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County jabs tiny babies as global infertility, injuries soar

Covid jab promoter Mayor Tim Kelly, under moof at left, and his wife, Ginny, make a social call in Chattanooga. (Photo mayor’s office)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., July 3, 2022 — Our local officials have such a low view of the public that they have refused their duty twice in matters of public health.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

No. 1, they participated illegally in and refused to block, stop or bar the house arrest of the citizenry and the shutdown of the economy in March 2020 with disastrous tagalong consequences breaching the constitutional protections of the people.

No. 2, they assisted in an admitted government-led fraud to market for the pharmaceutical industry and its top profit-makers such as Pfizer their toxic drugs. Hamilton County municipal corporate government has put the CV-19 needle into arms 504,725 times, nearly 433,000 doses into arms of county residents. Thanks to intense propaganda and pleadings to fear, 44 percent of county residents are “fully vaccinated.”

Since December 2020 local political elites committed to the Covid-19 inoculations in agreement with the federal government and the drug industry. Despite notice of press reports for months, local officials refuse to shut down the jabs program in the county.

It’s not clear how much harm must be done before the program is ended in the interest of public health.

Local officials include county mayor Jim Coppinger, Chattanooga mayor Tim Kelly, local municipal mayors whose job is to not rock the boat, and city councils such as that in East Ridge and Collegedale, and the county commission led by Sabrena Smedley, who ran for county mayor. They also include Sheriff Jim Hammond, protector of the courts and of the peace, set to be replaced by chief deputy Austin Garrett, and county medical examiner Dr. James K. Metcalfe. ‡ His job is to investigate all unusual and sudden deaths such as those evident in global media among young sports players, TV news readers, officials and others, who fall to the floor, dead or at death’s door. 

Mayor Kelly and the chamber of commerce have pushed the jabs, “stepping up to help keep our community safe,” as Mr. Kelly said in September. “Getting Chattanooga vaccinated is essential to our city’s economic recovery and that’s exactly what the Healthy Chattanooga Coalition is organized to encourage.”

Said Dr. David Bruce, on Mayor Coppinger’s Covid-19 task force, the arrival of the jab Dec. 14, 2020 “is more like a ball of sunshine in the sky. It’s way more than a glimmer. It’s the beginning of the end as Winston Churchill said. And it definitely is the beginning of the end.”

2 wrongs make a right?

The first wrong was their ignoring of Tennessee Code Ann. § 68-5-104, which requires a determination to be made as to the agent of contagion in any locally perceived epidemic. That determination, a ministerial duty, was not done. Reports and documentary evidence indicate that no determination is made because one cannot make one.

Covid-19 is a military genetic code delivery system in the nature of a chemical or a biological weapon. Trademark and patent expert Dr. David Martin describes the coronavirus-delivered coding as being a “replication defective clone.” The so-called pandemic is run by governments and elite global groups as a control grid upon national populations worldwide, with local officials appearing none too wise about extensive reporting on platforms such as, and this site, and research about the CV-19 and its intentionally toxic inoculative remedy.

Gov. Bill Lee, with the chief justice Jeff Bivins in tow in 2020, overthrew the constitutionally ordered form of government with its limits on state military and police powers. As my lawsuit for a writ of mandamus against him describes it, he lacks a “nonfraudulent exigency” or warrant or lawful cause to impose a state of emergency with his executive orders starting with No. 14 on March 12, 2020.

The second wrong is one we’re seeing now. That is local officials’ participation in a reckless and untested jab’s program for the unknown toxic content delivery system of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and other drugmakers. 

How much harm has to be done according to national data and even state data, before the officials will say “stop”? Given the jab has already taken the lives of more than 800 Tennesseans, I anticipate the death count will have to reach the tens of thousands before the harm is ordered to desist.

No watchdogs amid global disaster

Where is the vigilant press to bring up these questions and put pressure on public officials? Where is the Times Free Press, where I worked 24 years as a copy editor? Where are Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC with their local affiliates? What about the work at, the oldest news website in Tennessee with a conservative outlook and readership? My own press platforms — NoogaRadio 96.9 FM and TNtrafficticket —comprise a fifth of local media news outlets, with this website directed at a tiny minority of “people who matter” — again, not a large number. 

