Relator fights 366 days vs. unjust judge Fleenor, enabler of TN jab nightmare

Chancery court judge Pam Fleenor, left, joins others at a female leadership event in Chattanooga. At center is the area’s federal congressman, Chuck Fleischman, a lawyer. (Photo Robert Filyaw)

I am the relator in the court case seeking overthrow the fraudulent state of emergency of Republican Gov. Bill Lee and a health administrator in Hamilton County and to compel them to obey state law.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

The emergency began March 12, 2020, and stays afloat to draw millions of federal dollars into the state’s coffers. It operates despite there being no evidence of a nonfraudulent and lawful exigency or cause for the Title 58 state of emergency.

The breach is as if a sheriff’s deputy were to arrest a man without probable cause, or without a warrant.

Only, with Gov. Lee, the harm is not just upon one person. It has metastasized across the economy into a mass irreparable harm and a “Great Reset” overthrow of western liberty and free markets. The fraud has created a unitary administrative state, with Mr. Lee issuing dictates and edicts, legislating from his office; in the panic, he convinced even the judiciary — the watchdog branch — to play along in the scam fed by rumor, lies, junk science and profit-seeking drug-dealing marketing.

The case State ex rel David Jonathan Tulis vs. Bill Lee, governor, et al was filed a year and a day ago on a Friday afternoon in chancery court in Hamilton County. Judge Pamela Fleenor, by law, should have had all the parties in her office Monday morning at 9 for an in-chambers show-cause conference, prior to holding open court, and the matter should’ve been settled instantly.

Every hour a law is violated is a harm to the people, who have a right to honest government services in maintenance of their rights, property and liberties.

Fleenor delaying tactics

But she sandbagged the emergency petition for writ of mandamus 201 days, in violation of the mandamus law that requires handling “forthwith,” which means immediately, if not sooner.

Judge Fleenor, a conservative Republican, is a member at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church. Given her treatment of the cause brought on my relation on behalf of 6.8 million people, she knows little about God’s law, evidently having played hooky during Old Testament lessons. She knows only slightly more about man’s laws and the concept of her court, which is equity. She is up for re-election in 2022.

Chancery is the hallowed ground of equity, but the corruption in the judiciary, decades in the making, has crept in to this venue. She continually ignored the high calling of her court and of a leading authority to which I routinely resorted, Gibson’s Suits in Chancery, by Henry R. Gibson.

Gov. Bill Lee

She mistreated me, humiliated me, allowed slander to be made against me, disobeyed black-letter law, disregarded my standing, disregarded my claims and facts of having been harmed, accepted fraud before her in a court of equity (a great enemy of fraud), allowed the respondents to escape the claims of justice and equity, allowed attorneys aiding in fraud to draft motions on her behalf, and decohered state law that binds both the governor and Becky Barnes to obedience. She accepted the Lee argument that he is not bound to obey the law because he’s not named in the 102 words at issue, and has agents to are obligated to administer the law.

She was also emotionally involved in the case, showed personal hostility and anger at the relator, violated her judicial rules of ethics forbidding any show of impartiality. She made no effort to avoid taking the Lee position on the “emergency,” whether on chin diapers or “phone hearings.” Altogether there were four hearings in a case that has generated a record of more than 500 pages.

She proves a reliable member of the white legal political establishment, her branch cooperating in the overthrow of the statute and the constitution. The courts were closed for months, and the humiliation of defendants and their families an ordeal imposed by refusal to honor oaths of office and the right of the people to open courts.

Judge Fleenor is a credit to her profession as an attorney, confounding justice, finagling her position, misreading clear law, denying justice to a man who has done his own legal work and bore the cost and trouble of prosecuting the malefactors. I have received private gifts through a GoFundMe page.

Fleenor harm nets F$11,000 legal bill

My 20,000-word appeal focuses almost entirely on the Fleenor abuses in Hamilton County chancery.

Judge Fleenor heeded the frivolously defenses of law breakers, looking at my petition as through a straw, suggesting, as it were, that I had filed blank pieces of paper. She says I filed suit even though I was not injured, that my affidavit of five harms was not evidence of any significance, that no issue is justiciable as there is not enough controversy for her to take notice of it, that the governor and the health boss Becky Barnes have no duty to obey the statute and that I have no standing, and no voice and no place before her.

Her unjust delay extended the time of the case, and brought the surprise harm to me of an F$11,000 bill from the county attorney’s office, since I am the losing side and have to pay the county’s costs, despite a statute protecting pro se litigants from such assessment.

Mandamus is a powerful writ that compels the official to do his duty, perform his ministerial obligation under law. It is required to be handled in days. I filed on Friday, and it should have been heard in chambers Monday in a show cause hearing immediately, if not sooner.

Judge Fleenor is part of mass judicial fraud to which I made attestation in the case in a five-page analysis called a “notice of mass judicial department fraud.”

Harm perpetuates harm

Had I hired a lawyer for this case, it would’ve cost me probably past F$200,000, given the amount of time I’ve spent in research, writing, consulting, traveling and preparing for hearings. But the case is as valuable to me as preparing to earn a juris doctorate, and it hasn’t cost me tuition. I’m a homeschool dad of four grown children, and self-educated in the law. I’d say my handling the case on your behalf is an honor, as well as a practical education. I have always loved the law, inspired by developing a love for God’s law by reading the works of the Christian reconstructionists, starting with R.J. Rushdoony, whom I began reading in my 20s. I discovered Rushdoony and his magisterial work, Institutes of Biblical Law, living in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Becky Barnes, administrator

Janet Kleinfelter, in the attorney general’s office, and Sharon Milling, in the county attorney’s office, are defending people acting outside of their official capacity, in their personal capacities. Each attorney is aiding criminal activity by way of felony official misconduct, in violation of lawyer ethics rules. I put both attorneys on notice of this obvious fact. Each respondent in the year-old case, I would adjudge, is liable for personal harms they caused apart from their office, and are liable for criminal prosecution for admitted breaches and vast harms.

It’s only a remote possibility county district attorney Neil Pinkston will prosecute Mrs. Barnes for official misconduct.

A thick establishment consensus surrounds the overthrow of the government, and public outcry over “death shots” and school child abuse by masking doesn’t register as significant among people such as Warren Mackey or David Sharpe on the county commission. On Wednesday I gave an oral presentation to the commission, which I said is liable for harms of the CV-19 shots project, the number of which appears to be growing. If the county approves of open violation of state law in the unwarranted state of emergency, it has no real defense for liability once litigation for vax deaths begins.

Judge Fleenor is the first to blame for delivering the state and her people into the CV-19 inoculation disaster, which has across the U.S. already taken thousands of lives. My case, as I told her court, empowered her — enabled her — to compel the government to do the right thing and return to obedience to the law — and an end to the fraudulent exercise in disaster capitalism with commercial government complicity.

Pamela Fleenor refused. 

The coronavirus scam is 570 days old in Tennessee. 

I’ve been at it 366 days for your benefit, and for mine. It’s time for other lawsuits to be filed. Some other party can file the exact same case I did, and try again. Mandamus is the ideal remedy, as the focuses on the simple question of violation of law. No one is stopping you. 

Why only one lawsuit in Southeast Tennessee? Why not a dozen mandamus actions? Or two-dozen? What’s to stop us?

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