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Lee frets over lethal injections for inmates as 104,000 in TN dead from CV jab

Gov. Bill Lee, sixth helmet from left, joins others in a photo op in Jackson, where a manufacturer is building a plant. (Photo governor’s office)

Gov. Bill Lee is not concerned about violating state law to impose on the population lethal Covid injection, but he is so concerned about missteps in lethal injections for capital punishment he is announcing a fix.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The governor is announcing “several decisive actions” at the Tennessee Department of Correction to secure obedience to death protocols. He released a report about the problems in the department.

His illegal injection program for CV-19, also known as Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2, has taken 104,000 lives and brought more than 1.137 million reportable injuries to the FDA’s vaccine adverse event reporting system, or VAERS.

“I have thoroughly reviewed the findings in the independent investigator’s report and am directing several actions to ensure the Tennessee Department of Correction adheres to proper protocol,” Gov. Lee says. “We are proactively sharing both the third-party report and my administration’s next steps to ensure continued transparency for the people of Tennessee.”

Gov. Lee fought the state of Tennessee, on relation, 747 days in court to defend himself over findings in a lawsuit that he is violating the infectious disease law at T.C.A. § 68-5-104. My petition for equity and writ of mandamus demands at the very least a show cause hearing for him to explain himself and to come into compliance with state law that he is charged in the constitution with administering.

The commissioner serving Gov. Lee when he declared a state of emergency March 12, 2020, was Dr. Lisa Piercey. His current agent in the department of health is Dr. Ralph Alvarado. Neither appear to be aware that they are liable for performance of the law, and are like their master in breach of oath and office.

The law requires Gov. Lee and his subordinates to make a determination of the agent of contagion. His state of emergency is illegal and fraudulent because it has no basis in law, no warrant, legal rationale or nonfraudulent exigency. The so-called coronavirus vaccination project has been determined in recent reporting to be a federal government military project. My deadline to file appeal with the U.S. supreme court is Jan. 17. My case appears to be one of first impression for the court; all other cases in which CV-19 has figured appear to agree there is a legal basis for state-centric mitigation and emergency, claims denied in my case, which is premised on the infectious disease law as the starting point for any and all governmental activity.

According to a Lee statement, “Upon launching the independent investigation in May, Lee issued temporary reprieves for five executions scheduled to take place in 2022. The Tennessee Supreme Court will be responsible for setting new execution dates after the governor’s reprieves expire.”

Alarming birth data

Tennessee health data is not available. But the jab around the world is ruining the lives of millions preventing millions of boys and girls from being born healthy and alive.

Global birth dearth is striking Germany. What about Tennessee?

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