Pro-lifers urge Rep. Greene to back personhood plan

A car pulls in at Feminist Women’s Health Atlanta, the people inside greeted with truthful directional signs. (Photo Jason Cantrell)
Nearby along the road to Feminist Women’s Health Center, protesters line a boulevard in Atlanta. (Photo Bobby McCreery)
A parking lot in front of the abortuary in Augusta, Ga., is full July 21. (Photo Stephen Smith)
Amber Snipes at Seneca Choices for Life in Columbus, Ga., holds a tyke. (Photo Seneca Choices for Life)
This sign on the door of the Augusta abortion clinic insists on cash payments, with no change. (Photo Stephen Smith)
A woman visitor in front o an abortion clinic in Georgia talks to a missionary for the unborn. (Photo Jason Cantrell)
Signs greet patients at Preferred Women’s Health Center in Augusta. (Bobby McCreery)

Georgia Right to Life and NWGA GOP leaders are calling on U.S. Rep. Marjorie Greene to support the Georgians Ending Abortion plan to push for a personhood amendment in Atlanta.

By Abigail Darnell

Pro-lifers want Gov. Brian P. Kemp, a Republican, to convene a special session to upgrade the constitution with recognition of the personhood of the unborn child.

Keith Cochran protests outside Cartersville Courthouse during a Georgians Ending Abortion Rally, urging Gov. Brian Kemp and Republicans to secure rights of babies in the constitution. (Photo Abigail Darnell)

“Although Georgia’s incremental Heartbeat law is in effect, abortions are still being committed. There is not yet justice for all innocent pre-born children. Now is the time for bold, godly leadership. It would be an egregious mistake to let this opportunity pass us by or accept anything less than the God-given unalienable right to life and equal justice.”

The state constitutional amendment would provide protection and equal justice for pre-born children, who continue to be slaughtered at clinics in Columbus, Augusta and Atlanta.

The amendment would add a sentence: “This State shall recognize the paramount right to life of all human beings as persons at any stage of development from fertilization to natural death.” 

Signers of the letter include: Abigail Darnell, Vice President, Georgia Right to Life; Brant Frost V, 1st Vice President, Georgia Republican Assembly; Colton Moore, state senator-Elect District 53; Joanna Hildreth, Chairwoman, Catoosa GOP; Jennifer Tudor, Chairwoman, Chattooga GOP; Tony Abernathy, Chairman, Murray GOP; Dianne Putnam, Chairwoman, Whitfield GOP; Keith Cochran, President, Northwest Georgia Right to Life; Javid Ona, Education Director, Georgia Right to Life; Ryan Sewell, former GRL staffer 

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