Gardenhire rejects self-defense rights, kills ‘constitutional carry’

Todd Gardenhire rejects an effort to recognize the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. (Photo WPLN)

Sen. Todd Gardenhire rejects an effort to recognize the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. (Photo WPLN)

Sen. Todd Gardenhire, a republican, is on the ballot for re-election. He scarcely deserves your notice, even though his Democrat opponent, Khristy Wilkinson, is no doubt worse than he.

We have indicated that he is incompetent as our representative to the general assembly.

By David Tulis / AM 1240 Hot News Talk Radio

But insofar as he represents the state to us, he’s highly competent.

Here’s what I mean. Sen. Gardenhire is elected by voters in his district to represent them to the state and against the state. He is supposed to represent their interests to it. But once taking office, the holder typically makes a 180 degree turn. His fidelity and faith are no longer to the people. Their interests are less and less his own.

His goal finally is to represent the state and its interests, its security, its funding, its claims over the dependencies and needs of the people, its welfare and peace.

Important grievance

Sen. Gardenhire in his term in the senate has done little to further the interests of constitutional government and its obligation to protect the constitutionally protected rights the citizens of what our charter calls a “free state.”

He has spent much of his time tinkering with the machinery of socialism in the area of public schools and universities.

But Sen. Gardenhire killed constitutional carry this year. In a March 8 senate judiciary committee vote, he refused to raise a finger in favor of constitutional carry, so that the measure might be considered by the full senate. The 4-4-1 vote after 45 minutes of debate shut down the measure that would have recognized the constitutionally protected right of Tennesseans to carry, own and wear arms as a matter of right.

Constitutional carry would have overturned laws written against black people to keep them away from lethal weapons. The statute is unconstitutionally vague and void, but is enforced in practice. It prohibits anyone from carrying a weapon “with the intent to go armed” (TCA 39-17-1307), unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon.

Despite guarantees in the federal constitution, Tennessee government lords it over the people, outlawing weaponry totally, but creating exceptions and defenses to owning or moving firearms.

Sen. Gardenhire on this count and others should be quietly overlooked in early voting today and that Nov. 8.

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