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City to back ‘action plan’ in chasing ‘green’ dollars, drawing all to clean zero

Mayor Tim Kelly, and city council member Darrin Ledford give a proclamation to Randi Haynes, a downtown alliance worker who assisted a woman give birth on Broad Street, a mercy out of keeping with the city’s green agenda that views young life as a problem to be abated. (Photo mayor’s office)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. March 27, 2023 – The city council supports Mayor Tim Kelly’s “Climate Action Plan” to pursue federal subsidies under the erstwhile climate emergency that affects local weather.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

We await results of a Tuesday vote. The council’s resolution cites government’s earlier commitments to “proactive planning and leadership in sustainability” including a 2009 Chattanooga Climate Action Plan, its role in the U.S. department of energy’s Better Buildings Challenge and figuring in a 2020 “regional resilience report.”

The resolution contains two references suggesting that the action plan is intended to impress not the voters but remote people and parties. The triple “look-at-me” city is “poised to establish itself as a regional and national leader” in “growing the ‘green’ economy of the future” with an “international reputation.” The city intends to be “a leader in the green economy.” 

The resolution says natural resources are “a major driver of economic activity, and an essential resource for the health and well-being” of the citizenry.

It alleges “extreme weather events such as droughts and wildfires, record rainfall, damaging winds and tornadoes, and extreme temperatures” and says they have “become more common and more destructive.” and that weather “widen[s] the disparities” among Chattanoogans (evidently among black-white, rich-poor, queer-normal, travelers-drivers, old-young).

A key point is that the plan “will enable *** access the billions of dollars in federal, state, and private funding” that will pay for “climate change, sustainability, and resilience” programs.

1. Chattanooga will reduce disparities among socially and economically vulnerable communities;

2. Chattanooga will become a net zero-carbon community;

3. Chattanooga will become a zero-waste community;

4. Chattanooga will build a more sustainable city;

5. Chattanooga will preserve and improve natural resources integrity; and

6. Chattanooga will be a leader in the green economy.

These promises are a form of “notice” to residents and domiciliaries in Chattanooga, effectively a warning about their future envelopment in a global technocratic world order, a Southeast Tennessee beacon of same. 

The vote on the resolution says the council “adopts” the plan. The vote is pure theater; the council really has no veto power, as the plan is not an ordinance. Resolution = opinion. The plan operates in the administrative realm of the city’s executive branch, and within the area of soft-law policy.

It strongly suggests that government functions, as viewed from the Tennessee code annotated, have gone private, and are the personal fiefs of the major players, some of the highly visible in public office

Another ‘emergency’

The outlook for global elites gets grimmer by the weak as more people grow alarmed at what they have in store for the proles who are common American working people and taxpayers.

They have soaring language and powerful concepts about organization, capitalism, efficiency, inclusivity and the like. But their system relies on central bank fiat currency and credit, and they are responsible for a debt overhang in the hundreds of trillions among many sectors, debt in default except not in the record as defaulted. The banking system is failing, and default on many fronts is just ahead – even as tyranny and ambitious project such as federal biosecurity and federal central bank digital currency seem to be sure things in the immediate near future.  

Kelly has bought into the global elite agenda, the planning theories, the economic development scam not of prosperity, but of managed trade, managed business, managed industry, managed growth, managed capitalism. Ultimately it will prove a dead end, and that proof may come into view during his four-year term.

The Kelly plan has very little local in it, nothing personal, nothing distinctly from Tim Kelly or anyone on his staff. It is a formula with local add-ins pertaining to local geographics and the city budget. 

City council members, in all likelihood, are hugely impressed by all the dashboarding of the plan (creation of inventory and control dashboards) and its noble goals of “zero carbon emissions.” But its members are too long in office, too agreeable to communitarian philosophy, too awed of state and federal connections. They are too little impressed by the counterargument implied in Christianity, which claims too few constituents have carried to them.

Council as conspirator

Fads, rages, popular opinions, trends come to their ends. The green religion will show itself bankrupt and immoral, dehumanizing, de-localizing, desacrilizing, centralizing of the big, empowering of the mighty. The CV-19 emergency was an environmental project promising population reduction long term. The disaster was intended, funded and planned at both ends. The release of the updated flu virus weaponized by Ralph Baric, and all the mitigation, including the jabs.

The project, as Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt have reported, is a military act of war against the people (and its own soldiers) top to bottom, with Pfizer and other manufacturers mere windowdressing to maintain the pretense that the inoculation project is a vaccine seeking to stop a public health crisis.

If city council is willing to harm the people connected with the city unto death by participating in CV-19 disaster,, they certainly can be expected to further public health by pursuing Mayor Kelly’s “climate action plan,” with its zero-sum project harms not stated.

To date, the lethal delivery in Chattanooga of “prototype demonstrations” has taken 108,000 lives statewide and imposed 1.3 million adverse effects and injuries, tens of thousands of them unreported and debilitating. The Hamilton County health department makes no report about these harms as they are viewed as misinformation and likely to reduce uptake of masks and shots, though Gov. Bill Lee ended the emergency in November 2021.

City council has long been under notice of these harms by members of the press – namely, me – and counts them as nothing on which it must be “on awares,” pursuant to the legal rules of notice, of harms in process, and harms future.

Public notice by ‘climate action plan’

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