This reporter dogged Mrs. Smedley with several questions whether the county is monitoring safety in its role in the drug experiment. She refuses to supply answers. As I had suspected, no safety data is being collected, and health officials are willing to consider death in bizarre circumstances to be of natural causes, and illnesses in the context of shots be of undetermined cause.

The harms unreported from the FDA-”authorized” shots are telling a noisy story around the world.

Men, women sterilized — births plunge 

From the beginning it has been known the CV-19 shot spike proteins do not stay in the arm, but migrate throughout the body, most aggressively to ovaries. Studies indicate sperm counts among men who got the jab are down 25 percent, as also motility (movement) of sperm. (See “New peer-reviewed study finds that mRNA injections lower sperm counts, motility in otherwise healthy young men,” at the Covid Blog.)

Notes the blog, “It’s not out of the question that Earth has already lost 100 to 150 million excess lives thus far in 2022. We’re at least 70% confident that women who have received at least one injection will either never be able to carry a baby to term or get pregnant at all. Now it’s fairly certain that vaccinated men, who account for at least 65% of the Western world, are shooting blanks and/or producing bad swimmers.”

Budapest is reporting a 22 percent drop in births in Hungary, with the sharpest reductions in counties with the most shots taken.

Fewer Swedes are having children, with the drop in the birth rate at more than 10 percent in April over April 2021. “You can see that not only is the drop in births in Sweden significant, but it is also gradually deepening every month,”  Steve Kirsch says. “It looks as if an inexorable force is preventing previously healthy Swedes, who plan families and are encouraged by their government to have children, from actually conceiving and completing their pregnancies.”

— Other countries with sharp drop; 

Taiwan — 23.24 percent decline. Taiwan is a poster child for vaccination, with a 91 percent getting at least one dose. “​​ Such a decline is a nine-sigma event,” says Igor Chudov on substack, “meaning that it is so unlikely to occur by chance, that it would naturally happen as rarely as an asteroid striking the Earth.”

Germany. Births are down a massive 13 percent. ➤ North Dakota, 

UK — 10 percent decline

Switzerland. (12-13% declines)

Switzerland and other heavily jabbed populations worldwide are losing births.

North Dakota — 11 percent drop

Notes Igor Chudov, “Beware of vaccine advocates saying ‘birth rate declines are a temporary no big deal, the vaccine is working as expected.’ Beware of vaccine skeptics jumping the gun and proclaiming that we will for sure be depopulated.”

Otherwise healthy people perishing on the spot, according to press reports.

➤ Babies of vaccinated parents are born with little immunity. “New South Wales *** has seen a nearly 10-fold increase in recent weeks of so-called ‘pandemic babies’ who are having to be rushed to the hospital for intensive care treatment,” Natural News says. “The United Kingdom-based news outlet Daily Mail reported that these babies are getting sick and dying because they have “no immunity.” This points to the children’s parents, and mainly their “fully vaccinated” mothers, not conferring to them proper immunity.” The often lethal condition is called respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

Results of Steve Kirsch survey and people who have knowledge personally of jab injuries.

➤ Surveys show extraordinary high number of cases of disabling conditions caused by the jab. Citing his own surveys by Pollfish, Mr. Kirsch of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation says, “This means 4.6 percent of people who were vaccinated needed to be hospitalized and 2.1 percent had a myocarditis diagnosis. In the U.S., over 260 million people have been vaccinated, so 2 percent with myocarditis represents over 5 million people. That is a disaster.

