Cash boosts local economy, avoids ID hacks, Winsett says

Paying cash helps put more liquidity into local economy.

Paying cash helps put more liquidity into local economy.

By David Tulis

Local economy is safe. Local economy is paying cash to people you know.

National economy is not safe. Its chain stores swipe your plastic card into a reader and set you up for unwanted excitement. Thirteen million people a year are victims of identity theft.

A cash economy is local, personal and private. Cash doesn’t create an online data stream about your commercial relationship. It doesn’t operate on a high-tech platform susceptible to hackers and the third-party snoop. Cash works. It’s simple. It registers immediately when changing hands. No kite tail in the accounting.

Yes, David, I‘d like to read the rest of your essay.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream; thanks to Hot News Talk Radio 1240

Currency is a friend of local economy. Credit cards are an enemy. A 19-minute chat with Jim Winsett of BBB of Chattanooga.


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