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Pharmacists urged drop ‘morning-after’ pill, save lives

Abigail Darnell explains conception and how the “morning-after” pill acts as an abortifacient. (Photo North Georgia Right to Life)

DALTON, Ga., Thursday, March 10, 2022 — Northwest Georgia Right to Life has announced an online petition aimed at removing the abortifacient ‘morning after’ pill from Dalton pharmacies. The no-exceptions pro-life group asserts that the primary purpose of the pill is to end the life of a newly created human being and urges pharmacy owners to “take abortion off the shelves.”

By Abigail Darnell 

Launched just days before National Women’s Day, the petition states the abortifacient pill perpetuates sexual abuse by “concealing those who would exploit women and girls in our community.”

“The vulnerable women and children of our community deserve better. We want a city that is safe for women and their pre-born babies. We urge all those who value human life to sign the petition,” said Jason Cochran, Northwest Georgia Right to Life spokesman.

The petition was formally announced at the Mack Gaston Community Center following a lecture given by recently retired Ob/Gyn Dr. Brian Glass. The petition has received the endorsement of several community leaders. 

Dianne Putnam, the chairman of the Whitfield County Republican Party, said, “I fully support this petition because life begins at conception.”

Contradictory definitions

Dr. Brian Glass rebuts claims by Planned Parenthood that the morning-after pill “does not cause an abortion” and merely “prevents” pregnancy. (Photo Abigail Darnell)

Planned Parenthood on its website claims, “The morning-after pill does not cause an abortion… It doesn’t end a pregnancy, it prevents one.”

At the heart of the controversy is the definition of when pregnancy begins. 

The rights of unborn boys and girls come into view in a talk by Dr. Brian Glass. (Photo Abigail Darnell)

Biologists for many years have acknowledged that human life begins at fertilization (the uniting of sperm and egg). But the abortion industry, and the in vitro fertilization industry maintain that pregnancy does not begin until the blastocyst implants in the uterine wall, usually five to ten days after fertilization. Both pro-life and pro-abortion advocates use the term conception, but the former mean fertilization, while the latter mean implantation.

This is about what you would expect in our day of pseudo-science where men can be pregnant and the definitions of “immunity” and “vaccine” change with the wind.

The Mayo Clinic, however, admits the ‘morning after’ pill can cause a “miscarriage” or a dangerous ectopic pregnancy. 

“In the simplest of terms, the “morning after pill” is an over-the-counter, do-it-yourself abortion: the murder of the unborn, on sale now at your friendly neighborhood pharmacy. Christians and all who cherish life should strenuously oppose its sale and availability in Dalton and beyond,” said Reagan Marsh the Pastor of Reformation Baptist Church.

Pharmacists reject abortifacient

Northwest Georgia Right to Life also launched an open letter of gratitude to the nine pharmacists that do not carry the ‘morning after’ pill on their shelves: 

“As a resident and shopper in Northwest Georgia I want to express my gratitude to you on behalf of the vulnerable and voiceless. I hope you will continue to use your position to value innocent human life from fertilization to natural death.” 


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