Defenders of unborn boys, girls sway hearts at TN university

Students gather to consider human life slain without due process — that of unborn boys and girls — at a university campus in Johnson City, Tenn. (Photo Jane Bullington)

Volunteer Laurice Baddour (center, white sweater) at the steps of a campus building creates an orderly Q&A session amid a tumult at Middle Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tenn. Meanwhile, far right, a professor berates the pro-baby activists. (Photo Jane Bullington)

The hostility of the Academy toward the Citizenry is omnipresent, as we saw at East Tennessee State (ETSU), where tax-funded employees routinely condemn Christian and conservative students for their beliefs and values.

By Fletcher Armstrong / Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, Knoxville

With indisputable facts and unassailable arguments, GAP is a fantastic way to help students wage ideological warfare.  We demonstrate how Christians and conservatives can engage professors and their heavily propagandized classmates with courage and grace.

Dumb blonde.  Diana, a pre-med student, told us that the pressure to conform to leftist ideology is oppressive.  Her “ethics” professor makes fun of her intelligence and her blonde hair.  Note: Only leftist professors may disparage women as dumb blondes.

Pro-choice?  This professor says a doctor shouldn’t be allowed to let his beliefs interfere with his “services.”  In other words, Diana should be forced to perform abortions or lose her license.  How is that “pro-choice”?

Respecting women?  A women’s studies teacher brought his class out to rant against GAP.  After class, CBR volunteer Bill Boyer approached this teacher and asked when he thinks life begins. The man ignored the question and went straight to the ad hominem, “You don’t have the right to tell a woman what she can do with her body because you could never have a baby.”  Bill responded, “I was never a slave owner, so may I not speak against slavery?”  The man exploded in a fit of rage.

Just then a local pastor’s wife joined the discussion.  He launched a cursing verbal assault toward her as well.  So much for respecting women.

A display from Center or Bio-Ethical Reform in Knoxville adorns a campus walkway at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tenn. (Photo Jane Bullington)

We’ll take it from here.  With this teacher now distracted by his own tirade, CBR volunteer Laurice Baddour addressed his class, most of whom were still standing on the library steps.  In her own words:

Holy Fire and Holy Love overcame me, righteous indignation, love, and compassion flooded me, and I took over his class.  To my own surprise (!), my mouth opened, and I called out to the female students, loudly enough to overshadow his voice, “Ladies, I love you!  You are being lied to by this professor, and you’ve been lied to by our culture.”  I immediately corrected each lie, one by one, with truth.  I listed the risks of abortion to their bodies, souls, and relationships.  I shared testimonies of some post-abortive campus peers with whom I had connected. …

The female students became angry, loud, and mob-like — I love mobs — but I called out for order and assured them that each one of their comments and questions would be addressed, one student at a time. Immediately the raging lionesses became sweet li’l lambs, and several began to raise their hands, waiting their turn. The others listened. As God once closed the mouths of the lions in the den where Daniel was thrown, so He closed the mouths of the students, and the accuser of the brethren, who was speaking through the mouth of their professor. After our time of questions, answers, and comments, the class disbanded.  Several of the students came down the steps and shared their personal stories and concerns with me. It was a victory for truth.

And the professor? Well, you’ll have to ask someone else, because I never heard his voice or saw him again.

Common ground

An unexpected friend.  GAP works on many levels.  We of course expose abortion as a horrifying act of violence.  But at the same time, we advance the cause of free speech.  Moreover, we demonstrate how people on both sides of a contentious debate can respectfully advance their arguments.  After speaking with CBR’s Jane Bullington, Noah wrote on his Facebook page:

The conversation was based on mutual respect …  We were able to actually “hear” what the other one had to say.  My concerns were focused mostly on pro-life people not favoring programs that would make life easier for the born people and their apparent vilification of women who have made this tough decision.  Jane talked about the devaluation of human life leading to increased violence and selfishness in our country.  She also said we may want the same “ends” for born people, but have different strategies for arriving at that goal.  Did we come to the same conclusion?  Do I approve of CBR or their tactics?  No on both counts.  But I made a friend and have a greater appreciation for civil discourse.  I am guilty of abrasively engaging in debate and speaking without listening.  Today was different and refreshing.  So, come talk to these folks rather than yell at them.  And I even went back to get a picture with my new pro-life friend.

Thank you for your support!  Only through your prayers and financial investment can we take this message where it most needs to go.


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