As tyranny gains & the state shatters, let’s revive local economy

This elderly Hamilton County gardener receives a federal pension through her late husband as well as Social Security. She relies on family members for some necessaries.

We are living through the decline of the modern state. It may be wise to consider how we can shift more for ourselves without it.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

The state is an idol that controlled the world during the 19th and 20th centuries. With its 2020 overreach in the “pandemic” Great Reset, it accelerated its disintegration and insolvency, opening for us better prospects for liberty and prosperity.

 More and more, the American people hate the state, and are turning against it. Less and less are its promises and securities believed. At every turn, people see it at their biggest enemy and threat, though millions are on it’s handout zombie-economy treadmill.

Its future is increasingly dark, absolutist, totalitarian, eugenicist and liquidating, but the future for people like you and me is increasingly bright.

Totalitarianism can’t endure for long. It is expensive to maintain, is vulnerable to sabotage and fraud, is depressive of capitalization, harmful to the people as awhole and ultimately unworkable in its myriad offices, capitols and programs. Biblically, tyrannies vanish when the people repent to God for their sins. With the return of Christian revival is implied the return of self- government and the impulse to self-government and local self-determination.

The U.S. industrial and financialized economy is breaking down to smaller, simpler parts as centralized just-in-time supply chains wobble, and institutional structures such as schooling and drug-centric hospitals appear to be failing. 

We have opportunity for revivification of genuine local economy, and to create liberty and freedom that may have been extinguished in places like New York and Los Angeles. We can do here what people under harsher tyrannies cannot do there.

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Local farmer’s markets. Local trading. Community-supported agriculture such as Chi Farms. Private service among neighbors and church family vs. regulated employment. Wages paid in silver vs. Federal Reserve currency. The avoidance of credit cards and banks in exchange for cash and barter. The sensible avoidance of the state factory school, here run by Hamilton County government. Instead, co-ops, church-connected private classes, home education, co-housing among single moms with children with shared educational-income arrangements; tutors, online classes. Private medical care through a PMA, or private membership associations; PMAs, being private, owe no duty to the state, and physicians and caregivers use their discretion and good judgment in care of patients within the private sanctum. Local Christian med cost-sharing groups such as Samaritan Ministries (U.S.-wide operation) that let Christians unite monthly to pay directly the medical expenses of local families. Gardening; self-reliance means, increasingly, having one’s own garden, and expanding bit by bit. More of American life will focus on local food production and maintaining it. Local mutual aid in case of accident and crime through phone apps. Private charities such as the Apsion Food Pantry, overseen by the local “Patriot Pastor” Macil Duncan, a work supported by more than half-a-dozen churches, with Friday pick-up. Local legal self-defense of harassing police charges through churches, where men like me (a nearly lifelong deacon in the Presbyterian church and an active pro se litigator) provide legal assistance to members and poor visitors. With inflation and soaring energy costs, people will be moving around a lot less. They’ll shift to supplying their own needs from local stock and talent. Government agents and the rich will travel easily; the rest of us will pedal bikes, conserve gasoline for emergencies. We’ll walk. We’ll stay put.

Globe gets bigger, horizons come nearer

This local economy concept is the future. The U.S. national economy decomplexifies and decoheres. It promises to break into a million brittle bits. Local life becomes more vital, more essential, simpler than what we had before. It will come to mean more. Local economy will do best for those who personally invest in it, who have a stake in the lives of people around them. The signifiers of wealth are not outward (F$60,000 new pickup truck or brand-name fishing boat), but relational, social, personal, with measurement outside the paper dollar economy. Divest national and invest local Has always been one of my core beliefs as a county over country proponent.

Two writers I respect who touch on these matters are Charles Hughes Smith who blogs at

James Howard Kunstler’s work is usually picked up at His 2022 projection is here. I recommend you read them with interest.

Says Kunstler,

The pandemic has accelerated the collapse of industrial economies, a process I call the long emergency, and eventually it will end up affecting all nations, even if the West happens to go down first. Societies will be propelled through a period of disorder, surely longer and more difficult in some places than others, depending on local resources. The destination of this journey is a place where the human project is run at much lower scale and pitch than we have gotten used to in our time, with far fewer “modern” comforts and conveniences, and shocking losses in knowledge and applied science. It won’t be the first time this has happened in human history, but the wreckage will be much greater.

The disaster brought against us has been by government rejecting its constraints at law, and revolting against us. There has been a revolution, but by federal, state, county and city officials against their oaths of office and the covenant established among the people, the states and the federal government.