➤ Virtually every single adult in Portugal has taken at least two doses of “miracle cure” COVID vaccine, with the vast majority “boosted” as well, notes Jordan Schachtel on Substack. “Yet this month, the most vaxxed country in Europe has consistently reported its worst outcomes,” citing the Guardian. “With infections per million remaining at a seven-day average of 2,043 on Monday – the second highest new case rate in the world,” notes the Guardian

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to President Biden, said Tuesday he is experiencing a rebound of COVID-19 symptoms after taking Paxlovid, Pfizer’s COVID-19 antiviral pill, Bloomberg reported. Fauci tested positive for COVID-19 on June 15, despite being quadruple-vaccinated, initially experiencing “mild symptoms,” according to the NIAID. (Source: The Defender)

➤ Australia is heavily vaccinated but may impose mask tyranny once again because of Covid-19 case spikes spread via variant. Says Dr. Paul Alexander,

Escalating infections, escalating deaths, 85-90% vaccinated! It is very simple, with elevated infectious pressure (circulating virus and vaccinating into a pandemic), high vaccine rate (90%), a sub-optimal injection that is non-neutralizing and pressuring the infectiousness of the virus, the spike, then more infectious variants will emerge and as Yahi et al. and other groups have shown (Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?), the non-neutralizing antibodies bind to the spike but do not eliminate or neutralize the virus and actually enhances/facilitates infection in the vaccinated.

➤ The Hamilton County nine-page Pfizer jab factsheet makes a fraudulent statement, giving readers to believe they are getting an FDA-approved drug. But they’re not. They are getting an authorized product under the EUA, emergency use authorization. Cominarty is not being produced, and is not available in the U.S.

Says the health department:

The FDA-approved COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine authorized for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for individuals 12 years of age and older, when prepared according to their respective instructions for use, can be used interchangeably.

Sabrina Novak is the administrator of the Hamilton County health department and, like her predecessor Becky Barnes, acts as if T.C.A. § 68-5-104 does not apply to her. (Photo health department)

➤ Hamilton County began giving jabs to tiny infants age 6 months to 4 starting June 27. “The Health Department has been receiving calls from parents asking when we will begin giving the COVID-19 vaccine to the youngest members of our community,” says Hamilton County Health Department Administrator Sabrina Novak.

“We are pleased to announce we are now vaccinating this age group to help protect them from severe COVID illness & hospitalization,” 

“We also understand that many in our community have hesitancies or concerns regarding these vaccines. We highly encourage parents & legal guardians to reach out to their pediatricians with any questions they may have. ”

Blind approvals by U.S.

Federal regulators are blindly approving and recommending approval of of jabs for infants.

➤ The FDA on Thursday “recommended COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers change the design of their booster shots beginning this fall to include components tailored to combat the currently dominant Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of the coronavirus,” Reuters reports. Says Dr. Paul Alexander on Substack, “These technocrat idiots, these morons have learnt nothing from all the wrongs they have done and have no idea of viral-host dynamics. FDA, CDC, NIH, HHS, NIAID should all be stripped to the studs” of any power.

He goes on to say:

You must reduce the infectious pressure; there is too much virus remaining in the environment after each wave and it is not coming down to baseline, thus we are not cutting the chain of transmission so will never get to herd immunity; we need antiviral chemoprophylaxis for the society, antivirals we always had and were urging.

Are these idiots at FDA etc. not grasping that by the time this retooled vaccine is rolled out, that there will be new dominant variants/clades and the vaccine will be akin to how it is now, ‘worthless’? Presently we are using vaccines based on the legacy Wuhan strain when we had Delta and Omicron circulating and Wuhan was long gone.

Babies just born are targeted by the drug companies and their marketers to enable them to obtain extended “use authorization” during a pretended emergency, rather than getting approval requiring years of safety testing.

➤ Nearly 60 babies who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines suffered life-threatening adverse events, according to Real Time magazine. “An analysis of VAERS reports shows that contrary to the FDA’s briefing document claiming that the majority of adverse events in Pfizers’ clinical trial were non-serious – at least 58 cases of life-threatening side effects in infants under 3 years old who received mRNA vaccines were reported. For some, it is unclear if they survived. It is also unclear why the infants were vaccinated, and whether they were part of the clinical trials. However, in the upcoming FDA meeting on Wednesday, the FDA will not be able to argue it did not know.”

