in the health department.

If any step is missing, the operation of the governor’s office is illegal, and the injury he has done to the state’s economy unlawful and a violation of his oath of office, and hers.

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