I win cockroach war with local economy, bottom-up methods

This cockroach, covered with speckles of diatomaceous earth, wriggles in death agony on my kitchen floor as I go all-natural in fighting pests. The white powder covering his body also is sprinkled against the floorboard in the background. (Photo David Tulis)

Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress tree, and instead of the briar shall come up the myrtle tree.

— Isaiah 55:13a

I am winning a war on cockroaches in my house using the same tactics as in my administrative notice project, ones that seek to undo police enforcement practices so familiar among victims that hardly a soul sees them as wrong or even illegal.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

I’m using diatomaceous earth, a clean and natural non-chemical product, to wreck their kingdom under my countertops in the family kitchen in a Soddy-Daisy house.

This filthy race had exploded in population recently. Its representatives were scurrying in the dark of night across counters, drying dishes and loaves of bread in a straw basket next to the toaster.

I buy two bags of diatomaceous earth to treat my bug problems; cost, about F$30 plus tax. (Photo David Tulis)

Jeannette, my wife, finally got my attention about the problem. I opted initially for a treatment by an exterminating company that, even with a Groupon price cut, was valued more than F$120.. But that treatment was not effective. In my new battle, I determine to take matters into my own hands and give the time to the problem it deserves.

This Saturday I continued a major cleaning of the kitchen and discovered in a far back area of shelf space under-the-counter the source of this evil civilization’s nourishment. Old cans of Y2K-era food and products such apple cider powder that had not fallen under human gaze since that time.

Clearing all that cider and hot chocolate powder below and cleaning counters and cabinets made a great start, with a son’s help.

My chief weapon is two four-pound bags of diatomaceous earth (F$30 plus tax at Holcomb’s in Fort Oglethorpe), which is a very fine powder that is deadly for pests. This talcum powder-like earth is made up of the remains of prehistoric plankton, and is bad for bugs because of sharp exoskeletons which are harmless to people and slightly sticky, but ruinous to the bodily integrity of cockroaches and ants.

I spread this powder all around my kitchen. The natural preservative is one we used to preserve the family breadmaking enterprise’s wheat berries and stored rice, and so is not injurious to human health, though one is advised not to breathe in the powder if a cloud forms.

Small solution — or big?

Diatoms work with a thousand cuts, and I avoid having to use fatal blasts of gas or poison.

It is a small solution rather than a big solution; it is a lococentric solution into which the cockroach strides, rather than a bombardment from above from a nozzle. Local economy in pest control, one could say.

It is like my transportation administrative notice project which recognizes no top-down solution for a continuing pattern of abuse by police, troopers and deputies against the poor, blacks, immigrants, and everybody else.

TAN works from the bottom up. It works on the individual officer. TAN works city by city, county by county, traffic stop by traffic stop, informing the individual officer that he had better not tread carelessly against the rights of the people who are traveling freely on the roads. TAN works by making the officer aware of a legal distinction in the statue between transportation and travel.

He has authority as a transportation enforcer to enforce transportation laws. But he does not have authority to force the commercial transportation law upon people who are not involved in commercial transportation. Period.

The David Tulis show is 1 p.m. weekdays, live and lococentric.

That would be people such as Cameron “C-Grimey” Williams, Marie Mott, Keela Jackson, Eleanor Woods of the NAACP, Demetris Coonrod on city council, hospital worker Anthony Gladden in whose car Mrs. Coonrod was seized, and thousands and thousands of other people in Chattanooga and Hamilton County who are private users of the road only, not transporting goods or people in cars or trucks for hire.

Relying on oath of office, notice of law’s limits

TAN works from the bottom up, like diatomaceous earth on pests. It works through the oath of office, upon the individual person of the officer, and secures that officer from violating the rights the people. An officer is personally liable to the traveling member the public if he violates that person’s rights.

The reform works from the bottom up because a top down-reform is impossible and without constituency or support. Traffic arrest and transportation stop protocols of the sort I propose are not subject to reform from the legislature, the supreme court, or the governor’s office.

These bodies agree with in a legal fiction. That legal fiction, as I have called it on the authority of legal experts such as Lon Fuller, is that there is no right to travel. The fib holds that there is no right to move from Point A to Point B by car or truck come unless it is under license and through the state’s permission and taxing authority. This is a lie and abuse that the Tennessee high courts assert by rejecting proper appeals and petitions from criminal defendants such as Arthur J. Hirsch of Lawrence County. He made the case for reform better than anyone in the past 80 years, but the supreme court lawyers refused to grant petition for writ of certiorari.

Since the system cannot be reformed from the top down, TAN proposes a bottom-up solution.

Local economy method in seeking justice

Rather than have an expensive exterminating company come and treat my house, I propose to do it myself at the ground level, with my own cleaning and my own laying down of an all-natural remedy, the slicing crystals of diatomaceous earth.

Eventually the invasion of cockroaches will cease as all the cockroaches come into contact with the earth as they trundle over its white granules and end up losing all their bodily fluids in a dark corner behind my dishwasher.

My problem is gone. The cockroaches are deceased. They have been drained of their life.

In the same way, I propose that transportation administrative notice works one officer at a time, one traffic stop at a time, one police state victim at a time whom I hope will assert his rights vis a vis the state actor and insist on his due process p

What could be more natural than appealing to the officer’s oath, his vow to uphold the constitutional liberties of the people, enter act in good faith, both in enforcing law properly, and in respecting the citizen in his personal integrity and his property rights?

My notice project appeals to the honor and integrity of the officer, his humanity, his sympathy for members of the public whom he has sworn to protect.

Under transportation administrative notice, cities and counties will once again allow free movement of people, goods and services outside the transportation statue, if those users of the road are not carrying those goods or people for hire on the road as commercial vehicles whose primary place of business is the road itself.

With TAN, as with my cockroach war, we’ll see a sunshine once again, and clear, open passageways and venues.

For more about police reform and right to travel

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