307 Hamilton County boys, girls slain; slaves’ descendants wisped away

Boys and girls from Hamilton County, Tenn., have not been used for experiments such as this one by Dr. Lawrence Lawn, seeking to better mankind by experimenting on babies in his British lab, circ. 1970.

Boys and girls from Hamilton County, Tenn., have not contributed to the betterment of mankind by being used in experiments such as this one by Dr. Lawrence Lawn, working in his Cambridge, England, lab, circ. 1970.

We are paying for and even submitting to the dictates of an ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all. The wealth of individuals and of states is being diverted from the development and progress of human expression and civilization.

— Margaret Sanger, 1930s eugenicist who called African Americans

“sub-human” and founded Planned Parenthood

By David Tulis

The number of Hamilton County tots destroyed by government-protected medical practice in 2012 is higher from the year before by a single soul, according to state data.

In 2012 doctors in Knoxville, Nashville and other cities terminated the lives of 307 children whose mothers reside in Hamilton County, Southeast Tennessee’s richest in population. About 345,000 people reside in the county named after Alexander Hamilton, an American founder who favored a mighty national government whose court in 1973 wrote an opinion that Tennesseans understood to prohibit protection of the smallest babies.

The total number of Hamilton County babies destroyed in the past five years:

321 in 2008

346 in 2009

301 in 2010

306 in 2011

307 in 2012

Altogether, that is 1,581 people.

Black, Latino and other nonwhite boys and girls in Hamilton County in this period add up to 485 children.‡ Blacks are 20 percent of the county population, according to the federal census; but nonwhites account for 31 percent of babies terminated. Total “induced terminations” of Tennessee residents for the year are 12,122. Surgeries within the state bucketed 15,859 babies in any of seven clinics that serve a rising clientele of out-of-state mothers.

Most of the babies in question belong to women who by a 5 to 1 ratio conceived them with domestic partners or others outside the bonds of marriage.

Sources and notes

State data is downloadable through “induced termination of pregnancy reports” published by the Tennessee Department of Health’s office of vital statistics.

Dr. & Mrs. J.C. Wilke, Le Livre Rouge de L’Avortement (Paris: Editions France-Empire, 1973, 1971, trans. J. Joba) pp. 112. Image is a screengrab from prolifeinfo.ie, with details in English: “Dr. Lawrence Lawn of Cambridge University’s Department of Experimental Medicine at work experimenting on a living, legally aborted, human foetus. Dr. Lawn was quoted in the Cambridge Evening News as saying ‘we are simply using something which is destined for the incinerator, to benefit mankind. *** [O]f course, we would not dream of experimenting with a viable child. We would not consider that to be right.’”

Elasah Drogin, Margaret Sanger[;] Father of Modern Society (New Hope, Ky.: CUL Publications, 1986, 1979), p. 52

‡ Black and other nonwhite babies from Hamilton County moms destroyed in the past five years: 485

102 in 2008

93 in 2009

89 in 2010

95 in 2011

106 in 2012

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