With informed consent, 99.8% of soldiers refuse jab

When groups of soldiers heard information about the CV-19 jab from Dr. Pete Chambers, right, six gave informed consent to get the shot along the Mexican border. And 3,000 refused, leading to Dr. Chambers’ getting into trouble with the brass.

Army surgeon doctor Lt. Col. Pete Chambers gave a proper vaccine informed consent speech (approximately 30 minutes) to 3,000 soldiers along the Mexican border and just 6 of them opted to take the “vaccine.”

All the others refused to take the shot. Dr. Chambers was relieved of his duties. Go to 35:00 to hear about how his commander chews him out for such low compliance numbers.

A pilot who got a jab crashed a $100 million jet days afterward.

The COVID vaccines are basically being forcibly thrust upon our military and nobody is allowed to ask questions, challenge the safety of the vaccine, look at what’s inside the vaccine, or challenge the wisdom of discharging soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated. It is troubling that standard military procedures for vaccines are being bypassed for the COVID vaccines.

When a top Navy pilot crashes a $100M stealth fighter jet (in January, allegedly 72 hours after his booster), everyone is put under a gag order. That is standard. But crashes like that are not.

What I know for sure is that my military sources tell me that the U.S. military will take all necessary steps to ensure that nobody finds out that the COVID vaccines are killing people, jeopardizing the safety of our armed forces, jeopardizing our readiness, and causing untold amounts of damage. Just like there was a cover-up when the DoD DMED data leaked out, I expect a cover-up here. — Steve Kirsch

‘Gold standard’ test phony results

PCR tests results have been misleading from the beginning. So says a British professor who has faced censorship for saying that the “gold standard” in Covid-19 testing throws off false positives, and that this certain secured its place in the pandemic scam.

Dr. Norman Fenton is Professor of Risk Information Management at Queen Mary University of London and a director of Agena, a company that specializes in risk management. He is a mathematician focusing on his data is used in making decision. Says Steve Kirsch, “He went from a respected expert to censorship and cancellation. There is no evidence that the vaccines reduce all-cause mortality. Even if the claims of harm from COVID were true and the vaccines were as safe and effective as claimed, it still doesn’t justify the lockdowns, vaccine passports, and mandates.”


Blood artifact among jabbed

Weird structures appear in the blood of CV-19 jab recipients. (Photo Steve Kirsch)

Reports Steve Kirsch: “I recently met with a functional medicine doctor. Among other things, functional medicine doctors have been known to use darkfield microscopes and live blood analysis which is shunned by the mainstream medical community as quackery.

“What’s odd are what I’m calling the ‘land masses.’ Note the two large ‘land masses’ in the photo. These ‘land masses’ (my terminology not his) are what he says he only sees in vaccinated patients. The circles are red blood cells and the “spikes” are just because they are flattened and dehydrated. Whatever this is, it’s unusual. What’s troubling is that I was vaccinated 1 year ago and my blood is still easily distinguishable as “vaccinated” blood. I talked to Ryan Cole and he’s not sure what it is either, but thinks that it is important to find out.

559-fold increase in myocarditis & other questions

Here are 20 questions by CV-19 researcher and dissenter Steve Kirsch:

