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10 cops decked as liars by Chief Murphy identified

Cops promoted in 2019 join in a group photo, from left: Sgt. A. Lopez; Sgt. Zach Fuller, taken off criminal cases at the orders of Chief Celeste Murphy for lying; Lt. J. Carpenter; Sgt. J. Holmes; and Sgt. E. Craw in 2019. (Photo CPD)
Chattanooga police officer Celtain Batterson is on desk duty for lying and being an unreliable witness, jeopardizing prosecutions by DA Neal Pinkston. (Photo CPD)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Aug. 18, 2022 — Ten cops known for lying are on desk duty in the police department as their new chief warns the code of honor and integrity in their ranks no longer includes perjury.

By David Tulis/ NoogaRadio network

Meanwhile a deputy in Bradley County gets his comeuppance from below for violating the rights of members of the public. Curtis Wayne Collier is filing a lawsuit in federal court after being mauled by a police dog in an arrest by the Bradley sheriff’s department.

Greg Stroud, Chattanooga police officer taken off criminal cases for lying

Chief Celeste Murphy blacklists 10 cops after an inquiry by the federal department of justice, whose staff attorneys demanded to know the names of officers with forked tongues.

The officers are Sgt. Bobby Adams, Sgt. Zach Fuller, officers Jonathan Adams, Charles Ballard (big in drug raids), Celtain Batterson, Michael Hogsed, Michael Keef, Zach Smith, Gregory Stroud and Jerrell Wolff, according to people who’ve seen the list circulating at the courthouse in Chattanooga.

Citizens, fellow officers and prosecutors, says Chief Murphy, require “full confidence that officers who investigate crimes, apprehend suspects, and testify in court uphold the highest standards of integrity. It is unacceptable that a case could be jeopardized due to an integrity issue with an officer who was found to have previously misrepresented the truth or filed a false report.”

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Chief Murphy’s cleaning house gets rid of a distinction between misrepresentation and untruthfulness. “Moving forward all sustained allegations relating to a lack of truthfulness now result in immediate termination,” the chief says.

Mayor Kelly chose Murphy as chief for a reform spirit that arises from her having had a family member perish in police custody. She had a police career in Atlanta before coming to Chattanooga.

Mayor Kelly suggested on the campaign trail he intends to pare police customs and usages that are actual abuses, despite their general acceptance by officers, the courts and the city council, who has been put on administrative notice about at two such wrongs by this reporter.

U.S. policing is known worldwide for its savagery, its militarism and its near total immunity from liability for killings, beatings and theft. In major cities police operate as a taxpayer-funded gang, running drugs and preying on travelers as if highwaymen. In small towns, cops and deputies rule as against a fief, and with support of courts and councils extort travelers by speed trap.

“Officer testimony is critical to a prosecutor’s ability to present evidence that would lead to a proper verdict and bring those responsible for committing a crime to justice,” the chief says.

Says Robin Flores, an attorney who files many civil cases against police: “This is a big thing, it’s no minor thing. *** That is a bad sign if you’ve got 10 cops hiding evidence or alleged to hide evidence. That shows there is a deeper problem.”

Gnashing of K-9 teeth

Curtis Wayne Collier, chewed by police dog at burglary scene

Bradley deputy Eduardo Choate had no reason to believe Mr. Collier posed a threat April 28, 2021, as officer Choate  was involved in the arrest of six young people.

The claim, filed first in Bradley circuit court and transferred to U.S. district court in Chattanooga, says the dog’s teeth slashed veins and arteries, causing Mr. Collier to bleed profusely and endure at least two surgeries. 

His arm remains “deficient in blood circulation, musculature, form and strength,” says the complaint. 

Mr. Collier, who was arrested during a burglary at a Cohulla Road SE barn, was airlifted by copter to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga. 

The count is for excessive force and negligence, and alleges the practice is policy because Sheriff Steve Lawson praised Officer Choate’s actions and those of the dog.

The 42 U.S.C. 1983 civil liberties harm case demands F$850,000 in damages, with lawyer B. Thomas Hickey Jr. handling the legal work. 


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