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Gentry says violent courts must be reformed, obey constitution

Candidate John Gentry speaking at a protest in front of the Hamilton County courthouse
John Gentry tells face mask protesters in front of the county courthouse in Chattanooga that protest will get them only a little, and that they should resort to the constitutional right of remonstrance.

John Gentry says he is the first person in the country nation since 1850 to assert his unalienable and indefeasible right to reform government in a petition for remonstrance that was half-heartedly received and recorded in the journals of both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly. — DJT

Candidate John Gentry's letter of remonstrance

In my petition of remonstrance I demanded the following redress of grievances and reforms to be put in place to restore rights of the people, and to restore a proper form of government.

By John Gentry

Proposed Articles of Impeachment against state court judges and high-ranking state officials for crimes committed in office or for unlawfully participating in offices of trust that have unlawfully altered our form of government established in our state constitution.

  • Judge Joe H. Thompson, Cir. Court Judge, Sumner County
  • Judge Joseph A. Woodruff, Cir. Court Judge, Williamson County
  • Judge Amanda McClendon, Cir. Court Judge, Davidson County
  • ALL judges of the Tennessee Court of Appeals
  • Chief Justice Jeffrey S. Bivins, Tennessee Supreme Court
  • Attorney General & Reporter Herbert Slatery III
  • Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives, Tammy Letzler

Reforms demanded

DRUG TESTING OF JUDGES & ATTORNEYS, due to testimony of former disgraced Judge Casey Moreland of judges and attorneys “partying” in Costa Rica, engaging in prostitution and smoking marijuana together, and the Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner, sitting on the bench reeking of alcohol and under the influence of hydrocodone.

LIVE STREAM AND RECORDED COURT PROCEEDINGS MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC, to evidence judicial misconduct and criminal conduct, perpetrated on the bench.

ALL COURTS SHALL BE OPEN, AND THE TENNESSEE COURT OF APPEALS SHOULD NOT CONCEAL THE RECORD FROM PUBLIC ACCESS, to evidence issues on appeal including judicial misconduct and criminal conduct. The Tennessee Court of Appeals, despite being a court of record, conceals from public view Appellant Briefs and other court filings.

LITIGANTS MUST BE ADVISED OF THEIR RIGHT OF DUE PROCESS, In the same basis as stated in opinion of the Supreme Court of the United states in Miranda, litigants must be advised of their right of due process which includes: (1) Right to be heard, (2) Right to Present Evidence, (3) Right to confront adverse witness testimony, (4) Right to fair and impartial court, (5) Right to trial by jury in civil cases and at any time the impartiality of the court is questioned.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL STATUTES GRANTING EMOLUMENT, PROVIDING FALSE IMMUNITIES, AND USURPING RIGHTS ARE VOID. All state statutes that protect judicial and attorney misconduct, and criminal conduct, or that grant special privileges or immunities to judges and attorneys must be made void (repealed).

OVERSIGHT OF THE JUDICIARY MUST BE RESTORED TO THE HOUSE. Judicial oversight is legislative power that has been usurped by the judiciary and must be restored to our legislative houses. The judiciary is incapable of self-government and self-oversight and in self-governing aide and abet rights violations and crimes against the people perpetrated under color of law. The Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct is the fox watching the hen house and must be abolished.

LICENSURE OF ATTORNEYS MUST BE RESTORED TO THE LEGISLATURE & TENN. BD. OF PROF. RESP. ABOLISHED. The Board of Professional Responsibility created by the Tennessee Supreme Court is an unlawful agency used to coerce attorneys holding their license to practice law hostage to prevent them from bringing our corrupt judiciary into disrepute. The Tennessee Supreme Court does not have lawful power to create or administer such an agency.

THE TENNESSEE CODE COMMISSION MUST BE ABOLISHED. This unlawful agency comprised of our Chief Justice, appointees of the Chief Justice, and Attorney General & Reporter establish control over the public acts of our General Assembly and is a violation of separation powers prohibited in Tennessee Constitution, Article II, and also prohibited offices of trust in violation of Article IV, §7.

PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS OF JUDGES MUST BE PUT IN PLACE, Blind surveys mandatory by litigants, court workers, attorneys, members of juries should be put in place. The results of surveys should be made available to the public online and reviewed on a regular basis by the House.

PERSONAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCE DEMANDED, Petitioner, respectfully and humbly requests the state to reimburse him all of his litigation and court costs (including attorney fees paid), incurred in both state and federal courts.

I have looked at the incredible problem of rampant corruption in our courts and legal profession and find that all of these reforms are necessary to restore justice to our people.

The fact that my demands have thus far been ignored, evidence that the judiciary and legal profession are in control of two branches of government but with the people beside me, we shall prevail and the blessings of liberty and justice restored to all.

Humbly stated, my work is as profoundly important as when our forefathers declared independence from Great Britain. LEARN MORE; on Facebook @Gentry4ThePeople &

John A Gentry, CPA, constitutional republican campaigning as independent for a seat in the state senate.

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