Mayor candidates see no evil

Matt Hullander is running for Hamilton County mayor. (Photo David Tulis)

Our public institutions are seemingly beyond redemption or restoration.

A glance at Hamilton County, Tenn., mayoral candidates suggests that municipal and state governments are incapable of obeying the law and immediately abating the mass casualty event that started out as a “pandemic” to the latter end of running a compulsory mass inoculation project serving the interests of the drug industry and the global eugenics movement.

Weston Wamp is focusing his campaign on public schools.

Sabrena Smedley, Weston Wamp and Matt Hullander deny that any real evil occurred within county government starting March 2020, with Gov. Lee’s first executive order to “slow the spread” of CV-19.

They pretend the government has not been overthrown. They deny that the greatest disaster since the Civil War has fallen upon us in the form of the medical project to inject every person with a lethal experimental jab that has not been tested and has already killed as many as a million Americans. 

They pretend that the imprisonment of the entire state the mass abuse of the people, the shutting of the courts, the closing of business, the humiliation of mask directives are not significant campaign issues. Each has high praise for Jim Coppinger, who is not seeking re-election. They are like him.

They will not be able to protect us from future aggressions and future lawlessness and fraud. Every person involved on the county payroll in the shot project appears to be involved in a mass crime, starting with violation of TCA 68-5-104 and also the official misconduct statute. No one is authorized to administer untested products amid an admitted fraud – admitted in chancery court, admitted in the court of appeals in Knoxville.

Smedley, Wamp or Hullander can be counted on to promote any drug industry theory from Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, the CDC, HHS, WHO and other organizations without legal basis. These candidates are the enemy of the people in their campaigns and speechmaking beause they are part of the bad faith national propaganda output.

Here’s a good interview with Mr. Hullander with Gary Thurman. 19 min.

They are not willing to defend the constitution, nor the people who wrote it. They are unwilling to express their grievance of its having been abrogated, to denounce the parties responsible, and vow to uphold the law. None are willing to speak about the law. None appear willing to describe in detail the rights of the people pursuant to law.

That’s how to convince people you know the law on the campaign trail. You discuss the law on the campaign trail. You assure people it is there to protect them, and that you are there to see to it that the law is not ignored. These candidates are lawless.

Former Chattanooga mayor Andy Berke, Mayor Tim Kelly and county mayor Jim Coppinger – if county mayor candidates are unwilling to criticize these men and unwilling to repent of the incumbents’ breaches while holding public office, we can rely on the next county mayor NOT DEFENDING US from evil. The next mayor, like Mr. Coppinger, will reliably abandon constitutional duties and respect for state law and the bill of rights.

When the pressure is on, they will turn to policy solutions, lawyers, playbooks, scenarios drafted by unknown experts, and staff people. They will not read the law. They will not open the Constitution and mark it up. Necessity is always the tyrant’s plea, and we don’t have time to muck with the constitution we are in a new panic and “time is of the essence.”

Politics and running a mayor’s office are easy when there is no crisis. But when there is an urgency, necessity, emergency, threat, crisis or imbroglio, one must turn to the law, study its provisions, and see what is permitted to be done. If these candidates are unfit to do that and can be counted on to not do that.

State law contains duty.

It contains limits.

These city and county mayors did not consult the law in early 2020. They ignore their authority and they ignored their limits. The new mayor will let himself be pressed into service of the global pharma financial cartel and the American “biosecurity state,” just as Gov. BIll Lee did.

As Robert F Kennedy makes clear in his book, The Real Anthony Fauci; Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, the drug industry has co-opted the American government, in league with intelligence agencies. The Covid-19 “pandemic” was wargamed and prepared for since the early 2000s. Other disasters also have been wargamed. They call upon a strong biosecurity state “response” with, most certainly, purported restrictions on civil liberties. These pandemics could include new bioweapons unleashed by the U.S. upon the people, or “attacks” on the Internet or the energy grid.

Among the lies that keep us enslaved are claims from the world of administrative law. You have to have a social security number for your newborn. You are liable for filing federal tax returns and paying federal taxes even absent a liability statute for one in your profession. You should always use credit cards, to get the points. All business is public, and every service is subject to regulation, taxation and licensure. Your legal status is determined by others, and just do what other people do in arranging your business and transactions for private profit, just listen to others, and do what they do.

Another impediment to Christian growth is church membership. Most churches are infantalizing institutions, and will not let you become a Christian man making godly commitments. Modern corporate churches are spiritual death for many people in them, and serve no boot-camp function for the Christian life. Getting out of church, doing your own Bible study and family worship may be just what God is calling you do do, so you can grow up in local economy, and become one of the men at the gates.

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