  1. Why no debates? Why won’t any mainstream doctors or scientists or public health officials (or any other health authority for that matter) debate me or any of my colleagues in a live, recorded debate? We can’t even get any of them to propose any ground rules that they will accept! For example, Professor Makary proposed debate terms (which weren’t a debate) and then ignored me when I tried to accept them.
  2. VAERS safety signals flashing red since January 2021. How could the CDC and the FDA possibly miss all the safety signals in VAERS which have been flashing red since January 2021 for thousands of symptoms, some elevated by 1,000X or more? Why did they ignore all attempts to bring this to their attention (if it wasn’t already obvious). They clearly must have known in January that the data coming in didn’t match the claims in the clinical trials.
  3. Risk benefit calculation. I have more than 10 methods that show that over 150K people have been killed by the vaccine and the Pfizer trial showed we’d save 1 life from COVID for every 22,000 vaccinated. So after vaccinating 220M people, we kill 150,000 people or more and we save 10,000 lives. If this is wrong, where is the mistake and what are the correct numbers?
  4. Why no investigation into Maddie de Garay? Why did the FDA not investigate the Maddie de Garay case after agreeing to look into it? Why is the press silent on this as well? She was 12 years old in the Pfizer clinical trial and became paralyzed less than 24 hours after injection. Why were her symptoms reported as mild abdominal pain and not paralysis? What is causing her to now progress to being a quadriplegic? And if her symptoms weren’t caused by the vaccine (as claimed by the “fact checkers,” then why are her symptoms virtually identical to other vaccine victims and not explainable any other way?
  5. More people died who took the drug than those who didn’t take the drug. The Pfizer 6 month study showed that more people died who got the drug than who got the placebo (they conveniently forgot to mention this in the abstract or conclusion). Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Where is the RCT showing an all-cause death benefit? See this article for updated numbers in the pre-unblinding phase showing 21 dead who took the drug vs. 17 dead who took the placebo. And how was Pfizer certain that none of the people who got the drug was killed by the vaccine? What tests were done during the autopsies that exonerated the drug? These tests were never revealed and they are still being kept hidden for some odd reason. Since the vaccine wasn’t the cause, why not make the autopsy reports and tests done public that prove this?
  6. Elevated myocarditis rates. How is a 559-fold increase in the reporting rate of myocarditis in VAERS (see slide 19) considered to be a “slightly elevated risk” of myocarditis? Why wasn’t this noticed in January 2021? How did the CDC completely miss this signal (they admitted it was the DoD who spotted it). How do you explain 4 cases of myocarditis at the Monte Vista Christian School (with only 800 students, half of them male and perhaps half of those not vaccinated)? That’s a 1 in 50 rate. Is that just bad luck? And how is it possible that multiple military doctors I’ve asked about the rates in the military both give me numbers over 1%? Am I just unlucky?
  7. How do you explain Schirmacher’s study? Dr. Peter Schirmacher, one of the world’s top pathologists, reported that in 40 cases examined 2 weeks after vaccination, the vaccine killed 30% to 40% of them. Immediately after he reported this, his family was threatened if he spoke out. So Dr. Schirmacher has been silenced. See my article for details. Do you support intimidation techniques to silence legitimate scientists with dissenting views? The Federal Association of German Pathologists has called for autopsies, but the government has silenced them as well. Do you support my call for autopsies? If not, why not? Also, Schirmacher’s results have been validated by Bhakti and Burkhardt. Did all of them get it wrong? How were they fooled?
  8. What is causing the telltale clots? Embalmers have seen odd blood clots, never before seen before the vaccines rolled out, in up to 93% of cases. These are not normal clots and have never been seen before the vaccines rolled out. What are they caused by and why are they killing so many people?
  9. Excess deaths. What’s causing the excess deaths observed by insurance companies? Insurance company deaths rose in Q3 and Q4 of 2021 at the same time the boosters rolled out. The fact checkers say it is due to COVID, but the data doesn’t line up which they fail to point out. Delta started in June and was 93% by August. You’d never know that from the graph:

  1. The more you vaccinate, the worse the outcomes. Why do over 10 studies (including one covering 145 countries) all show that the more we vaccinate, the worse the infection and fatality rates?
  2. Negative efficacy. The latest UK government report shows that for most age groups, you are now more than 3 times more likely to get COVID if you are triple vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. It seems the more you vaccinate, the worse the disparity. It’s clearly tied to the number of vaccinations. How do you explain this if the vaccines are protective?

  1. CDC paper admits to negative vaccine efficacy. This is big. Finally, a paper by nine CDC authors published in JAMA in January 2022 (Association Between 3 Doses of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine and Symptomatic Infection Caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron and Delta Variants) shows in Fig. 3 that the vaccines create negative efficacy for Omicron at month 7, just like the Denmark study showed too (in Denmark it was after 3 months). In other words, the CDC authors admit that the vaccines make you more likely to get Omicron starting in month 7. Isn’t this contrary to what the CDC has been telling us? The vaccines aren’t supposed to make things worse, right?
  2. VAERS underreporting factor. What is the URF for VAERS this year? Why didn’t anyone calculate it? Why didn’t the FDA simply admit they don’t know what it is when asked by a reporter? Why does John Su never talk about the proper URF when he talks about the VAERS data?
  3. How can you do risk benefit calculation without estimating the VAERS URF? This is elementary, yet none of the outside committee members of the CDC or FDA ever asks about this. Why not? I keep bringing this up in my public testimony, but they just ignore me.
  4. Pfizer Phase 3 trial exclusions. How do you explain the gaming in the Pfizer trial on exclusions (311 vs. 60)? (see Slide 65). That couldn’t have happened by chance. And while you have that slide deck open, if you can answer any other questions in that deck, that would be super helpful.
  5. Every randomized trial shows masks make no difference at all. If masks work, then how come the graph for purple cloth masks in the Bangladesh study showed absolutely no effect and why did they omit this graph from the published paper? I read through all 111 pages and couldn’t find the graph. Not only did they omit the graph, but nowhere in the paper did they point out that the purple cloth masks had no effect. Isn’t that scientific fraud? Also, if masks work, then why isn’t there any data supporting the mask policy in Israel?
  6. Why don’t we have any autopsies done by a competent authority? Why don’t we just do autopsies of 100 people who died within 2 weeks of vaccination? We can have people like Peter Schirmacher, Ryan Cole, Sucharit Bhakdi, and Arne Burkhardt observe this work. That would settle the argument and end the vaccine hesitancy for sure.
  7. Why is there a 5% rate of neurological damage after vaccination? If the vaccines are perfectly safe, then how do you explain how a California neurologist can have 1,000 vaccine injured in their practice of 20,000 patients. That’s a 5% neurological injury rate. This closely matches the vaccine injury rate discovered by the Israeli Ministry of Health (which was 4.5%).
  8. How do you explain this data?
  9. Can you answer any of the questions on this list.

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