The people involved in this fraud and crime — in Tennessee and beyond — know well what is happening to the health of millions of people. Among those who heard their secret thoughts is Dr. Alexander.

I was told by these officials, in confidential secret discussions, that in about 6 to 6.5 years from roll-out, in those who take the injections, they feared mass auto-immune disease and deaths, they feared viral immune escape and very problematic variants, and they anticipated constant deaths from the injections but a major number of deaths to emerge. They said based on all they knew, that the COVID injections could never work, especially the mRNA platform. It never worked in the animal model and was pathological. They told me that in about 6 to 6.5 years, there will be a surge in deaths in persons who take the injections. They advised me they nor their families will never take any of the COVID injections.

I am being open with you to inform you. I am sick and tired, years now, of the lies and fraud and disaster put out by the media, the alphabet health agencies etc. You trusted your public health officials, you think ‘they care about you’, well, they never cared about you, your family, or the truth. It is to them about the $CIENCE.

The consent to go along among local officials who have authority to order a halt to the program is consistent with the consent and approval of others up the political and legal food chain.

Whence ministerial duty?

CV-19 jabs face little demand from people in Hamilton County. But officials are playing on the fears of parents of tiny children younger than 4, hoping they will become customers of the free products of giants such as Pfizer. Fraud vitiates the legal defense the county may attempt to raise when it gets its first suit over a jab death. (Graphic health department)

The great harm being done by public officials and state licensees in the medical profession is refusal to do ministerial duty of service and protection in view of officials’ and employees’ public charge of health, safety and welfare.

The idea of ministerial duty is expressed by the Lord Jesus in John 6:38, 29, when he says, “For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” 

The gospel view of the public authority, or magistrate, it’s just right, is that this person be exceedingly righteous and just. Because in our day we have rejected the judicial-ethical jurisprudence of the Bible and God’s law, we have a multiplicity of magistrates. These are people who wield the sword directly (crimina court judges, sheriffs), or run government ministries premised on the sword (taxes), ostensibly for public good, such as state schools.

Because of this multiplicity of offices — legislative branches, judicial, bureaucratic branches serving executive office — there is a widespread disaffection from the real duty and goal of the state, ostensibly the public welfare. And so all around us there is this tranquility and ease of the officeholder in light of mass harm, even mass genocide, and no real sense of justice or duty, a forsaking of protective purpose by the magistrate upon the public, or the people, as if they were children in care of a father.

County commissions, city councils, health department administrators such as Mrs. Novak have a clear duty to protect the public health, as do doctors, who are licensed by the state in the public interest.

But they abandon their duty to look out for the public health. They use their public office to promote the vaccine disaster, the most dangerous medical product in the history of mankind, put into use on a scale beyond anything tried previously, whether the Nazi or Soviet genocides or the American genocides in Africa in the international vaccine projects.

Local governments, ostensibly reporting to the people, look on, with no officials raising the alarm, and instead busy themselves to handle routine business agendas dealing with contracts, purchasing, zoning and funding of nonprofit groups serving the public.

If they don’t do the will of God through their oaths, under the constitution, and per statute at T.C.A. § 68-5-104 regarding epidemic determination, they effectively approve of what is being done by the health department jab project and the distributors of jabs and other venues such as drugstores.

My court case, filed 639 days ago in chancery, was notice of fraud, disobedience, felony official misconduct, felony oppression, and felony violation of oath. They know. They are aware of their true position before man’s laws. And perhaps before God’s laws upon the magistrate, as per Romans 13.

As the Lord Jesus said, if you are not for me you are against me. Oath-bound and law-bound officials are officials not for the people, but are against the people and their well being.

Truly, we are under a national judgment from wicked rulers.

‡ The medical examiner is required to hunt down vaccine and jab deaths to prevent more such deaths from occurring. According to his website, “The reason the Medical Examiner Office is organized under Public Health is because suspicious, unusual, or unnatural deaths may be the first sign or symptom of a public health threat that could affect us all.” This job of sentinel appears to be unfulfilled.

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