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God works by contraries as people suffer CV-19 tyranny

Nurses and medical professionals first bent over to administer PCR tests as part of Gov. Bill Lee’s fraudulent health crisis; now they are enmuscled to poke an experimental vaccine into people in Hamilton County, Tenn., a DNA-altering cocktail intended to target a medical condition for which the state has not yet found an isolate. (Photo health department)

This morning I take comfort in the story of Joseph rescuing God’s people by a working of God’s providence in the affairs of men. I have been working 15 days on a petition for remand, an argument in the court of judge Pamela Fleenor that she reverse herself on two orders dismissing my lawsuit in equity against Gov. Bill Lee for his overthrow of the constitution and his creation of the Tennessee medico-terror state.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Does this labor fit into God’s plan? Should I fight on, even though the system is dead set against all the righteousness and truth I demand it accept? Is the lawyer who warned me I am “wasting my time” right? What is God’s will for me? How best to serve him? 

We today are at the head of new misadventure in government, with overthrow and administrative consolidation being the watchwords. I predict 20 years of state terror under the thesis of viral threat. Since 2000 it’s been Muslim terrorism. Since 2020, the terrorism threatening us is internal to every citizen, every American, and we are all suspects.

Billionaire depopulationist Bill Gates promises viruses and contagions are coming that are worse than the erstwhile Covid-19, the appearance of which prompted governments to collapse their economies and overthrow almost all liberties. “This pandemic is bad, but a future pandemic could be 10 times more serious,” he says in Entrepreneur in a Jan. 28 post.

‘Particular care’ of his people

I am in court to insist on respect of Tennessee’s supreme law, and on obedience to its escripturated legislative enactments in Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, the main law dealing with contagions, epidemics, quarantine and isolation (102 key words that Gov. Lee pretends he can ignore so he can operate under “emergency” excuses).

Chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor, right, appears to know little about the role of equity, and so has harshly treated State of Tennessee ex rel David Tulis in her court for the past 127 days. (Photo Pamela Fleenor on FB)

God has fit me for this legal fight, already 127 days in court, and I believe I would battle with the Midianites even I had only a single armor bearer to accompany me. In my seeking edification this morning in the word, I came across a review of God’s providence in Matthew Henry’s commentary about Joseph’s revealing of himself to his brothers, and his speech regarding the care God has for his people.

The account in Genesis 45 is marvelous, and here Henry brings to the fore how God works “by contraries” and who, being outside of time, arranges for all things to occur according to his sovereign plan. 

The eyes in the wheels

God’s Israel is the particular care of God’s providence. Joseph reckoned that his advancement was not so much designed to save a whole kingdom of Egyptians as to preserve a small family of Israelites: for the Lord’s portion is his people; whatever becomes of theirs, they shall be secured. Providence looks a great way forward, and has a long reach. Even long before the years of plenty, Providence was preparing for the supply of Jacob’s house in the years of famine. The psalmist praises God for this (Ps. 105:17 ): He sent a man before them, even Joseph. God sees his work from the beginning to the end, but we do not, Eccl. 3:11

How admirable are the projects of providence! How remote its tendencies! What wheels are there within wheels, and yet all directed by the eyes in the wheels, and the spirit of the living creature! Let us therefore judge nothing before the time. 3. God often works by contraries. The envy and contention of brethren threaten the ruin of families, yet, in this instance, they prove the occasion of preserving Jacob’s family. Joseph could never have been the shepherd and stone of Israel if his brethren had not shot at him, and hated him; even those that had wickedly sold Joseph into Egypt yet themselves reaped the benefit of the good God brought out of it; as those that put Christ to death were many of them saved by his death. 4. God must have all the glory of the seasonable preservations of his people, by what way soever they are effected. It was not you that sent me hither, but God, v. 8. As, on the one hand, they must not fret at it, because it ended so well, so on the other hand they must not be proud of it, because it was God’s doing, and not theirs. They designed, by selling him into Egypt, to defeat his dreams, but God thereby designed to accomplish them. Isa. 10:7 , Howbeit he meaneth not so.

Matthew Henry commentary, Genesis Chapter 45

‘Trains my hands for war’

I trust there are people who pray for me. I know there are. Some of them have put money into my GoFundMe page, and already the amount for my succor is at F$4,509. This money comes to me personally, as I have thrown myself onto God’s mercy to keep me afloat in my purse while I devote hours and days and weeks to studying and making war in court — and not earning commissions in sales for the radio station.

Yesterday I awoke at 4:30 a.m. and worked until about 8 on my next effort in court, trying to get the attention of Judge Fleenor as to true equity and the true use of mandamus as a remedy to compel obedience to the law. The petition has to account for every single thing she argues over 16 pages in her order of dismissal. She says I don’t have standing. She says I don’t make a claim for which relief may be granted. She says I have suffered no harm from anything Gov. Lee has done. She says I filed in the wrong court. 

This battle drains me away from business, but in it God “trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle” Psalm 144:1.

The result of this fight is entirely in God’s hands, and will accomplish his purposes, though I see them not, though I cannot divine but one or two of them. 

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Time to fight

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