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10 buzzwords to help you read ‘Chattanooga smart city plan’

Julianne Romanello, in this second of two parts, explains the framework of “inclusive capitalism.” (Photo YouTube)

Here are the top buzzwords to open up the real meaning of reports such as the “Chattanooga Smart City Plan” and other documents pertaining to the long-term work of “economic development” and “workforce development.”

By Julianne Romanello

This document contains 7 of these 10 buzzwords.

1. Sustainable – centralized management and rationing of all resources

2. Resilient – predictive profiling and risk management policies, especially through automation, digital transformation, and standardization (gig-work)

3. Equity – standardization of outcomes, rationing and redistribution of resources, a justification for data capture and measurement

4. Inclusive – forced homogenization of demographic and moral characteristics and granting access (e.g. forcing girls to accept boys on a team); individual rights are subordinated to the community, quotas, the interests of the stakeholders trump individual concerns

5. Innovative – conforming to Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies (fintech blockchain, automation, etc) and the digital transformation of all activities

6. Collaboration – a model of collective systems alignment, collective impact (using shared language, metrics, goals, etc.)

7. Transparency / Accountability – Track, trace, report, esp. using blockchain technology to create a permanent digital record of all activity

Julianne Romanello on Tulis Report

8. Diversity – deliberate disruption of organic patterns of association, an emphasis on identity politics in order to divide and conquer

9. Leadership – commitment to corporate purpose, adoption of marketing firm language, following the playbook or toolkit; group think

10. Impact – any measurable change that can serve as proof of social engineering (for purposes of validating impact investments and pay for success contracts)

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