Gays overlook rewards of marriage

A child clings to a parking meter during a protest of state marriage law Saturday at city hall attended by nearly 300 people.

A child clings to a parking meter during a protest of state marriage law Saturday at city hall attended by nearly 300 people.

[Statement by David Tulis, the mild-mannered editor of, a host at Copperhead 1240 AM and a deacon at Brainerd Hills Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga. He and his wife, Jeannette, have four children and reside in Soddy-Daisy.]

“Marriage is a God-ordained institution no less distinct in human culture than the family, the church or civil government. Its defense is the duty of every Christian.

“The children of God have a two-fold duty in the marriage question. First, they must seek marriage as a blessed state and glorify God in its trials, duties, sacrifices and delights; a man must love his wife as Christ loves the church. Secondarily, members of God’s holy church are to confidently and cheerfully resist attacks from muscular interlopers who would destroy its special protected status in law.”

Tulis rejects a statement quoted in Friday’s by city council member Chris Anderson who said, “No one who is going to be at this rally wants to threaten traditional marriage. *** We just want equal treatment under the law.”

“The homosexual sect,” Tulis says, “wants to overthrow marriage as a foundational human institution for one they see as better, the homosexual partnership and groupings of individuals not related by blood whose members call themselves family. Mr. Anderson doesn’t want equal rights. He wants special rights. He is a man who has as much right to marry a woman as I do. Do I have a right to marry a man? No, no right at all. My marrying a man is forbidden in law, in Tennessee law and the law of God. Mr. Anderson and his friends want something outlawed by our elected representatives and by divine law.”

Tulis, who covers local economy and free markets at, says homosexuality is “an impoverishing and decapitalizing phenomenon. It is nonfruitful because it does not create babies, new human life. Homosexuality and homosexual ideology refuse to create human capital. They are culturally and economically parasitic. Homosexuality denies basic biology; a man and wife join together and are beautifully and wonderfully made, but two men do not fit together. Homosexuality and acts of infidelity in marriage share the mistake of insisting on a short-term perspective. They are immediate pleasures and lead to poverty of all forms of capital, both financial and spiritual. They destroy the soul and alienate a man from God. That is why God commands men everywhere to repent of their sins and live clean, holy lives.”

Tulis says homosexuality contradicts “the leading universal legal paradigm of Christianity,” whose tenets “control the every inch of the Earth” and whose laws “are the basis of predictable personal and cultural sanctions by God, who hates all sin and requires that He be loved through Jesus Christ.”

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