Gristmill broadcast focuses on Christian rebuilding as tyranny, collapse gain

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The 92.7 FM gristmill broadcast Sundays is named for the power centers of olden times, when free energy from moving waters turned the wheel and the stones to grind the wheat into flour for bread. My show will draw from the best sources of our day to deliver a knockout punch to tyrants and revivify and re-energize people who’ve given up on the church and Christianity itself.
Protesters in New Hampshire have a message that will increasingly resonate as the century’s leading idol — the state — shudders in senility and feels rigor mortis setting in even while its angry heart is still pumping.

My show at 92.7 FM in Chattanooga on Sunday morning starting at 7 will look at the scriptures in the old way and propose that God’s word is a roadmap for His people through days of tyranny, economic disaster, dislocation, righteous judgment, social breakdown — and fresh opportunity.

The idols of the age are failing, and God wants us to see it clearly. As they spit, mumble and rattle the death croak, they will become more terrifying than while in full vigor. The leading idol is the state. Handmaiden deities are “security,” “safety” and paper money credit. But worry not. Fear not, the scriptures advise. As these fall, Christian people will have fresh opportunity for service, wisdom, family, population explosions, private education, self-government and the like. — David Tulis

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